Uncle Noam’s Story Time Hour

Time to gather up the kids – and send them far, far away. Our old buddy Chomsky is at it again, and he’s quite possibly more delusional than ever. Allow me, if you will, to fisk. Chomsky starts out by comparing Iraq to – could it be? – Vietnam!: …it is clear by around 1970, [...]

Miscellanea – Comparing the Radical Left with John Cleese Edition

Christopher Hitchens channels the spirit of Monty Python in this stirring rebuttal to those who compare Iraq to Vietnam… I’ve blogged on this speech before, but it’s been reprinted and it’s a classic: Bill Moyers on the Rapture Index, and the takeover of America by Christian thugs… Congratulations to Ann Althouse on her 1,000,000th visitor…wow! [...]

Looking In On the Lefties: Post-Election Edition

Juan Cole is ‘appalled’ that some newsmen were cheerful about the ‘Shiite political tsunami’ (really tasteless choice of words there, Juan). Is he complaining that there aren’t more Sunnis or that the ones that are there chose not to participate? Hard to tell, but it doesn’t matter, after all – Bush Lied! People Died!… Josh [...]

Miscellanea: Note to Maureen Dowd – Catch a Clue! Edition

The day of the historic Iraqi elections, Maureen Dowd chooses to write about – women wearing thongs at Guantanamo? Is this some kind of sick joke? What newspaper would publish this crap? Oh, wait, the New York Times… Elsewhere at the esteemed Times, that other substitute for toilet paper known as Frank Rich’s column harps [...]

Miscellanea – The Greatest Day Edition

“This is the greatest day in the history of this country,” Iraqi national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie told CNN. Hats off again to the troops, both coalition and Iraqi, for making it a reality… I’ve been taking some prominent Leftist bloggers to the woodshed for their lack of enthusiasm about this milestone, but Bull Moose [...]

Defining Victory Away

A remarkable aspect of human psychology is that we see what we want to see. For the Radical Left in America, Bush is a monster, and his fascist policies are wrong by definition. What is one to do, however, if your mortal enemy is scoring successes? One tactic frequently employed against Bush is that of [...]

Miscellanea- Ink-Stained Finger Edition

Scrappleface has got it about right, based on the NY Times headline I received in my inbox this morning: “Explosions Heard Across Baghdad”… A Democratic strategist blasts Kerry’s noticeable lack of enthusiasm… Even more of Kerry’s buffoonery here – kind of makes you nostalgic for the election campaign… Political Therapy once again has me laughing [...]

The Iraqi Elections – Turnout High, Violence Low

Despite the 28 deaths, at last count, a tragedy to be sure, the streets didn’t flow with blood, and 72% of the Iraqi people braved the threats of the terrorists to show how important democracy is to them. This is a stunning victory for Iraq, America, the Bush administration, and the coalition partners. With the [...]

Early Iraqi Reactions

I’ve been no fan of the MSM, like most conservative bloggers, but the cable news outlets are giving the Iraqi elections big coverage. I’m posting this a little after midnight. It’s pretty moving, and it’s democracy. Geraldo Rivera has been a bit of a clown at times, but I must say his enthusiasm as he [...]

Miscellanea – He Flips, He Flops, and He’s Not John Kerry Edition

Perhaps, like me, you have had someone use the words of former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter to attempt to convince you the Iraq War was deceitful. If so, you’ll want to read this from Tim Blair… That little ray of sunshine known as Babs has been busy with three new ‘statements’: one on the [...]

The Costs of Inaction

The obtuseness of the Left never fails to amaze me. Reading the local ‘progressive’ rag, the Austin Chronicle, today, I noticed editor Louis Black has chosen to lend his support to the Iraqis voting this weekend by waxing nostalgic about the protests against the war (notice the distinct tone of martyrdom that permeates his article, [...]

Miscellanea – I’m at a Loss Edition

What words, really, can describe this man? Truly sickening… Barbara Boxer and the Daily Kos, sitting in a tree,k-i-s-s-i-n-g… Hillary is learning the hard way that sensible talk about abortion and the American left don’t mix… Terry Eagleton waxes poetic over the beautiful art of the suicide bomber (I’m not joking) (hat tip to Classical [...]

Miscellanea – What’s At Stake Redux

Excellent article about the palpable excitement in the air as Iraqis prepare to vote on Sunday (hat tip to Lucianne.com)… The Washington Post carries this piece by an advisor to the UN Iraqi electorial assistance team (tip of the hat to RealClearPolitics)… The Chicago Tribune on the joy of the US expatriates as they vote [...]

Quote of the Day – Iraqi Election Edition

“Freedom has a scentLike the top of a newborn baby’s head…”- U2, “Miracle Drug”, How to Dismantle an Atomic BombPray for a safe environment on Sunday for the coalition troops and the Iraqis. If you want the troops to come home (and who doesn’t?), this is an important first step.

Michael Moore, The Oscars, and Leftist Revisionism (In Which Pooh Discovers an Alternate Universe Where Moderates Rule the Democratic Party)

Well, it was bound to happen. As goes Michael Moore, so go the Democrats. Moore, as usual, led the way, claiming that his movie wasn’t about the election after Bush won so decisively…but take a look at this, from the New York Times: MICHAEL MOORE is not coy about his hopes for “Fahrenheit 9/11,” his [...]

Miscellanea – Surprise Early Announcement Edition

For the first time in the storied tradition of Weekly Jackass, I am telegraphing next week’s recepient early. The honoree will be the loathsome Eric (shudder!) Alterman, for garbage like this… In other future Weekly Jackass news, any blogger that slams the ‘Joe Lieberman wing’ of the Democratic Party while calling Dianne Fienstein a war [...]

Miscellanea – Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes Edition

A hilarious bit of poorly executed sleight of hand from the Washington Post goes nowhere, thanks to the good folks at Power Line… Good non-worshipful, non-demonizing piece on Ayn Rand in the New York Sun (hat tip to RealClearPolitics)… The worst day in America’s history is also, by a good margin, the world’s best documented [...]

Weekly Jackass Number Eight – Tim Robbins

This week’s honoree is a true gem, the very personification of the ‘bleeding heart liberal’. Mention Tim Robbins, and you’ll see the red-state, blue-state divide in action: half the country will swoon in admiration, the other half will run from the room screaming. Usually, I take a series of wrong-headed statements to illustrate the ‘jackassedness’ [...]

Another Wacky Wictory Wednesday

PoliPundit once again rallies the troops around Rick Santorum – please give of your time, money, or interest if you can. Get the details here and be sure and check out at least one random blog from the blogroll at bottom right.

Texas Football Gets Hosed by Oscar

Daniel Drezner points out something I hadn’t noticed – no Oscar nominations for Friday Night Lights, and he considers it a better symbol of the culture war than the Passion of the Christ (he puts POTC’s nomination count at three – I only saw two (UPDATE – 01/26/05 9:14 a.m. central – the third category [...]