Eleanor Clift: In A Class Of Her Own

Jeez, I hardly have the energy for Eleanor anymore.  Responding to the “GOP war on the media” (make that the NY Times, Eleanor): The current President Bush has raised the stakes, threatening prosecution and jail time for reporters and editors who broke the story about a program to track the financial records of those with [...]

The Journal Breaks Its Silence

Many of the left (including our good friend Peter) have asked why the Wall Street Journal has not been subject to the same level of protest as the NY Times regarding the decision to publish details of the SWIFT program. It’s a fair question, and the Journal has remained silent – until now: President Bush, [...]

Is McCain The Frontrunner? Or Is It Rudy?

That’s the question Ryan Sager poses, as he takes issue with ARG’s polling on the 2008 Republican candidates (you can read the details here). Essentially, Ryan’s beef (a quite legitimate one, in my view) is that Rudy is being assumed ‘out’ of the race, at a time when almost no one is ‘officially’ running. Sager [...]

The Home Team Prevails

Germany made it into the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup with an exciting 4-2 penalty kick shootout…nice to see the host team advance…later, Italy-Ukraine (I’m rooting for the Ukraine just to keep the Cinderella element alive)…

Hamdam Decision Another Chapter In Liberty-Security Tradeoff

Daniel Henninger puts Hamdam in context: So we got the Hamdan Guantanamo detainee decision yesterday, the turmoil over revealing the Swift surveillance of terrorist financing a week ago, the FBI’s capture in Florida of the would-be al Qaeda bombers of the Sears Tower before that, and oh yes, those 17 Muslims in Canada who wanted [...]

Yoo On The Hamdan Decision

The legal architect of the post 9-11 strong executive himself weighs in: As commander in chief, President Bush has the authority to decide on wartime tactics and strategies. Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and FDR settled on military commissions, sometimes with congressional approval and sometimes without, as the best tool to punish and deter enemy war [...]

I’m Too Tired…

…to blog on anything substantive tonight, even though there is much to blog about, so I’ll just stick with one of my patented throwaway questions.  Today’s query: Ever look back on something and wonder what the big fuss was all about? I’m starting to feel that way about Saturday Night Live… You think the Brits [...]

Hamdan Reax

Good roundup at Pajamas; the MinuteMan; AJ… (hey, that was 8 words – maybe I could start subbing for Atrios! “Ooopen thread”…no, wait…”Opppen Threde”…dang, I guess it’s harder than it seems)…

The Bush Economy, Redux

Fed-watchers think the end of rate hikes is near, and on top of the higher GDP revision, the Dow had a giant day: Blue chips scored their biggest gains in three years Thursday, with the Dow industrials soaring 217 points as investors bet the end of Fed rate hikes may be approaching. The rally came [...]

Bush Will Seek Congressional Approval For Tribunal Trials

President Bush appears to be taking an ‘out’ provided by the Supreme Court regarding war crimes trials of Gitmo detainees: After a Supreme Court decision overruling war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, President Bush suggested Thursday he would seek Congress’ approval to proceed with trying terrorism suspects before military tribunals. “To the extent that [...]

Morris: Lieberman Will Lose, If He Runs In The Primary

Dick Morris is a huge Joe Lieberman fan, as am I; and he wants to see him remain in the Senate, as do I. That gives the context for his advice: don’t give Lamont the chance. Keeping Joseph Lieberman in the United States Senate is clearly in the national interest. One of the most ethical, [...]

The Bush Economy

Well, I don’t care what the critics say, 5.6% growth in a mature economy like ours is outstanding: The economy sprang out of a year-end rut and zipped ahead in the opening quarter of this year at a 5.6 percent pace, the fastest in 2 1/2 years and even stronger than previously thought. The new [...]

Noonan On The Times

Dig the jab at Frank Rich (and Peter, note that she doesn’t let the Journal off the hook): The Times rarely seems driven by an agenda to get the news first, fast and clear; to get the story and let the chips fall. It often seems driven by a search for information that might support [...]

Kerry: Out By ’07; Insurgents: Eh, ’08 Will Do

Sorry, I couldn’t resist: Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered an immediate halt to all attacks — including those on American troops — if the United States agrees to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq in two years, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.  Even the insurgents think the Kerry plan is [...]

Spent The Evening…

…watching a three-year-old movie that I’ve never seen, and I have only one thing to say: if there has been a more cringe-inducing moment in the last decade than the scene where the inhabitants of Zion start dancing in The Matrix Reloaded, I don’t want to see it. Sheer, unbearable torture…I nearly went insane begging [...]

About This New York Times Thing

Now, I speak only for me, and I know I have people who’ll disagree with me on the right and the left on this, but I don’t think the Times was ‘treasonous’, or that they want us to lose the War on Terror. I’m not a fan of ‘bad faith’ interpretations. I do think, however, [...]

Diametrically Opposed Justifications

Many people, including our good friend Peter, have suggested there is nothing negative about the New York Times publicizing our efforts to combat terrorism through monitoring of financial records (the SWIFT story).  Indeed, the Times‘ editorial board weighed in this very day: Our news colleagues work under the assumption that they should let the people [...]

Drilling Down On Kosola

Mickey Kaus does the heavily lifting and puts forth four levels of possible scandal re: Kos and his co-author Jerome Armstrong, who of course entered into a consent decree with the SEC regarding stock manipulation.  Kaus seems to think the smart money is on level 3: Less-Hypothetical Level 3 Kosola: Kos’ support isn’t contingent on [...]

Tuesdays With Mortie

Our good friend The Real Ugly American has scored another one of his patented interview coups; this time he catches up with Mort Kondracke, and, per usual, it’s extremely thorough and insightful, so check it out…

SCOTUS Overturns Part Of Texas Congressional Map

If you’re familiar at all with Texas politics, you know that the redistricting battle that began in 2002 is probably the biggest story in the last decade or so. I don’t have a link yet, but MSNBC is reporting that the Supreme Court has overturned part of the 2002 map. More later… UPDATE 9:31 a.m.: [...]