At Long Last – An Open Thread!

I’m off to Vegas, folks, my home away from home…it’s a relatively short trip, and I’ll be back on Monday. Meanwhile, you get to live the dream – that’s right, it’s the first ever Decision ’08 Open Thread! Now, if I come back on Monday and you haven’t taken advantage of this, I’m going to [...]

The Broad View: Greenwald Responds

Yesterday, I posted about my disappointment that Glenn Greenwald’s work has increasingly taken on a polemical stance, one that recognizes no variations or gradations in the world of the ‘Bush cult’. Glenn posts a response today, and mentions my post specifically. First, an extended excerpt from his response:

United 93 Opens Today

For reasons that will be clear in a couple of hours, I won’t be catching United 93 today or even this weekend, though I hope to early next week. A couple of late-breaking reviews… The NY Times: A persuasively narrated, scrupulously tasteful re-creation of the downing of the fourth and final plane hijacked by Islamist [...]

Rove Perjury Decision In Next Few Weeks

That’s the story from Elisabeth Bumiller and David Johnston in today’s New York Times. The article cites ‘lawyers involved in the case’, but in this case, it’s certain that Fitzgerald’s office is leaking. How do I know that? The reporters practically say it: Lawyers in the case said Mr. Fitzgerald would spend the coming days [...]

Grain Of Salt Department

To say that Raw Story will run with just about any story is like saying Nicole Kidman is beautiful…it just goes with the territory. MSNBC’s Hardball has a bit more credibility, and that’s the only reason I’m pointing to this link. Still, this is all highly speculative. What the hell are you talking about, you [...]

Broad Brush Painting? Moi?

You know, Glenn Greenwald got a lot of press and a book contract at about the same time I started seeing far too much of this in his work: As much as anything else, Bush defenders are characterized by an increasingly absolutist refusal to recognize any facts which conflict with their political desires, and conversely, [...]

The Importance Of A Unity Government

We see many dire hints of evil ‘assocations’ from opponents (and skeptics) of the Iraq War; we are told how such-and-such is friendly to Iran, and so-and-so to Syria, and…and…and…. All this talk rather misses the point that what is needed in Iraq is a legitimate government (or, to use the preferred phrasing, a ‘unity’ [...]

How Fitting It Is…

…that the day before the opening of United 93, work ‘officially’ began on the Freedom Tower. We need a memorial in Shanksville, but this is a pretty good memorial, too, of that fateful day. It’s almost a crime that it has taken this long, but perhaps the ball is rolling too fast to stop now [...]

Novak Rides A Favorite Horse

Perhaps I’m just hopelessly out of touch, but I find it odd that Mitt Romney’s religion keeps coming up in Robert Novak columns. I’ve commented on Novak and Romney twice before, once on May 8, 2005, and once on June 16, 2005, and both times the discussion seemed too focused on Romney’s Mormonism. Novak has [...]

Reconsidering Iraq

There is, for the first time in months, a sense that Iraq is turning for the better. The breaking of the political deadlock has occurred in tandem with a seeming weaking in al-Qaeda’s position. AJ comments: Well, the civil war has broken out and broken out ugly in Iraq. Not the one the leftwing media [...]

Welcome To The Show, Snow

Ari Fleischer puts the Tony Snow appointment in context: …[A]s Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary, will soon discover, the briefing is no longer a briefing, it’s a TV show. Gone are the days when this daily session was a serious affair, with mostly serious questions asked and mostly serious answers given. Instead, [...]

The Question Before The Court

We know (don’t we?) that current CIA employees cannot legally leak classified information…what about ex-CIA? The question has relevance, because some, including…ahem…myself, have suggested that whistleblowers like Mary McCarthy should quit their positions prior to talking to the press if their conscience forces them to take action against something they see as morally objectionable. Common [...]

A GOOD Day For Karl Rove?

So sayeth the MinuteMan, under the theory that prosecutors are discouraged from bringing folks to the grand jury they have decided to indict (is that true? Beats me – but it’s the MinuteMan!). Don’t miss the bonus coverage of typically shoddy reporting by the New York Times! What are you waiting for – click here! [...]

The Prescient Mister Hitchens

I’m currently reading a 1988 Christopher Hitchens collection (in other words, pre-9/11 and his famous break with The Nation, in his unabashedly socialist mode) called Prepared For The Worst, and I wanted to share the following bit with you, as it’s quite interesting considering the subsequent history of both Christopher Hitchens and the neoconservatives. Yes, [...]

United 93: A Rare Voice of Dissent

Or is it? The vast majority of the early reviews of United 93 are overwhelmingly positive (with 25 reviews up at Rotten Tomatoes, the film is at 88% at the Tomatometer). Typical is the following, from Claudia Puig of USA Today: United 93 (* * * * out of four) is an unflinching, powerfully visceral [...]

Look For A Big GDP Number Friday

The 1st quarter has been going great guns, economically; how long can it last, with the high energy prices? That’s the question I have…nevertheless, housing and manufacturing activity showed big gains last month, and economists are expecting a big number: Mr. Hoffman and other analysts believe that the economy grew at a 5 percent annual [...]

Fitzmas Fans, Rejoice!

For your day is not yet past…there have been intimations lately that Karl Rove may not be out of the woods yet in the PlameGate investigation, and today’s news adds fuel to that fire: Top White House aide Karl Rove prepared to testify Wednesday for a fifth time before the federal grand jury investigating the [...]

Officially Confirming What We Already Knew…

…the White House named Tony Snow the new press secretary: Fox News commentator Tony Snow was named White House press secretary today after top officials assured him that he would be not just a spokesman but an active participant in administration policy debates, people familiar with the discussions said. A former director of speechwriting for [...]

Good Leaks, Bad Leaks, and a Bureaucratic Insurgency

The Wall Street Journal editorial board opines on McCarthy and PlameGate, examining the leaking double standard, but also putting the events in the context of the battle between the CIA and the administration: The existence of this intelligence insurgency first came to light in a major way with former Ambassador Joe Wilson, who wrote a [...]

Tuesday Night Quick Shots

Let’s see what’s shaking elsewhere… AJ has a piece up examining the various defense machinations of the McCarthy team and its allies… Ryan James notes a call to impeach – but only in states so overwhelmingly blue that it can’t backfire – that’s convinction for ya!… The Real Ugly American has a bit of ‘turnabout [...]

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