In Praise Of: W. Mark Felt

For political junkies, there can be few stories bigger than the unveiling of Deep Throat. Hundreds of thousands will re-read their dog-eared copies of All the President’s Men, looking for the clues, the contradictions, the truth, and the fiction, and we will all anxiously await the inevitable Deep Throat book by Woodward and Bernstein, collectively [...]

And We Have A Winner…

Bob Woodward has just confirmed that W. Mark Felt was, indeed, Deep Throat. And so ends the greatest political mystery of modern times. I have at least three books I have purchased over the years that just assured me that it was someone other than Felt. This one just felt right, though… from the moment [...]

Quick Shots: Don’t Count Out Jeb…Yet

Coalition member John Podhoretz writes in the New York Post on the possibility of a Jeb Bush 2008 run, and finds it implausible, but intriguing; basically, if Jeb had a different last name, he’d waltz away with the nomination, says Podhoretz, who goes on to argue that a Hillary run might make the point moot, [...]

Is W. Mark Felt ‘Deep Throat’?

Vanity Fair claims he is, and, if the account is accurate, Bob Woodward is giving one of those non-denial confirmations he made famous (and Newsweek infamous). Felt, a former FBI man, has been fingered before, and has denied the allegation. More on this as events warrant… UPDATE 1:11 p.m.: Three years ago, Timothy Noah was [...]

Novak on the Bolton Delay: Blame Christopher Dodd

Robert Novak has a harsh critique of the filibuster deal, and even harsher words for the Senate, in this piece at RealClearPolitics. Mostly, he blames the collapse of the agreement to vote for cloture on the Bolton nomination on Christopher Dodd, who has been mixing it up for years with Bolton over the normalization of [...]

Krauthammer Knocks One Out of the Park

Charles Krauthammer has a great opinion piece in the newest Time defending Americans of faith who wish to participate in the political process. Many of the themes I have touched on here are included, such as certainty vs. relativism and the ridiculous assertion that participation by religious Americans in the political process is forbidden. Some [...]

McCain: Another View

The San Diego Union-Tribune, while making many of the same points I and countless others have (McCain has a tough run in the primaries, he’s not a darling of the Religious Right), is decidedly more upbeat about his prospects than I am. Question, though – do McCain supporters really deserve the moniker ‘McCainiacs’? Is anybody [...]

The WSJ on McCain 2008 – When Pigs Fly

Brendan Miniter, in a piece that makes it clear he will not be joining the Coalition, assesses John McCain’s White House strategy, and finds it lacking, to say the least. Miniter says McCain’s ‘maverick moderatism’ makes him a power in the Senate, but kills his presidential aspirations (a conclusion that I endorse). Worth a look…

Gulf Coast Bandit on The Bolton Delay: Doing the Coalition Proud

Now this is how a true Coalition member gripes – my hat’s off to Gulf Coast Bandit, who has set a high standard for the rest of us to follow…

Quick Shots: Purity in Politics (or the Lack Thereof)

Jay Tea at Wizbang has some thoughts that should be read by those (like a certain someone who keeps commenting here) who think politics is a matter of ‘purity’… The good Dr. Shackleford is all over the story of a former American hostage indicted for involvement in…a hostage plot!… Trey Jackson has the video of [...]

Memorial Day Coalition News…

(At the risk of sounding like a broken record to my regulars, here’s the Jacques Chirac Weekly Jackass piece, if you’re looking for it – Blogger template is whacked out…and yes, I do plan on doing something about it, very soon!)… Finally home after a fun weekend. Congrats to my niece and all the other [...]

Happy Memorial Day!…

(Please note: if you’ve landed here from the link to my Weekly Jackass piece on Jacques Chirac, please click here. My Blogger template has been on the fritz for about a week now. I also hope you will check out the Coalition of the Chillin’)… …and, of course, we all remember there’s a reason why [...]

Barone on Bush: A Book Club That Matters

(Please note: if you’ve landed here from the link to my Weekly Jackass piece on Jacques Chirac, please click here. My Blogger template has been on the fritz for about a week now. I also hope you will check out the Coalition of the Chillin’ – and a big welcome to the newest Coalition member, [...]

Weekly Jackass Number Twenty-Five: Jacques Chirac

With the vote on the EU Constitution taking place today in France, this is as good a time as any to award the Weekly Jackass to the French President. Jacques Chirac is hitting the airwaves urging French voters not to use the ratification vote as a referendum on his government, a statement that is remarkable [...]

Rich on Ground Zero: A Mixture of Gospel Truth and Blatant Falsehood

To say Frank Rich is a better writer than his nauseating counterpart Maureen Dowd is to damn with very faint praise, indeed. In fact, it may make Rich the more disgusting of the duo, as he wastes his talents by phoning in columns far too often. For once, his latest does not focus on cheap [...]

Saturday Night Coalition News

After a bit of a holiday weekend lull, the Coalition is please to welcome our newest member, no stranger to these parts, the excellent Punditish. Elsewhere: Viking Pundit pronounces himself disappointed that Bush has not managed to advance the ball farther with Social Security Reform. I second that emotion… Bloggledygook is puzzled: why is Islam [...]

Novak on Hillary: Wrapping Up The Bucks Early

Robert Novak informs us that Hillary has an early start on locking down the big Northeast donors; and has a lot of other good dish on Dean and Pawlenty, among others. The funniest part: Hollywood is holding off on Hillary, questioning her electability. That’s right, Hollywood …(ironically, it was a fundraiser involving Hollywood dollars that [...]

Hatch: Nuclear Option Still on the Table

Those that think the recent judicial compromise deal forecloses use of the Nuclear Option should read this very interesting article by Senator Orrin Hatch in Human Events. Hatch is no fan of the compromise, however; he makes it clear that he wants up-and-down votes on judicial nominees…period. Worth a read…

Hanson on Anti-Americanism as Fashion Accessory

The great Victor Davis Hanson has a new column up at National Review Online that’s worth a look. Hanson discusses anti-Americanism as practiced by the elites, a cultural tic, essentially, that’s reflexive, shallow, and thoughtless (bonus points for mentioning last week’s Jackass, Indra Nooyi)…

I’m Glad That’s Over…

…six hours in a car with a malfunctioning air conditioner is no fun!… W. C. Varones is convinced that our worst nightmare is on the verge of coming true… A.J. Strata has a reply to Captain Ed… Carpe Bonum checks in to let us know all is well…we’ll be waiting, Craig!…