Miscellanea – Special Drudgalanche Edition

Q: What’s more powerful than an Instalanche? A: A Drudgalanche. Cheese and Crackers has put up some amazing video of the tsunami, and after a link from Matt Drudge, has seen its hit numbers EXPLODE (hat tip to Michelle Malkin)… Another question, this time for Michael Moore. If Bush’s seven minutes in Florida could have [...]

Miscellanea – Goodbye 2004 Edition

DJ Drummond at PoliPundit takes a fun look back at the year that was… Is it possible for a blantantly partisan site to criticize the Mainstream Media’s liberal bias with credibility? deacon at Power Line thinks so, and I do, too. The difference – I trumpet my conservative bias to the heavens, I’m proud of [...]

Happy New Year from My Beagle

Hey, everyone, I’m a little nervous about tonight because I don’t like fireworks…anyway, have a safe and Happy New Year, and thanks for visiting my daddy’s blog!

Congrats to My Red Raiders

Final score at the Holiday Bowl: Number 21 Texas Tech 45, Number 4 Cal 31. Kudos to Coach Leach and the whole squad…

Hate Speech: Right vs. Left

American politics contains two types of hate speech: the unbelievably barbaric rhetoric of the Radical Left, and the Right’s observation that ‘Progressives’ are amazingly full of hate. Here’s the way it works: pretend you are a Democrat (unlikely as that may be if you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York City) besides Joe [...]

Academic Polemics, or I Went to College and All I Got Was This Lousy Progressivism

Jayson at PoliPundit strikes gold by linking to this post by a UCLA (i.e., taxpayer-supported) associate professor in the Information Sciences department, Philip Agre. If anyone should wonder why the vast majority of Americans reject the liberal elite, he should be forced to read this drivel through to the end. Let’s go fisking, shall we? [...]

Miscellanea: Et Tu, New York Times? Edition

The New York Times joins the chorus of those who apparently think our total contribution to the disaster relief will be $35 million (they even trot out the comparison to the Inauguration budget, hinting that at least part of their editorial board takes their talking points from our 2004 Jackass of the Year). Bush has [...]

Miscellanea: Give, Give, Give Edition

The scale of the East Asian tragedy is beyond belief. Here is a link to a CNN page listing organizations accepting donations. I also direct you, again, to the big box to my right. Amazon says that 100% of the money goes directly to relief aid for the victims. No preaching or pleading, just a [...]

Oil-For-Food, Part Eight: The Fox Guards the Henhouse

The oh-so-ever-resourceful Claudia Rosett does her best to keep the heat on the UN in OpinionJournal today. Best passage: …with a degree of patience the Secretariat has not displayed toward its critics, Mr. Annan seems to be waiting for the U.N.-authorized inquiry, funded at his behest with $30 million in residual Oil for Food money [...]

The 2004 Jackass of the Year – Michael Moore

As we end this momentous year, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on the months gone by. Who, during 2004, was the most idiotic, the most outrageous, the most just plain wrong about almost every issue? Not Dan Rather, though he was a close second. Instead, the first annual Jackass of the Year award [...]

Please Take a Look at That Big Box to the Right!

Amazon.com is collecting donations for the victims of the huge natural disaster. Please, if you have it to spare, consider making a donation to help out some folks who desperately need it. 100% of your donation, that’s every penny, goes to the disaster relief efforts. Many thanks for your generosity.

No Wictory Wednesday Today…

…but PoliPundit says enjoy the holidays. Check out the blogroll near the right bottom…

Miscellanea: Even More Good Stuff Edition

A horrifying visit to the nightmarish future that could have been ours (hat tip to Michelle Malkin) – don’t blame me if you can’t sleep after seeing this one… LiberalOasis cautions its readers not to go ballistic over the suggestion that abortion might not be the most wonderful thing on God’s green earth. No worries, [...]

Miscellanea: Let’s Not Speak Ill of the Dead Edition

Many, many interesting items of note today – I can only scratch the surface. I’ll lead with the death of Susan Sontag. I’m not a big fan of piling on someone the very day they die, so I’ll just say that I think her post-9/11 comments were symptoms of a bitterness that I see all [...]

Miscellanea – New Day Rising Edition

“He understood free markets, had a firm faith in God and knew what the right path for the country should be.” George W. Bush? No, Viktor Yushchenko, as described by his wife (hat tip to Jayson at PoliPundit)… A good post at Power Line on Duke University’s hosting of a troubling conference… Tongues are wagging [...]

On the Regressiveness of ‘Progressivism’

We owe a lot to the American Left. As Michael Barone notes in this simply superb piece (hat tip to deacon at Power Line), it was largely the liberal segment of society that brought forth much-needed change when racism was rampant and openly practiced, when the safety of workers was of minor import, and when [...]

Miscellanea – Is Kofi Off the Hook? Edition

Has Kofi Annan survived Oil-For-Food, given the official support of the U.S. and the baffling standing ovation he recently received? Robert Novak doesn’t think so (just wait until the Iraqi elections are over, Kofi!) (hat tip to Jayson at PoliPundit)… Captain Ed notes that Viktor Yanukovych is having a hard time accepting defeat in the [...]

A Seeming Victory for Democracy

You never say never, and we have seen firsthand the danger of putting too much faith in exit polls, but it would appear that democracy has prevailed in the Ukraine with the almost certain election of Viktor Yushchenko. In the midst of massive fraud allegations concerning the initial balloting, this was the most heavily monitored [...]

Miscellanea – Post-Christmas Blues Edition

Hindrocket at Power Line deconstructs Thomas Friedman in a tour de force… JustOneMinute reveals the new, error-free New York Times post-Daniel Okrent… Reggie White, according to his wife, died of respiratory problems related to his sleep apnea (nothing political or snarky to add here, just sorry to hear it, both because he died much too [...]

Merry Christmas From My Beagle

Hey, everyone, we had a white Christmas – I got some chew toys and a brush and some Christmas dog biscuits – hope your Christmas was a good as mine!