Vacation Linkage, Part Three

I’m on vacation in Las Vegas until Saturday, but why not keep abreast of events by visiting some of my favorite links? Here’s one now: Pajamas Media (ok, a shameless plug – so sue me!)…

Vacation Linkage, Part Two

I’m on vacation in Las Vegas until Saturday, but why not keep abreast of events by visiting some of my favorite links? Here’s one now: Viking Pundit

Vacation Linkage, Part One

I’m on vacation in Las Vegas until Saturday, but why not keep abreast of events by visiting some of my favorite links? Here’s one now: The Strata-Sphere

U. S. Engages Sunnis in Dialogue as President Prepares to Outline Victory Strategy

It’s no secret that I’m a supporter of the Iraq War, but even given my admitted bias, the feeling of improvement in Iraq is palpable. The Washington Post reports on a remarkable townhall meeting between Sunni leaders and Marines in the city of Ramadi, and tonight the President has a major speech outlining the strategy [...]

The CSM on Pajamas

The Christian Science Monitor has one of the few pieces I’ve seen yet on Pajamas Media that is not either (a) a complete snark fest, or (b) a thinly disguised PR release. Critics such as Ann Althouse (naturally!) are quoted, along with co-founder Roger L. Simon, who basically says give the venture a chance, it’s [...]

Lieberman – Let the Smears Begin!

Kos and his progressive ilk have never had much use for Joe Lieberman – he’s far too principled, he supports Israel, and he doesn’t engage in partisan baby fits. Needless to say, they’re not about to let Lieberman tell the truth about Iraq. Here’s Kos’s reply to Lieberman: ‘Lieberman Out of Touch’…and here’s a representative [...]

The Dumb Blonde Of Journalism?

Well, that’s harsh, but you’ve got it to hand it to Arianna, MoDo IS pretty stupid, and vapid, and all those other things we…what’s that? It’s not Dowd she’s talking about? Oh…well, never mind…

DNC Issues Statement On U. S. Foreign Policy

The statement reads in full: The U.S. warlike forces have become all the more frantic in their moves to realize their wild ambition to dominate the world by force. This comes under fire by a signed commentary of Rodong Sinmun Monday. The U.S. imperialists’ stepped-up development and production of nuclear weapons in recent years are [...]

Bono Adds Another Title

He’s a rock star, activist, songwriter, singer, political figure, and a rare voice of unpartisan compassion – and a business guru, to boot…if it were possible to (a) be reincarnated, (b) choose your own new persona, and (c) possibly co-exist with the original, I would choose Bono…but then, you probably already know that…

My Second Favorite Democrat

Earlier, I heaped the praise on Joe Lieberman…but of course, Lieberman has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination. Now, here comes one who just might have a shot, Mark Warner, also continuing his tough talk on Iraq: “This Democrat doesn’t think we need to re-fight how we got into (the Iraq war). I think [...]

The Mitchell Connection

Tom Maguire knows PlameGate inside and out; one of his frequent topics has been the large number of press icons who seem to have become suddenly mute and/or forgetful on the topic of knowledge of Valerie Plame pre-Novak. His latest on Andrea Mitchell ties together some of these threads quite nicely…head on over for a [...]

My Favorite Democrat

Joe Lieberman, that is, writing in the Wall Street Journal: I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November’s elections, than they [...]

Mixed Messages On The Media Shield Law

Cliff Kincaid has the details on the very confusing messages coming from Capitol Hill regarding the Media Shield Law and bloggers. The whole issue of who is or isn’t a journalist is more than rhetorical, and it goes beyond this one bill: right here in my own backyard, many bloggers were turned away from covering [...]

Shhh! Don’t Tell Anybody…

…but Pajamas Media is already obsolete! Yes, Head RINO the Commissar, not content to merely rule the roost of wishy-washy pseudo-Republicans, has taken blogging to the next level with…(wait for it)…Flannels Media! Don’t miss all the excitement, including the fabulous logo, the multiple cheap shots at Don Surber’s expense, and the tryouts for the Flannels [...]

The Editorial I Wish I’d Written

With the hat tip to Power Line, by far the most delicious editorial of the day (week? month?) comes from the New York Sun. ‘Frank Rich’s War’ absolutely skewers one of my favorite targets, at least pre-TimesSelect. Just a small taste: Those who charge President Bush and Vice President Cheney with lying to get America [...]

Pajamas Media Loses A Good One

Sad to say, the great Tim Blair has bowed out: As of yesterday, Pajama Media’s editorial board is missing one member. Me. Simple decision, really. PM needs people who can devote themselves full-time to rescuing the project after a launch that was, to say the least, problematic. It would be wrong for me to continue [...]

Joe Biden Announces Support For Bush’s Iraq Policy

Okay, he’d never put it that way. This installment in the excellent White House series ‘Setting the Record Straight’ shows, however, how Biden and most other Democrats are perfectly happy to castigate the President for failure, on the one hand, and adopt his proposals, on the other. In another era, with less access to information [...]

Post-Holiday Cluelessness

It’s that time again…get clueless at the Carnival with Rick Moran…lots of good stuff for your Monday enjoyment…

Oh, Yeah, That Makes Sense…

Michael Irvin, on why there was a crack pipe in his car: Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia after Plano police officers searched his vehicle during a traffic stop. Irvin, an ESPN analyst and semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, told The Associated Press late [...]

Saddam Trial Again Adjourned

It’s off to a slow start: After a short session during which the first testimony was read into the record, Chief Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin adjourned the trial until Dec. 5 to allow time to find replacements for two defense lawyers who were slain and another who fled the country after he was wounded. Saddam [...]