Kennedy Gets The Celebrity Rehab Plan

But will the cops buy it?

Rep. Patrick Kennedy will enter rehab for addiction to prescription pain medication Friday evening after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol.

Kennedy, D-R.I., plans to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

All snarking aside, if he’s seriously trying to get help, more power to him…but he should get no preferential treatment. The wheels of justice need to keep turning…

6 comments to Kennedy Gets The Celebrity Rehab Plan

  • Kennedy Changes His Story

    This is about playing the part of a victim and passing responsibility on to something else.

  • Fred

    Yes, it’s the 21st century equivalent of showing up with a neck brace.

    But have you noticed how every statement Kennedy issues undermined the pro-Kennedy defensive position reflexively taken by the MSM? First, Wolk Blitzer reminds viewers that staggering from a car may be the result of the accident, and not its cause. Unfortunately, Kennedy then issues a statement implying that the staggering was due to drug interactions. So the media reports that the nausea and sleeplessness drugs he took have side effects that cause sleep walking. But his next statement claims he doesn’t remember the whole incident. So how can he know what caused the staggering?

    We need better co-ordination here folk!

    Now pain killers

  • Sean P

    As it happens, I was recently perscribed Ambien, which Patrick Kennedy is currently blaming his erratic driving on. Despite weighing almost 200 pounds, and despite only taking 1/2 of a single pill at a time, it was enough to knock me out — cold — within twenty minutes, and for a good seven hours.

    I understand that some people have claimed to sleepwalk, and even sleep-drive, while under its influence, but having taken the medication personally, I suspect that the people pulled over while driving under Ambien’s influence took it right before getting in the car, thinking the medication would take a half hour or more to kick in like most sleeping aids, and fell asleep while driving. And I’ve never heard of anyone under the influence of Ambien actually forming complete sentences. Either PK is lying, or he’s been taking Ambien for so long that he’s developed a severe resistence to the drug.

  • Sean P, curiously enough, I had sleeping problems really bad not that long ago (I later found out I had sleep apnea – a story for another time) and was briefly prescribed Ambien. Everything I heard about the drug was similar to your story…but for whatever reason (body chemistry is a strange thing), it did nothing for me.

    I was taking the half pills, too, though…

  • Fred

    I’m willing to give him any one break he wants. After all, no one is perfect. But it just seems that when you change your story 3 or 4 times within 24 hours, something more is going on.

  • too many steves

    It does matter, in this case, that the guy has a history of erratic and, sometimes, hysterical behavior. But, as Mark says, if the guy has a problem that needs professional help, I can only wish him well.

    Now, if we can just do something about his dad…

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