Brookhiser On the Anti-Semitism Of The Left

While admitting it is a fringe phenomenon (as I often say myself, I don’t tar the entire Left with the same brush I use on the ‘progressives’), Richard Brookhiser takes a look at the anti-Semitism on display at last week’s big anti-war rally, and hits the bullseye: Think of the word “neocon” and its current [...]

Planning to Be In Los Angeles This Weekend?

If so, why not drop by and spit on this man? (And does anyone believe the notorious double-murderer is not getting paid? Please…just another scam to avoid paying his wrongful death settlement). If Dante were alive today, O. J. would get his own circle, if you catch my drift…

Here A Hack, There A Hack, Everywhere A Hack

Mickey Kaus had a farm, e-i-e-i-o, and on that farm, he found a hack (Howie Kurtz, that’s you)…

Harry Shearer Needs a Calendar

From the absolutely wonderfully impartial Huffington Post, we have this from Harry Shearer: …[H]ere comes NBC News, adding to the LSU Hurricane Center’s conclusions about the defectiveness of the 17th St. Canal floodwall’s design and/or construction. Lisa Myers and the network’s investigative unit–yes, they still have one–unearthed court papers from Pittman Construction, the now-out-of-business firm [...]

“So, On This Issue, There Is No Debate!”

Glad to see there is still some sanity in the world (a five dollar bill, minus five dollars shipping and handling, to the first reader who can tell me what my headline refers to)…

How Now, Gentle…Warmonger?

You know, I just may have Cindy Sheehan wrong. Instead of an exploited, none-too-bright mother of a slain soldier in Iraq, she may, in fact, have powers of perception that elude mere mortals such as you and I. How else to explain the subtlety of her criticism of Elizabeth Dole following their meeting? Dole, a [...]

It’s Time To Get Clueless At The Nuthouse Again

Rick Moran has the 15th edition of his Carnival of the Clueless up and running. You owe it to yourself to pay him a visit…

Fineman on the Demoralized Dems

One of our favoritie recent whipping boys has a piece on why the Democrats aren’t gloating over all the well-publicized problems facing the Republicans these days; Fineman may be becoming increasingly a partisan hack, but this piece proves he still retains some powers of observation. Among the reasons he gives for downhearted donkeys: fear of [...]

Why 78 Votes Isn’t Good Enough

Some regulars from both the right and the left have gently chided me for putting up a Wall of Hacks and calling the no votes of 22 Democrats against John Roberts an act of craven pandering. Perhaps we simply disagree, or maybe I didn’t make my point well enough, but the fact is, regardless of [...]

Judith Miller of the Times Freed From Jail

Jailed for almost three months for contempt of court when she refused to testify before a grand jury investigating the Valerie Plame affair, Judith Miller is now a free woman again: Judith Miller will appear before the grand jury Friday after spending 12 weeks behind bars protecting the confidential source. Miller said her attorneys reached [...]

Good News, Bad News…

The Good News: Bush’s poll numbers are up 5 points in one week… The Bad News: His job approval is still only at 45%… The Good News: Going from 40% to 45% is actually a 12.5% increase (40/5 = 8, 100/8 = 12.5 – I know you’re all applauding this astounding display of mathematical acumen [...]

Checking In On Ruffini Redux

With just under 15,000 votes tallied, Rudy G. has 33.4% in the Patrick Ruffini Straw Poll, followed by Allen and Romney in a distant second and third. In the fantasy poll, Rudy G. is second but loses handily to Condi Rice. Among the 36 D’08ers who voted so far, Rudy G. has a commanding 52.9%, [...]

The Summer of Our Discontent Rolls Into Fall

Things aren’t going to get any prettier after this decision: Gen. Richard B. Myers, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, had maintained in court papers that releasing the photographs would aid al-Qaida recruitment, weaken the Afghan and Iraqi governments and incite riots against U.S. troops. Hellerstein said in his 50-page opinion that he [...]

Viking Pundit Strikes Again

Why didn’t I think of this headline? Eric doesn’t believe we are headed for a filibuster, either (AJ also chills here)…

Arkin: Boy, I Misjudged

My initial enthusiasm for William Arkin’s Able Danger series has declined in direct proportion to the number of installments; his summation of the program in installment one was quite good, but by this third installment, here’s what we’re left with: Shaffer and other shadow warriors just don’t like lines. They think that they can conduct [...]

The Wall of Hacks

Akaka, Daniel Kahikina D HI Bayh, Evan D IN Biden, Joseph R. D DE Boxer, Barbara D CA Cantwell, Maria D WA Clinton, Hillary Rodham D NY Corzine, Jon S. D NJ Dayton, Mark D MN Durbin, Dick D IL Feinstein, Dianne D CA Harkin, Tom D IA Inouye, Daniel K. D HI Kennedy, Edward [...]

Roberts Confirmed

The final tally was 78-22. I previously stated that anything less than 85 votes in favor would be a disgraceful performance for the Democrats. I see no reason to change that assessment. More later…

Why Didn’t Dreier Get the Job?

He didn’t want to give up his chairmanship of the Rules Committee, says the San Francisco Chronicle. The conservatives didn’t like his social moderation on stem cells and gay marriage, says Time. He’s gay, says Kos…oh, how sophisticated, Markos! What insight…

What’s Your Preferred Bible Translation?

The New Weekly Standard? The Wyclef Jean? The Latin Vulgar? The NY Times prefers the St. James Edition…

Spotlight on Ronnie Earle

The Commissar has a very comprehensive set of reaction links about the Travis County D.A. here. The Wall Street Journal weighs in, as well: The Majority Leader…deserves the presumption of innocence because of Mr. Earle’s guilty past. A liberal Democrat, he has a history of indicting political enemies, Democrat and Republican, on flimsy evidence that [...]