Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions to the Alito Nomination

Without further ado:

Number 10 – John H.: Women should take this for the slap in the face it is – Bush was pressed to appoint a woman to replace O’Connor and the only one he could find was the president of his fan club? Does he really mean to tell us that the only woman worth considering was his ‘office wife’?

How did half the country vote for this f***ing clown?

Number 9 – Smallbottle: Dems shouldn’t even permit hearings until an independent counsel or commission is appointed to uncover all the treason and fraud at the White House. Period.

Number 8 – Ludi: Effing Freepers are over there screaming FIGHT FIGHT! All they want is the nuclear option to go down.

Why do freepers hate America?

Number 7 – metal prophet: …I think that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Rove or one of his disciples could start a deceptive ad campaign. They’ll form a fake group with a liberal sounding name and make a bunch of anti-Alioto ads that make use of Italian-American stereotypes. Then, the outrage will break out and Bush will loudly denounce “liberal bigotry” or somesuch and will totally change the subject from Alioto’s views to the fake controversy. In the end, the fake ads will be revealed to be by some GOP front group, but that conviently won’t be revealed until after Alioto is confirmed.

Number 6 – KOTCrum: This is where REAL CARING EVERYDAY people can call, e-mail, snail mail, and visit Democratic senators, especially those on the Jud. Comm. and tell them in no uncertain terms that they MUST FIGHT this nominee as he DOES NOT represent the best interests of the nation.

This is a wild-eyed stab by a legally and morally corrupt administration and party. In the movies this would be at the end of the big barroom brawl scene where the good guy has soundly kicked the a** of the bad guy, only to have the bad guy pull out a hidden knife and come at the hero from behind.

Alert Dems in the right offices that they ought to join the 61% of people who think Bush and his ideas suck.

Number 5 – Darksyde888: Never underestimate “The Rove”…Bush’s Brain is capable of pulling off a stunt like this. Harriet Miers took it for the team (GOP extremists), just so Bush can stuff this chump down our throats. They think we’re pushovers, boy will they be surprised… Alito will get a worse beating in the press than Miers.

Number 4 – Central Scrutinizer
: Bush had to install an extreme righty because he’s in so much trouble now he really needs his base to be behind him. You see having a White House full of suspected felons actually makes Bush’s decision easier to pick a caveman to sit on the Supreme Court. You see these people don’t care if you set a covert CIA agent and all of her contacts to be aborted after birth as long as you appoint a judge who won’t let that happen before birth.

Number 3 – Wizard Kitten: This can and should be a defining moment for the Democratic Party. This forces them to stand up and make a distinction- at least that is what I’m hoping for.

If they don’t- kiss the Party goodbye. Women will leave in droves. Progressives will leave in droves. Those of us hanging on to the tiny bit of hope we had that the Dems will put up a fight- we will go now if they don’t.

They must fight this. Or they are toast.

This is it, kids. This is the battle that will define both parties for some time to come.

Let’s do it. I’m tired of f***ing around with these people. If we go down, let’s go down swinging.

Number 2 – thewin: This is the last chance the democratic party has…at least in my eyes for myself. I hate these neocon republicans, but if democrats let this vote pass, they are worse than the republicans.

They let the headlines “Abortion Illegal” and “Corporations not Liable for actions” be able to come true for the next 30 or so years. This will set america back in progression more than anything ever.

The republicans have the Executive and Legislative branch and I’ll be god d***ed if I’ll support a party that lets them pack our last solution for rational thought and reason in this country.

I don’t give a rats a** if the republicans use the nuclear option, what’s the point of having the Fillibuster if you aren’t going to use it. At least go down fighting for the values of america against these nationalists.

And now, Number 1 – DisNoir36: It’s pretty sad that Bush has to cater so much to his base, the christian taliban.

Nice guys, those Kos Kidz…

UPDATE 9:28 a.m.: Many thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link… has some favorable reaction from some MSM figures…

Thanks also to Little Green Footballs and Red State for the links…

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Many thanks to the great Jack Kelly for the link, as well…and the Political Teen, too!…

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My thanks to John Hawkins for his generous link

70 comments to Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions to the Alito Nomination

  • Steve

    peter, congratulations! You have demonstrated that if a leftist can’t be moronic and puerile, he must instead be didactic and patronizing. Good work. The parroted list of leftist talking points was a nice touch.

  • peter

    Well, because I work for an Internet company, I have access to Nielsen ratings. In September, Kos reached 0.37% of the Internet universe and is ranked #1350 among US websites. 758,000 people went to his site last month, which is pretty dinky by Internet standards. So his influence might be greater than Lyndon LaRouche, but less than Ralph Nader.

    I have no doubt there is a lot of overheated rhetoric coming from the left. I’m not a big Schumer fan, so nothing he says would surprise me. Howard Dean’s job as party chief is to throw punches (as is Mehlman’s). My only point is that the emotionalism coming from both sides makes everybody feel good, but does little to solve real problems.

  • Agreed – as I freely admit, this is all a bit of partisan fun, and not to be taken too seriously. As you’ve noticed, I do this from time to time, and it always gets a ton of reaction, so obviously, I’m not the only one entertained by this firebreathing from the Kos Kidz. When Miers withdrew, I did a comprehensive list of reactions that were more serious, and I like to mix things up a bit to keep folks (hopefully) entertained…

    Off-topic (but hey, it’s my blog, so I’m allowed to go off-topic, right?). I’m curious as to how Nielsen determines only 758,000 visitors, when his daily sitemeter shows that many in a day. Now, I know sitemeters are not reliable and that many of those 800,000+ are repeat visitors even in the same day. Are the Nielsen numbers saying that’s how many unique visitors for the whole month?

    Even so, #1350 is not to be sneezed at, when you consider you’re up against all the major TV News outfits, the MSM newspapers, giant corporate sites like Oracle and Microsoft…believe me, there’s not a blogger alive who wouldn’t take Kos’s traffic…

  • peter

    Nielsen reports the number of unduplicated visitors as 758,000 (i.e., the total number of people who went there at least once, regardless of how often they went to the site). Kos’s site meter probably counts visitors who come back for repeat visits (presumably people go back repeatedly to see if others responded to their posts).

    Also, Nielsen’s methodology is a little squirrelly, and has a wide tolerance of error. A note in the report on Kos says that the sample size does not meet their preferred standards (i.e., as the audience gets smaller, the reporting is less accurate).

  • Ghost

    When you guys are done gloating and wh@¢king eachother off, maybe you’ll realize that your comments sound just as rabid and loony as the “far left” you’re laughing at. Hypocrites. To the rest of America (the real “mainstream”- the majority), the apolitical, the center, the moderates, you know… “regular” people, the right and left wing represent nothing more than weights on the far ends of the scale. You serve one purpose: to give the rest of us balance- in the center (as far away from either extreme as possible). At least the far left wing can claim that half of its members are college students. THEY are still young, evolving, changing their minds. They can still grow up, face reality and gain some wisdom. What’s the far right’s excuse? Politics is cyclical. You’ll be out of fashion by the end of the decade. Then by 2020, liberals will be hated again. It’s all so boring and predictable and nothing ever really changes. How about an America with 3 or 4 major political parties? What about real EQAUL representation for the rest of us who think for ourselves and don’t tow the party line? I hate to say it, but Canada’s government is more evolved than ours. And before any of the über patriot’s heads explode… I probably will move there. I don’t hate America.. just some of the idiots who live here.

  • Dave S


    758,000 is higher than the home delivery circulation of the New York Times. The Times’ total circulation is only 1.1 million.

    Kos is not “fringe”. Hgih ranking Democrats read and occasionally even post there. The fact is that Kos, as completely unhinged and immature as those people are, is quite representative of the “movers and shakers” on the political left.

    That’s why they (literally) can’t buy an electoral victory anymore.

  • Ghost, it may surprise you to know that I, too, have often spoke of how much better it would be if there were at least four major political parties in the U.S. – but let’s face it, it ain’t happening anytime soon…

  • Jp2

    Interesting – the right wing invokes violent responses, but no one bats an eye.

    Sadly, logic is missing here.


  • DaveP.

    JP2- your side has been calling us every thing from knuckle dragging Klansmen to “the American Taliban” for a very long time now, and political violence directed against Republicans was pervasive in the 2000 and 2004 campaign seasons. So NOW you want to bemoan the lack of civility? Or maybe you just can’t handle what you like to hand out?
    Clean your own house, troll. What goes around comes around.

  • Mike James

    Ghost, those of us who have paid attention to the Left for a little while are not surprised at the way the Kos Kidz are behaving. The Left has indulged themselves with this kindergarten-level patois going on four decades now.

    They have been kindly, and in my mind undeservedly, indulged in this. I remember no gulags being filled after bombs went off in recruiting offices in the Sixties and university professors can say any old damn thing and keep their jobs.

    One does get tired of the suggestion, vivid and direct in my reading of these Enemy-Americans’ comments (Hey! I just named the hottest, up-and-coming new ethnic group!) that one belongs to a faction which is on the verge, no $#!+, just you watch, going to impose a fascist regime Real Soon Now.

    Well, it’s just politics, and I wouldn’t expect gratitude displayed in the face of this sort of episodic provocation. Good thing we’re all Americans, no? Best for your side if we ridicule you, and laugh–better than if we took this wearying commiebabble seriously, at least.

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  • Ghost

    Mike, that’s the point, isn’t it? One lunatic fringe begets the other. I’ve become aware of this based on my own experiences (or “waffling” for all you Kerry-lovers) in political debate. When I hear some of the ridiculous/naive comments coming from the left, (like blaming Bush for the hurricane).. I get so annoyed/insulted that I become angry right-wing guy for the day… defending principles and logic that I’m not even 100% behind…but because it’s at least more thought out/more rational than knee-jerk “republicans are just evil” conspiracy theories. When I hear some of the semi-fascist/backward comments from the right (mainly the religious right).. I blow a fuse, overreact and start lumping them in with Iran.. then suggest they move there, since their ideas for curing society’s “ills” seem to fit in better in that country than ours. The end result is that both parties disgust me.

    Point being, it’s the fringe of both sides that don’t belong here… but then again, they do. In America, everyone belongs… and the rest of us have to live with it… because that’s the whole point of “freedom”. It’s ironic that we are this big “melting pot” of divergent views, but the way our system is set up.. you are (more or less) forced to pick one of two sides. Hence the extremists being an embarassment for both parties. They make the left look weak and the right look dumb. Everyone gets lumped in because adding a 3rd would break up one big party and the remaining, united party would always win. Two parties means all we do is go back and forth every decade or so. Balance is only achieved after one party has been in power too long, public opinion changes, and the other party takes over and reverses half the sh#t the other party passed. If I suggest that America look to some (not all) of the older/wiser multi-party (European) democracies for guidance.. some sanctimonius xenophobe in here is going to bite my head off and call me “French-fry” or some moronic sh#t.

    Does being a centrist mean that I’m just a waffler who can’t make up his mind? To some small extent, maybe… but many of the politicians labeled as wafflers always came across to me as more intelligent and thoughtful (and barely heard over the noise in times when both parties are screaming at each other). Then again, quiet and reflective common sense doesn’t make the news. To clarify (for example), I beleive we shouldn’t be legislating morality but we shouldn’t be stripping it away either. Leave the pledge and Christmas alone but no new faith-based science in public schools. Whatever happened to church? This is where faith was traditionally taught. School curriculum is the place for the “known” world… not one group’s beliefs. However, if some kids want to pray in school or have christian-based clubs in school… they should have every right to. If you don’t like it, turn the channel. However, the same goes for porn and adult video games. With both parties trying to legislate morality (or lack therof), we are nitpicking this country to death… just leave it the way it is.. no new laws (ah.. the libertarian side is coming out). If everyone just left everyone else the f@%k alone.. we’d all get along better. So now we have a more balanced supreme court… good. But some conservatives won’t be happy until it’s ALL in their corner. Forget balance, they are actually praying for Stevens or Ginsberg to die! I’m just trying to put all the fake shock over Kos comments in perspective. Are you really suprised when you see similar rhetoric coming from the right-wing? (just look at the gleeful agitator on the website above …so frothing and angry- you’d think his wife left him for a muslim hippy). Doesn’t matter who starts it.. one begets the other.

  • Ghost, I actually agree with most of what you say…and believe me, we welcome moderate (and left-wing) voices here…I’ve been accused of moderation myself a time or two…

  • Ghost

    Thanks Mark.. I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Ghost

    Mark- going back to something you pointed out earlier- about KOS’ million visitors a day– to the site– and how that is somehow representative of a good portion of “progressive” thought these days… I disagree. You may have some other statistics that I’m not aware of.. but do you realize how many sites (especially Conservative) have links to KOS? Hell, most of the links are from right-leaning sites like this one.. pointing out some silly comment on KOS (with a link to their site). That has to count for a large portion of their “visitors” (not including visitors who post.. just ones who get linked there). I’ve never posted there simply because it’s too much to take in at once.. if nothing else. Plus you rarely find anything of substance there (on the threads- not the whole site)… just random two-lines of bitching (this goes for some popular right-wing sites as well). I think it’s safe to say you’ve got a couple of wackos or so in here..

    You also mention how a few senators post there– that seems even easier to explain: large # of hits + democrat site=large # potential votes… after all, we are talking about politicians here. Anyway, I’m not trying to explain away the wackos.. just maybe the reason why KOS gets so many hits. You’ve probably heard all of this before, but it would be a humurous/interesting poll (if it weren’t impossible to tally) to see if they actually have MORE conservative hits than liberal (like people from this site going to laugh at/get fired up by their comments). I know I sometimes visit the wacko right-wing sites for the same reason…. (except this one of course, ha ha).

  • Ghost, one thing I’ve always tried to do is draw a distinction between liberal and progressive – a liberal would like, say, Kevin Drum and Matthew Yglesias, watch the West Wing, read Al Franken and TNR and the New Yorker; a progressive, Kos and Democratic Underground, read the Nation and Chomsky, and never, ever think of watching corporate television b.s. – it’s a cartoon, I know, but an accurate one, I think.

    That’s why I say Kos is typical of ‘progressive’ thought – notice here I’m not talking about truly progressive thought, but of the thought of self-described ‘progressives’ – it’s a bit of a fine point, but a real distinction…

  • Funny, but I feel much better now. :-)

  • Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

  • Kewl blog you got goin on up here.
    Peace, JiggyWittit

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