Quick Shots – The UN’s OTHER Scandal Edition

UN peacekeepers in the Congo and elsewhere have been involved in a quite ugly scandal that I’ve yet to blog much, if at all, on. Fortunately for us, Michelle Malkin is all over it… Meanwhile, Ward Churchill, predictably, is getting support from the academic leftists; the provocative Ann Coulter is having none of that, however… [...]

Miscellanea: Minds Are Changing Edition

Michael Barone, one of the more astute political commentators around, has an excellent piece you need to read on the transformation going on in the Middle East. He also nails why Hillary, despite everything, is still to be feared as a serious contender in 2008: …the party’s most likely 2008 nominee, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton…voted [...]

Defying Laws of Physics, Dowd Sinks Lower Than the Bottom

I can’t believe my own eyes. Maureen Dowd, by far the least talented hack employed by a major news organization, has released a new column that is so stunningly awful that I am left speechless, and can only quote it, in part: It was remarkable to see President Bush lecture Vladimir Putin on the importance [...]

A Quick Middle East Update

The transformative air about the Middle East is becoming impossible to ignore…we now learn that the pro-Syrian Lebanese Prime Minister and his government have resigned. We may see (relatively) peaceful days in that troubled region sooner than any had anticipated. I remain firmly in the cautious optimist camp…

The Ted Rall Challenge Ends: A Postscript

Ted Rall has a final post up on his challenge, and once again, I give the man credit for his honesty. Rall admits to disgust at the amount of hate speech we uncovered from the left, and I’d like to say again how stupid it is to engage in that kind of garbage from this [...]

Iraq – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Another group of police recruits has been targeted, and unfortunately, over 100 have lost their lives…on the flip side, though, awesome Arthur Chrenkoff is back with his latest installment of the Good News from Iraq, and as usual, it’s astonishingly well done, so check it out, there are many, many good things going on that [...]

Liveblogging the Oscars

10:35 pm: Oh, God, Barbra Streisand…yuuucckkkk!….and the Best Picture is: Million Dollar Baby!!! At least I got the big one right….well, overall, it was…okay, not great, but okay…had a great time! Drive home safe, folks, and there’s souvenirs and soda in the lobby!….Thanks again, I’ve had a ball…and I wish you all, sincerely, a good [...]

Oscar Blogging – The Worst Best Picture Winners

I bet a lot of voters would like to take these back: 1990 – Dances with Wolves beats out Goodfellas; it is the last Kevin Costner movie to be seen by anyone outside of his immediate family. 1980 – the quite ordinary Ordinary People is chosen over Raging Bull, considered by some to be the [...]

Miscellanea – Special Oscars Edition

Daniel Drezner has a great post up with his predictions… So does Outside the Beltway… Unlike the rest of us smartypants, Roger Simon actually got to vote (and he tells all)… At Politics and War, we have – you guessed it – Oscar predictions… Michelle Malkin has the scoop on other Oscar links… Ed Driscoll [...]

Oscar Blogging – The Best of Scorsese

At the 2003 ceremonies, Martin Scorsese’s much-anticipated but not-so-much celebrated Gangs of New York went 0 for 10 in a near-record display of futility. Scorsese’s The Aviator is up for several biggies tonight, including Best Picture and Best Director (thought it will lose both to Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollary Baby). Scorsese is that rare bird [...]

Oscar Blogging – My Picks

Okay, I know you guys are gonna accuse me of cheating (you’ve always been jealous of my success – admit it!) when I pick every single major category right, so I want to get my picks out of the way early. Best Picture – Million Dollar BabyBest Director – Clint EastwoodBest Actress – Hillary SwankBest [...]

Oscar Blogging – The Worst Year to be Nominated for Best Picture

Hands down, 1939. Look at the competition – Dark Victory — Warner Bros.-First National * Gone with the Wind — Selznick International Pictures Goodbye, Mr. Chips — Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Love Affair — RKO Radio Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — Columbia Ninotchka — Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Of Mice and Men — Hal Roach (production company) Stagecoach — Walter [...]

A Special All-Star Oscar Extravaganza Announcement

Tonight is that special moment for all conservatives when we get to be lectured on political views by good-looking morons that make $10 million for a few months work – no, I’m not talking about the UN Oil-For-Food Oversight Committee, but rather, the Oscars. The glamour, the glitz, the absence of Fahrenheit 9/11 – it [...]

Rather Excellent Tales: The White House Years

1964 – 1974: Rather serves as the White House Correspondent for CBS News (with brief layovers as the Chief of the CBS London Bureau and as a war correspondent in 1966 – I forget what war he was covering). Two of the most celebrated Rather moments occur during this period: At the 1968 Democratic convention [...]

Miscellanea: How Big a Sap Am I? Edition

This is how big a sap I am: I just watched the first Spiderman again, and got all choked up during that scene where Peter tells Mary Jane what’s it like to look in her eyes…that’s how big a sap I am!… The Red Republic shares my cautious optimism about the changing Middle East… Speaking [...]

Ted Rall Update: The Challenge Has Been Met, Says Rall

Ted Rall has admitted that he has begun to get real examples of disgusting liberal hate speech, and cites my earlier post as one of the entries that has met the challenge (though he misspells my name – oh, well). My earlier prediction (and I said it’s a slam dunk, Mr. President – can you [...]

The ‘Hey, Maybe Rall is Right!’ Meme

You know, I’ve posted a lot over the past two days about the Ted Rall Challenge. Sure, we’ve had some fun with it, but it’s got me in an introspective mood. Maybe Rall is right; maybe it’s the conservatives that are full of hate and loathing for their fellow Americans, who are unable to string [...]

More Historic Developments in the Middle East

Today, Israeli and Palestinian forces (that’s right, both sides) arrested seven in response to yesterday’s suicide bombing. And Egypt has announced some democratic reforms. Oh, curse the day that lunatic George Bush and his neocon cabal took over the reins of this country in a coup d’etat! Oh, how we long for the days of [...]

The Rall Challenge: Another Gauntlet is Thrown

Ted Rall continues to define away any possible examples of lefty vitriol is his rightwing challenge. Apparently, in Rall’s world, the only possible example of ‘progressive’ hatred is a threat so specific that the time, date, and location of the assault are sent to law enforcement via FedEx. Folks, spend five minutes cruising the comments [...]

Miscellanea – I Took the Ted Rall Challenge and All I Got Was This Lousy Bounceback Edition

Patterico’s Pontifications wonders how we’re supposed to send Rall our examples when his e-mail bounces, but he takes the challenge anyway (hey, a dishonest lefty? Naw, couldn’t be)… The excellent Jawa Report has an entry, too…hey, Ted, are you taking all this down?… One of the CBS Three has thrown in the towel (hat tip [...]