Is McCain Too Old?

Bob Novak reports that a recent McCain fundraiser in NYC was not enthusiastically attended:

Sen. John McCain, a potential 2008 Republican presidential candidate, has gotten a tepid response to a New York City fund-raiser Monday for his “Straight Talk America” political action committee.

McCain signed a Sept. 27 letter announcing his appearance at the St. Regis Hotel Nov. 7. The price was $1,000 per person for a 6 p.m. reception and $5,000 per person for a 7:30 p.m. dinner.

Many New York contributors to McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign were reluctant to attend this year’s event. The fact McCain will be 72 years old for the 2008 presidential campaign was cited to explain lack of enthusiasm, as was the senator’s support for the Iraq war.

Okay, 72, well, that may be a legitimate concern…but the support for the Iraq war? Who thinks the Republicans are going to win running against Iraq?

The only probably candidate who is anti-war is Hagel…and I’ll give each of my readers $5,000 if he’s our next president. What an odd thing to say…

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  • He’s not too old–the cancer is probably more of a concern along those lines. But the Iraq war? Hillary supported that and I don’t see her having trouble raising money in NYC–hey, maybe I’m on to something here–the “centrists” who supported McCain in 2000 in blue states like NY will gravitate to Hillary. Get thee to the heartland, John.

  • AE, I think you’re on to something, alright…

  • You’ve just given me a reason to vote for Hagel. (Hey, I never said I couldn’t be bought. ;)

  • Knemon

    Rudy. Rudy. Rudy Can’t Fail.

  • Dallas

    Bluntly…he’s too old and he’s too liberal.

    His cancer is an issue too.

    He needs to cancel his weekly appearances on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. In the hinterlands…he doesn’t have support.

  • dmac

    Speaking as someone who got out of the hospital for a stem cell transplant last February for Lymphoma, may I respectfully disagree with those who say his cancer is an issue.

    If McCain had contracted a type of cancer that had poor odds of survival or a likely recurrence, then I would agree with those expressing such doubts. But I believe that he was treated for melanoma, which if caught in the early stages (which his was) is quite curable, with a low chance of any recurrence.

    It’s this type of fear and ignorance which makes normally sane and reasonable people sound like retrograde troglodytes, which I definitely don’t feel represents the commenters here in any way. Cancer can stike anyone at any time for any reason, but tagging a person with the label of a somehow physically broken individual after he’s basically been declared fit for duty by his oncologists is quite a limited wordview.

  • dmac, very good point…thanks for the reminder; most of us, including myself, need to be reminded from time to time that because an illness is life-threatening, it doesn’t follow that it is a death sentence for all that contract it…

  • Dennis

    The thing about McCain is that if you asked random people how old he is, I’d bet the majority would say he’s in his early 60s at most. He obviously doesn’t look like a kid, but he doesn’t look like someone pushing 70 either, the way Dole or Reagan did. So I suspect his age won’t become an issue, unless the Democrats nominate someone like Edwards, who is in his 50s but looks much younger.

    And if support for the Iraq war is considered a fatal drawback for a Republican, then we can pretty much assume no Republican can win in 2008. Of course, Novak was against the war himself, so I suspect a bit of projecting is going on here on his part.

    Hey Knemon, I’m in the middle of reading The Prince of the City, the recent book on Rudy’s mayorality. I’ve been leaning toward Giuliani in 2008, but this may be the tipping point. I already knew about his anticrime work, but reading how hard he worked at taking on the bureaucratic special interests, the folks who believed the best kind of spending is government spending, is very inspiring. Considering how much Congress seems intent on building bridges to nowhere, I’m thinking we could use a good dose of Rudy running the federal budget.

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  • Lynxseyes

    In Italy our politicians are all old (for example, Silvio Berlusconi is 72). I think that they cannot represent the younger generations. What do you think? How is the Mccain’s party? What is the average age of the components?

  • VeraIke

    Golda Meir was 71 years old when elected the 4th Prime Minister of Israel and Ariel Sharon was 73 years old when elected the 11th Prime Minister of Israel. Lets foccus on real issues. Energy.. Economy.. Education..Health

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