Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions to Today’s Elections In Iraq

Okay, folks, let’s jump right in:

Number Ten.
…[I]t’s precisely what BushCo
is trying to do. Distract us from the violence and the
deaths, of both U.S. and coalition forces and the Iraqi people, by staging
these elections and giving us these photo ops.

Number Nine:
I won’t believe the numbers anyway.  After the last election took 3 weeks
to finalise the votes, I didn’t trust those results either.  

Earlier this week, on Air America, I heard about a truck of ballots being intercepted on
it’s [sic] way from Iran.  With Iran & the U.S. both wanting a desired
outcome, I don’t think it matters what the Iraqis want.  Either Iran or the U.S. is going to win this election, votes be damned.

Number Eight:
I want to know if Diebold had machines set up to count the votes.

Number Seven:
The paradigm I operate under is that the forces Bush has
marshaled to allow him to use my money to terrorize a foreign population and
get American soldiers killed and maimed are the exact same ones which are
staging the election and will oversee not only the results but the actions of
the elected.

Number Six:
If the Iraqis are successful in their democratic endeavor,
perhaps they could send consultants to Ohio and Florida.

more iraqis are voting than americans voted in the last pres

stupid f***ing

good for the

maybe america needs a good and bloody civil war to remember what democracy is about

I don’t believe a f***ing word of what the New York Times
tells me about election day in Iraq.

last time? The anecdotes of people walking miles to get to the polls? Reports
of unexpectedly high Sunni turnout? The dawn of democracy?

Remember the
Repugs pointing to those reports and waving purple fingers at us?

Lies and
propaganda, in the mold of Judith Miller.

Number Three:
This is just theater. All completely meaningless, and woe
to the suckers who buy into this BS.

These elections are nothing more than a prop for the bush thugs.  No election
that was initiated, designed, engineered, and carried out by a foreign
occupation power has any legitimacy, here or elsewhere.  None.  Period.

If Uzbekistan invaded the US, toppled the government, installed its hand-picked puppets, then ran through the motions of several rounds of voting, would the regime that resulted have any legitimacy whatsoever?  Of course not.  It would be laughed at.

This so-called election is utter bullsh**, nothing more than photo ops and PR props.

Number Two:
Has any reporter asked anyone in the administration [sic] why the f*** Iraq has had even 1 election if the country can’t even employ 60% of the people?! If 50 people are dying a day. Can’t [sic] one a**hole just ask the f***ing question?!?

Number One:
I had a realization today while driving to work listening to all the talking heads blather on about Iraqis voting.


Was it worth half a trillion of our (children’s) wealth and 2140 of our young people? 30,000 to 100,000 civilian "collateral damage"?


NOTE: Those of you who think I am shooting fish in a barrel with this occasional feature: you’re right. Those who think I use it to tar all liberals: you’re wrong. There is one particular species known as the ‘progressive’ that I am taking aim at.

UPDATE 3:12 p.m.: Yay! Malkin-alanche…thanks, Michelle, for the link…My thanks also to Betsy Newmark and Jeff Goldstein…and a special thanks to Hugh Hewitt! My first link from the distinguished gentleman…and a thank you to the Political Teen and Bill Quick…and a big shout-out to Lorie Byrd and Howie at My Pet Jawa for the links, as well…

UPDATE 2 12/16/05 6:48 a.m.: Thanks to John Hawkins and the USS Neverdock for the links, also…Judith Weiss suggests that we give the Kos Kidz a cluepon – I couldn’t agree more…

96 comments to Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions to Today’s Elections In Iraq

  • Steve

    If these liberals controlled our national defense, Uzbekistan could take over the United States!
    (Number Three)

  • Trochilus

    I found a note on PajamasMedia, via a posting on Powerline, from a blogger, A.S. in Najaf, Iraq. He posted this quote:

    Mr. Ali Hassoon al-Badri said “everyone must realize that electing our representatives is a basic right for everyone and it is not a gift from anyone and that it draws the line between freedom and tyranny…”

    Like Don, I, too, long for the liberal who would have read that and smiled, with his lip trembling, and tears welling in his eyes . . . like me.

  • AE-

    The ones who still think like that as they get older are indeed scarier every year.

    But I can still vaguely remember enjoying flame-wars back when I was much younger… writing shrill screeds against pro-lifers, creationists and the like. Heck, I can even remember in my freshman year of college buying into all of the oppressed-Palestinian rhetoric about Israel. I even happily voted for Clinton, the first time around, satisfied that we would finally have an executive branch without all the lying and corruption. Seriously — I totally believed that.

    I suppose that’s not quite to the Kossack level, but when I was in High School I passionately believed that the world would be a better place if we had just occupied all of Central America, the Carribean and Columbia and formed new U.S. states there. Heck, I even thought that a world government under the U.N. would be a good thing.

    In conclusion, some of these Kossacks will grow up to be fine, upstanding neo-cons and libertarians, eventually.

    (I’m just not constitutionally capable of being that pessimistic about the state of the world on a day when Saddam is on trial while his former victims elect the first legitimate government the Cradle of Civilization has ever known.)

  • Brian the sailor

    Thanks to the sane folks from both sides of the aisle. Comments sections don’t have to be just throwing dirt back and forth.
    I don’t want to live in a country where everyone agrees with me. Civility combined with logic will suffice. Despicable, invented on the spot conspiracy theories just make their arguments look sad.
    Just a quick question: How many of the Kos commenters, when confronted with the threat of death…”If you vote, you will DIE” would have the courage to show up and vote anyway?
    I’m talking about courageous dissenters who are daring enough to stand up and speak against our fascist leadership (duly elected). When they’re threatened with death by known murders (or the ones we haven’t killed yet) who among them would go out and vote? They’ll cry about pepper spray when they throw rocks and bottles at police officers!
    Iraqis are TOLD they will be killed, and yet they show up to vote in numbers that shame us.
    This is very bad news for the far left…won’t put a name to a political party because there are sane Democrats.
    I thought this was going to be a short comment. Long story made only slightly long…the Iraqis will be just fine.

    Okay, I just proof read my post before posting and realized it wasn’t my most eloquent writing. I’m allowed to be flawed. I think you’ll see past my questionable grammar.

  • I beg to differ… when I was 19, I was in charge of $100,000 worth of signal-gathering equipment, trusted with it atop a mountain… I may have been ignorant of a LOT of things, but I wasn’t ignorant of where that mountain top WAS, on an island 200 meters south of North Korea!

    I was 19, gainfully employed, and trusted by America with a Top Secret Cryptological clearance… Oh, and ignorant as I was, I was speaking Korean better than KosKidz speak (and write) English!

    And as ignorant as I may have been, even I could see the differences (up close and nasty) between the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Freedom-Loving Goodness and Light in North Korea, and the Free World!

  • Brian the sailor

    I meant “murderers”

    Told you I’m flawed.

  • midwest mama

    What always makes me shake my head is that these kossites are so willing to construct all kinds of elaborate, convoluted conspiracy theories rather than just believe the straightforward truth–that the Iranians want democracy and that, since Saddam has been deposed and the terrorists are losing power (thanks to US intervention), they finally have the chance to achieve it. They must really, really want to believe that we are the bad guys. Too bad.

  • A Mind is a terrible thing to baste.

  • Daniel Chapman

    Just so you know, “finalise” is spelled correctly. I think that’s how they spell it in britain, but I’m not sure. You might want to fix that or someone might point out your every typo on a weblog in order to make you look like a loon :)

  • Terry Gain

    In the next six months we will reach the point in Iraq that it won’t matter how much sway the leftist moonbats and the clueless MSM have in America (e.g. Wesley Clarke on Fox).

    The war will have been won in Iraq and there will be nothing these people can do to defeat America again.


    Cross linking to this one



  • midwest mama

    Terry Gain–and the sooner, the better.

  • Thanks, Daniel – that’s not the first time I’ve got tripped up by a British spelling here…

  • Iraqis Decide 2005

    Eleven months ago Iraqis elected a constitutional convention. Two months ago they ratified the resulting democratic constitution. And today, under that constitution they elected a new government of, by, and for the people of Iraq.

    From all reports…

  • katzenjammer

    You conservatives think you’re so smart. And funny too. Well, surprise: as soon as John Kerry gets elected, we’ll be talking impeachment time for Bush because of the miserable failures of his Presidency! Look, it’s very simple, you cannot have fair elections in Iraq until we have them here where our poor people who are mostly colored minorities are only allowed one vote each election and they should have several; they’ve never touched anything in their lives and are forced to loot TV sets in places like New Orleans if you hadn’t noticed. Once our troops surrender, a very patriotic thing to do I might add – surrendering for America, those Iraqis will have the right to be happy. But not before. And if you don’t believe me that this election stinks, just ask the legitimate leadership of Iraq, who we deposed for oil and power and then forced from legitimacy by allowing Iraqi street rabble to commit widespread voting, is democracy really that great? Most Democrats would have to say,”NO!”

  • Jack Deth

    I thought that Democratic Underground was the absolute bottom of intellectual discourse. It appears that DU is but a primer before sliding into the dregs of Moon Bat Moronic Mendacity that is Kos.

    US troops aren’t going to be leaving Iraq any time soon. An American/Coalition presence will be there into the next decade.

    The sooner the Left and the rest of the world understands that. The better.


  • Jack Deth

    You have to win back the White House, plus the House and the Senate long before you even contemplate “Impeachment”, katzenjammer.

    Somehow, I just don’t see any of those three events evolving into fruition.


  • Jeff

    Jack Deth: are you an optimistic Neocon or a cynical liberal?
    Seems to me an extended American/’Coalition’ presence is exactly what we don’t need. And not why the President told us we were going to go to war…oh, wait, that’s because gaining strategic bases was what the war was covertly all about in the first place, not WMDs. Never mind.

  • Jeff

    Katzenjammer: Kerry is deluding himself if he thinks he has a shot at getting nominated again. Unfortunately, that leaves Hillary…

  • Uh, Jack Deth? I think Katzenjammer was trying to be satirical. (Oh, and say hello to Helen Hunt for me.)

  • Richard

    30,000 – 100,000 Civilian deaths? Both figures are lies. The 30,000 is a best estimate of total deaths, including terrorists and soldiers. The 100,000 was based on a report that had an error range that gave a figure of 8,000 – 194,000; they just arbitarily chose a middle figure (which itself shows poor maths – they should have chosen about 40,000 as the middle figure, being roughly 5 times the lowest and 1/5th the highest). Their confidence levels mean this report is meaningless. It gets worse when you look at the methodology and realise that they distorted their own techniques in order to get sufficiently large data sets, so completely invalidating the study.

    To then use these figure – lower than the average annual death toll due to Iraqi government actions over the period of Ba’athist rule – as an argument against war is ridiculous.

  • War Dog

    I was a Democrat and considered myself a “liberal” for over 25 years. I spent twenty years in Military Service with side trips to SouthEast Asia during the Vietnam War and the MidEast during Desert Shield/Storm. As I got older, I finally got wiser and realized that the Democratic Party I grew up with in the 60′s and 70′s was not the same one that started to tear itself apart in the 90′s and the past five years. What amazes me even to today is that all the people that consider themselves as “Progressives”, “Clear Thinkers”, “Open Minded”, “Free Thinkers”, “Liberals”, etc., yada, yada, yada are in reality the ones that are the most closed minded. They tolerate no disent from the other side, no free discussions, no points of view other than their own. The ideas that the majority of these people formed in the protest years of the late 60′s/70′s are still the same ideas that they are repeating today. It’s like these people never grew up, and now they are trying to relive their glory days when they protested everything, and forced our government to turn tail and cowardly retreat from SouthEast Asia during the Vietnam War. Now these cowards, appeasers and (Surrender) eletists want to do the same thing to our brave men and women that they did to us Vietnam Veterans during the Vietnam War. They do not have any new ideas, any solutions to the nation’s problems, no programs to fix what’s broken, and all they have on their closed minds is to “Hate President Bush” and his Administration. They have no clue as to the damage they are doing to our nation, to the citizens of Iraq who want freedom, their own nation, and the right to be free and govern themselves, our nation’s resolve to continue the war on terrorism, and finally to our nation’s brave men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line, and give their all so that we can win this war on terrorism, and free the Iraqi people. They were stupid, clueless traitors back then, and they haven’t changed in over 35 years.


  • Bubba

    It’s subtle, but one of the more infuriating implications is #3′s equivocation of the representative republic under the U.S. Constitution and the Baathist dictatorship under Saddam Hussein — that the toppling of one government is apparently morally equivalent to the toppling of the other.


  • The Ace

    Seems to me an extended American/’Coalition’ presence is exactly what we don’t need. And not why the President told us we were going to go to war…oh, wait, that’s because gaining strategic bases was what the war was covertly all about in the first place, not WMDs. Never mind

    Is ths supposed to mean something?
    Only a complete and utter fool would think we will not keep a military presence in Iraq. Oh wait, I bet you’re one of those “get us off Arab soil because it causes terrorism” types.


  • Patrick M. Hill

    Well at least the Kosinators, by declaring 15,000,000 arranged votes, are giving Bush credit for his organizational skills.

  • [...] Heh. Decision 08 has a round up of the 10 most (im)mature reactions from the Kos Kids, on the Iraqi elections yesterday. My favorite: Number Five: more iraqis are voting than americans voted in the last pres election [...]

  • RMertes

    to tsmith-ditto

  • Why do Progressives object to progress?

    If the situation in Iraq is stabilized, if we are clearly winning in Iraq by November of 2006 (and we are clearly winning now, but the left won’t admit it and too many elements of the media won’t cover it), a left and Democratic Party which has ba…

  • Jack Deth

    Hi, fatman:

    Helen’s busily climbing the ladder of stardom, but she had to start somewhere.

    Thanks, Ace.


  • What exactly are the Iraqi people trying to prove? Don’t they know that by helping Bush perpetuate his election farce, they are only prolonging the occupation? Do they want another 10 years of U.S. troops storming into their homes and mishandling their Qurans? Sometimes I wonder if they get the 700 Club in Bagdhad, because they sure behave like your typical Busheep!

  • Mike


    The problem is that these people are typical of the Leadership of the Dem party! They’ve hi-jacked a once proud party! A glaring example is how Liberman is Treated! Tho I do not agree with his Liberal, Welfare stance, He is right on with regards to the GWOT and a Staunch Supporter! He tells it like it is and does not Play politics with our Military or the Security of this Country and it’s Peoples! In many respects better than some of the Pubs/RINOS!

  • XTeacher

    Exactly, Liberal Larry. Look at what democracy has done for the U.S. — our people have been duped into electing the incorrect choice for president for two elections in a row PLUS they have elected enough incorrect candidates to give control of the House and Senate to the evil, corrupt Republicans (I know they’re evil and corrupt b/c Pelosi has told us so).

    Remember what Orwell wrote, and I paraphrase — we’d love to give the people of Iraq the right to make their own choices in terms of government, but they might make the WRONG choices, and we can’t have that, can we? Really, they’re such children. . . .

  • Kathy from Austin

    The really scary part of the KOS Kids’ rants is that they are not some nut job offshoot (well, yes they are) of the Democratic party. Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry and many other of the power brokers in that party embrace these folks, post on the website and, naturally, take their checks. To think that these wackos are not driving part of the Democratic Party’s agenda is just mistaken. They are. Sadly, this country needs a strong two party system as part of our checks and balances. But the notion of these people within spitting distance of the levers of power and with any say over our national security should scare us all. It sure does me.

  • [...] This is why the liberal/progressive left will never, ever be a political force in the United States again. Great job Mark! This is just theater. All completely meaningless, and woe to the suckers who buy into this BS. [...]

  • Trochilus

    And speaking of the inability of the Democrats’ inability to reconcile themselves with their nutty KOSsack base, today’s Washington Post story had me a little confused.

    Okay, so I thought I got it … Pelosi said Democrats have no position on the battle of Iraq in the War on Terror … especially after Senator Lieberman declared that the President had a plan, and that it was working. Here is what Nancy Pelosi said about the “no” position.

    . . .

    Uhh huh . . . but, wait . . . She took a position backing Congressman Murtha, who said take all our troops out of Iraq within 6 months, and “redeploy” them in some other country in the Middle East . . . without ever naming that country.

    Okay, she has a position, but they don’t. But wait . . .

    Oh, I get it. So, they have a strategy . . . they just don’t have a position. Sounds a little like,
    “We don’t know what to do, but we definitely know when to do it . . . whatever it turns out to be.”

    Okay, now I understand completely…They have a strategy to pull out within two years, and at the right time they’ll have a position. Of course, if you don’t know what your position is, how could you know you’ll have one? And, it makes you wonder … will the “right time” be the right time for the country, or . . .?

    Anyway, all that explains why the Republicans are putting up a resolution today

    Boy, those Republicans are taking a big fat chance! Suppose the Democrats stick to their declared strategy and they all vote against this bill?


  • Iraq votes, sends message to U.S. Liberals

    Still think that what is happening over there is a “lie?” Still think we were wrong to go in there and remove a brutal dictator and liberate millions of Iraqis? Well, maybe you should listen to this: “Anybody who doesn’t appreciate what America has…

  • Professor Blather

    I love liberals.

    They taste like chicken.

  • Does the left ever get tired of whining and crying or is just a built in function for them?

  • Entil_Zha

    What drives me nuts is when people think that democracy is a bad thing, that we’re instituting “our” brand of governent over another culture. The problem with that thinking is: no 2 democracies are the same since its shape and demeanor is determined by the culture that democracy represents. Iraq will have a heavily muslim influenced government, and that’s ok by me (it’s better than a despot who murders his own people by the thousands). No two democracies have ever gone to war with one another in the history of the world. Cooler minds DO prevail, at least in a civilized world. Funny how the libs think that the Iraqi’s won’t be able to handle freedom. How racist and condescending. The elections have proven once again the Iraqi’s have shown bravery on a level most of the whining liberals can only dream of. btw, Liberals were saying the same thing about the Japanese after WW2. They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. This is a great day, not just for the Iraqi’s but for all peace loving folk.

  • ICallMasICM

    Those Krazy Kos Kids have a lot of problems expressing themselves with out f this and sh@#^ that.

  • Cato the Elder

    What is it with the stupid conservative PC asterisks wherever the Kos Kidz use a swear word?

    Anybody here never seen the word “bullsh**” before? Anyone scared of “bad words”?

  • Cato, it’s quite simple; frequent use of vulgarity is an indication of a small mind – take that sh** somewhere else (my blog, my sensibilities)…

  • In my experience, anyone who makes a point of describing himself as “progressive” will turn out to be a jerk. It’s the left-wing equivalent of “I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian!”

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  • [...] Meanwhile, Decisions ‘08 has the top ten Koz Kids reactions. [...]

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