Another Lunatic in Academia

This is just plain disturbing…I urge you to follow the links. Charles at Little Green Footballs has thrown a spotlight on Jane T. Christensen, and it’s amazing what he found. I decided to do some pajama-wearing Google searching to see if I could find more on this Jane T. Christensen. Here’s an excerpt from an [...]

Noonan On Hillary: The One to Beat

Here’s the litany from Peggy Noonan on why we should be concerned about Hillary (she’s right): Because we live in a more or less 50-50 nation; because Mrs. Clinton is smarter than her husband and has become a better campaigner on the ground; because her warmth and humor seem less oily; because she has struck [...]

Ted Koppel Leaving ABC…

…and quite frankly, I have no reaction at all. Nightline was essential viewing once upon a time; that time has long passed. I’m not happy, sad, surprised, just…nothing…I don’t care how they spin it, though, this was strictly business. The ratings have been awful for years now. I still recall ABC trying to figure out [...]

Miscellanea: No Need For Reform? Edition

Thanks to Viking Pundit for linking to me today; I’ll repay the favor by recommending his post on the Dem’s pyrrhic victory dance over Social Security… I’ve had a great blog day, having received a PoliLanche. Speaking of, Jayson is linking to a report that Sandy Berger just copped a plea over that ‘accidental’ document [...]

Pope Given Last Rites…

…details here.

Bonus Must-Read: Has The Schiavo Controversy Hurt The Right?

Dick Morris makes the case in The Hill that it has, by polarizing the moderates in a way that abortion does not. Morris sees a backlash that will kill Jeb Bush’s career, but leave George W. Bush largely unfazed. I think a couple of his premises are wrong: one, that Jeb ever belonged in the [...]

That MoDo Mojo: Drop Woody Allen’s Name, Win a Prize

The new Dowd column is up; in typical fashion, it is largely inscrutable. Dowd very tenously ties in Woody Allen’s new movie, half farce, half drama, to describe the report on the Iraq intelligence failures. Dowd’s main point is that she finds it laughable that the report scorches the CIA, when, in her view, the [...]

Terry Schiavo: R.I.P.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard; I just did. Here’s the details…may time heal the wounds and God bless the family as they try to get over this. That’s all I have to say…

Today’s Must-Read: A Surprise From Richard Gere

Former Weekly Jackass Richard Gere writing a guest editorial at the Wall Street Journal (registration may be required)? What’s even stranger is it’s not bad…although I would quibble with the description of Hong Kong as having ‘total autonomy’. Still, I razz people like Gere a lot, so when they do something laudable, it’s only fair [...]

Quick Shots: Is Krugman Nuts? Edition

Power Line has a post slamming our old buddy Paul Krugman; of course, the Minuteman has been on this beat a long, long time… I’m linking to Dr. Shackleford for the gazillionth time today because he beat me to this… Finally, I’m quite serious about this one: Arthur Chrenkoff is a real example to all [...]

Hey, That’s a Cheap Shot!

The Arkansas Daily Blog at the Arkansas Times is taking shots at my ‘probably tiny number’ of readers while simultaneously stuffing the ballot box on my poll above. That’s okay, all’s fair in love and war (and politics); they actually sent me quite a few hits today, so bully for you! Here’s the deal, though: [...]

Weekly Jackass Number Seventeen: John Kerry

We’re going to set a record for the shortest Weekly Jackass entry to date. Why John Kerry? Why now? Because, John Forbes Kerry,… …you went on Meet the Press and promised to sign form SF-180, yet two months later, you have failed to do so; …you continue to hold on to the delusion that you [...]

When Is Breaking News Not Breaking?

…when the Jawa Report scoops every major media outlet for hours and hours. This story is old hat, if you’re checking out the Jawa Report frequently (and if you’re not, you should be). Way to go, Dr. Shackleford…you’re on a roll…and by the way, you’re a Google News source again!…

We’re Not the Judean People’s Front…

…we’re the People’s Front of Judea! Syria’s President, as quoted in Christopher Dickey’s Newsweek column: �We�re not responsible for internal security in Lebanon. That was never Syria�s mission,� he said. �The role of Syria was to keep and to maintain civil peace in Lebanon and support the Lebanese security apparatus and army.� !!!! Stunning in [...]

It’s Official – Wolfowitz Approved By EU

The details are here…now, I ask you, from a strictly power politics point of view, does George W. Bush look like a weak president to you? Prior to his second win and subsequent events in the Middle East, it is almost inconceivable this nomination would have stood. Now the only complaints seem to be in [...]

What I’ve Learned From Blogging, Part 1: The Joys of Being Linked To

Inspired by a conversation with the esteemed Dr. Rusty Shackleford, I�d like to take this opportunity to give any new bloggers (or the simply curious) an estimate of what kind of traffic levels to expect when linked to from various sources: Drudgealanche � Extremely rare�a Drudgealanche (not that I�ve ever received one) occurs when Matt [...]

Today’s Must-Read: Kofi Wins, But the Game Was Rigged

This article in the American Spectator is the most brutally anti-Kofi article I’ve yet to read…and that’s saying something. Unfortunately, most all of it rings true…

Wictory Wednesday Focuses on Rhode Island

This week, Wictory Wednesday is devoted to helping out Senator Lincoln Chafee, R-RI. You can get the scoop here, and as always, give if you’re willing and able, and check out a few random links from the blogroll at bottom left. The gift of traffic is beloved by bloggers everywhere…

The Pope Has a Feeding Tube

The Associated Press is reporting that Pope John Paul II is receiving nutrition through a feeding tube. Oddly, there was no mention of a litigation battle, though rumor has it Tom Delay and Judge Greer have booked passage to Vatican City…

Quick Shots: Lakers Minus Shaq = Bad

Professor Bainbridge on the Kobe brand Lakers – ouch!… Not surprisingly, U2 remains the premier live rock band – see reviews of their tour opener at the New York Times, Rolling Stone, MSNBC, MTV, and just about anywhere else you care to look…man, I can’t wait for that Houston show!…

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