The Most Ignorant Thing Written Yet…

…on Israel’s war with Hezbollah comes from Billmon, who beats out a half-dozen prior pieces of his own written from deep inside his anti-Israel cocoon since the outbreak of hostilities:

I don’t even know if Olmert still has hopes of carving out a notional two-kilometer-wide DMZ along the border. I mean, it’s easy enough to say such a buffer zone exists, but if the Israelis really want one they’re going to have to fight Hizbullah for every inch of it. And as I said, it’s pretty clear the Israelis don’t have much of an appetite for that kind of fighting.

At this point, and until they show me otherwise, I have to assume the Israelis now would be very happy just to get back to the status quo ante.

No, Billmon, the Israelis have no appetite for tough fighting. That’s why they’ve responded to the kidnapping of three soldiers with a show of force that has surprised the world, and that’s why they’re rejecting every attempt to impose a ceasefire that doesn’t involve the disarming of Hezbollah: because they’re weak.

Only a true fool like this dolt (who is worshipped by the ‘progressive’ left) could look at a military operation and say that, because in less than three weeks Hezbollah can still fire off some completely ineffective rocket barrages that have no military impact whatsoever, and because they managed to kill a couple of dozen Israeli soldiers, that the action has been a ‘debacle’ for Israel. Last time I checked, Olmert was still in Israel, and Nasrallah was hiding behind his puppetmasters in Damascus. I guess the fact that he hasn’t been scared all the way to Tehran means that’s a defeat for Israel, too.

Let’s let the idiot…savant have the final say:

What is clear is that the failure of Israel’s blitzkrieg (and at the moment, it looks like a catastrophic failure, at least politically) will have enormous repercussions in the Middle East, just as the downfall of Louis Napoleon had in late 19th century Europe. By betting the ranch on a quick, decisive victory, the Anglo-Israeli alliance has committed both a crime and a mistake. The architects may escape punishment for the former, but I think the latter is going to come back to haunt them, and probably very soon.

Good God, but that’s ridiculous…

UPDATE 9:02 p.m.: The weak Israelis with no stomach for heavy fighting in action:

Infantrymen from the Golani and Paratroopers Brigades killed at least 50 Hizbullah gunmen and wounded hundreds more during fierce gunbattles in Bint Jbail over the weekend. Most of the wounded were from Hizbullah’s special forces and had come to reinforce the regular Hizbullah guerrillas in the village. Soldiers confiscated dozens of handguns and rifles, as well as ammunition, grenades, mines, and five anti-tank missiles there.

As Battalion 890 of the Paratroopers Brigade began to pull out of Bint Jbail, Military Intelligence personnel using an unmanned aerial vehicle spotted a group of Hizbullah terrorists on motorcycles on their way to set up an ambush for the withdrawing troops.

IDF troops deployed accordingly and engaged the enemy force, killing 26 guerrillas. Seven soldiers were wounded, including one seriously.

Since Operation Change of Direction started on July 12, more than 200 Hizbullah guerrillas have been killed, a high-ranking officer said Saturday.

Billmon, you’ve nailed it again, you genius, you…

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  • Effendi, as of now, I’ve only deleted your post – I won’t ban you if you’ll play by the rules – I’m not looking for only people that agree, but I won’t accept threats of violence and profanity. Your choice….

  • dotty

    Hezbollah is an armed militia that refuses to honor democratic Lebanon’s regime in southern Lebanon.
    It is a cruel terrorist group that draws innocent civilians on both sides into a war.
    they hide among civilians and hide missiles in their children bedrooms. they really dont care for their children life, as for them: “they fight for killing and live to die”.
    It should be disarmed and control over the border must be passed to the hands of the Lebanese Army with un observation.
    over the last weeks they have bombarded the south of israel with about 5000 missiles, resulting with dead civilians, wounded and a lot of damages.
    what would you say if it was dealing with your country and your city????

  • No Problem Mark, I can play the game as it needs to be played.

    I was curious as to your previous post stating that you, “My long-standing policy is to only ban people who have been repeatedly warned for (a) personal attacks on another reader of this blog, or (b) excessive profanity.”.

    You had NOT warned me as it was my first post, AND there was no personal attack. I did use a couple of words that some might find offensive, but so is the actions of the racist apartheid state of israel.

    I will state my piece as if I were speaking to a group of respectful ladies including our mothers, but the message will be clear.

    In regards to the Holo..whatever. There has been no claim from myself OR from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that it did Not occur. There is obvious recorded history of atrocities carried out against the jews as well as the Poles and many other races. The reason that so many students of history (including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) use the word “Holohaux” is because history HAS been significantly revised since that time period in order for certain aspects of the jews (not all) to play the poor innocent victim card and continue to hold the rest of the world hostage for land, time and money.

    It is a Major “Haux” played out by the zionists on other jews AND the rest of the world.

    As far as my “threats” go, I was reviewing history both past and to come. The jews have been removed from 106 civilisations in recent history for pushing their vitriolic supremacy and baiting other races to do something about it. These actions we have witnessed by the children of Satan against Lebanese children will not go unanswered in the world.

    and no I am not some angry Arab, I am a US Special Forces Soldier out of Seattle Washington. Is that mainstream enough for you?

    You Can’t Ban me Mark, it may be your site, but I WILL be heard if I so choose.

    What you can do is request my respect which you have and I have given.


  • Stewie

    I have never heard such nonsense. Despite your apparent ‘glee’ that Israeli forces are no match for hizbollah…the facts prove otherwise. In fact considering Hisbollah have had 6 years and nearly US$1bn. to prepare, the ‘stronghold’ of Bint Jbeil…has fallen to the IDF…but hey you probably have ‘sources’ (that we could onlty dream of) saying otherwise…

  • One thing at a time my friend Stewie.

    Let’s look at the fact that the Holocaust is NOT what the last 25 years have revised it to be.

    Besides not mentioned in books, one can’t see it in movies made before 1978.

    The Holocaust (upper case proper noun) was created in 1978. As we all know by looking in any dictionary, encyclopedia, or history book printed before this time — simply put it does not exist before 1978.

    (if you have an old dictionary or encyclopedia around the house, look for yourself)

    Even Dustin Hoffman in the 1976 movie Marathon Man never uses the term the Holocaust.

    Plot Summary for

    Marathon Man (1976)

    In New York City, the brother of an infamous Nazi war criminal is killed in a head on collision car accident. Shortly thereafter, members of a covert US government group called “The Division” begin to be murdered one by one. When the brother to one Division member sees his brother knifed to death, it is revealed that former SS dentist Szell, “the White Angel” of Auschwitz, is wrapping up loose ends to smuggle priceless diamonds from the United States.

    A 1976 Hollywood movie, made by Jews, about an SS dentist from Auschwitz and the Holocaust is never mentioned?


    “Holocaust” (1978) (mini-series)

    Germans never even heard of the Holocaust until the 1980′s.

    The term ‘Holocaust’ didn’t exist in the German language until the ’80s. Due to the great success of the mini series it became common knowledge.

    henceforth my use of the term “Holohaux”

  • Tim

    Zionists are using a software called Megaphone to spam sites like this one with pro-zionist propaganda. Download the software and use it to post your own opinion against zionism.

  • Um, I’m getting spammed by anti-Semitic holocaust deniers, but not ‘Zionists’…

  • g_dschosenpeople

    I´m not sure if I completely understood what you´re saying.
    what do you mean by “the germans never even heard of the holocaust until the ´80s”.
    I grew up there and can exactelly tell you the truth.
    germans were educated about the facts of the holocaust since the early 50s. the education plan was worked out together with the jewish society to make sure that the germans would not try to make anything look better than it really was. so they knew everything and certainly some germans even knew during the holocaust what was going on. the film “holocaust” was shown in germany in the late 70s I believe. until then , we didn´t here of the term “holocaust” , which means “flame victim ” in iwrit. It was not known to call the genocide in that way. but what difference does it make? call it massmurder on the jews, genocide or holocaust. it doesn´t matter. the fact is jews were killed in 10 years and the whole world was watching, even the americans. they knew from the beginning and did not offer asylant to the jews. only if they were rich and important. they waited to attack germany until the “job” was already done. then they let a lot of nazy murderer flee to america or get away with ridiculous punishments. a lot of jews was given a hard time in america . they were continously observed by the cia and fbi.
    so I did not understand , if you´re denying the holocaust (which is totally stupid, so where are the missing 6 mio. jews, they all committed suicide or what?) or just saying that the term “holocaust” was not known before ( which is the truth).
    but what does this have to do with the israeli aggression in the middle east? nothing at all.

  • well g_dschosenpeople,

    If you are a German as you say and you grew up there, it would be foolish of me to argue with you as I did not. You most certainly know what you know better than I do. it is the result of my research that there were never 6 million jews missing. It is a arbitrary number that has been swollen and decreased with the political tone of the day. But being that you call yourself g_dschosenpeople I can only assume you are a jew or at least place your salvation on that belief. The modern day “israeli’s have no connection to the biblical story of the children of israel. The modern day zionists have stolen the name of the jews and have hijacked the world at the expense of true believers. Modern day israel is the root of much evil in the world today, from the highest drug trade to the hundreds of thousands of young women traded into sexual slavery through the current racist apartheid state every year. Modern day Christians are fooled by the devil as the bible said they would be. They latch onto the believe as you do) the the modern jew is as you put it “g_dschosenpeople” and they receive a free pass to murder, rape and destroy with impunity around the globe. You are Not a christian as Christians put the “o” in God and only jews deny him for who he was. I know and associate with plenty of jews so I’ve seen all the tricks. I do appreciate your civility in your response though, despite our fundamental disagreement, we all have our relationship to god, even if it’s denying who he really was. It is a surprise to me how many idiot Christians support the evil perpetrated by the modern zionist, they arm the evil doers and pay to see children murdered every night on the news, but ask a Christian if there will be any jews in heaven. The earth is the dominion of the devil and his handiwork’s are currently displayed in Lebanon. What does the Holocaust have to do with the modern genocide committed by the zionists you ask? Well everything. Without the money machine that Holocaust revisionism is, the modern day failed state of israel would not exist. America has pumped 100 BILLION dollars into a failed economy and has fed Satan in his evil racist apartheid war machine of modern israel. The father of our great country George Washington said it best himself when he said:

    “”They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”
    George Washington

  • Let me just remind everyone once again that this is my site, and I completely disassociate myself from the virulent anti-Semitism on display in many of these comments. I am a strong supporter of Israel…

  • g_dschosenpeople

    hallo mark,
    even though I´m strongly against what israel is doing at the moment and you are the complete opposite –strong supporter, I hold you in high esteem and respect. you did not kick anti-israeli people out of your site , even if they made extrem, sometimes even anti semitic comments. this proofs two things; you´re intelligent, because you know exactely that those people disqualify themselves and others will even more support israel. it shows further that you understood the principles of democracy and freedom of speech. the next step tóward a serious political site would be to reduce the extrem hatred propaganda against arabs. thanks.

  • Well, I do allow opposing viewpoints, as long as certain rules of decorum are followed. I’m not anti-Arab, however; I’m a strong supporter of democratic elements of the Arab world, as well; I recognize that the Palestinians have real grievances, and I also recognize that the Lebanese government has been put in a very tight spot by the current crisis…

  • ET

    Wow, Mark, I wonder how you feel about calling Billmon’s post the “most ignorant thing ever written,” given that large portions of the Israeli electorate is now calling for the resignation of Olmert and much of the Israeli general staff and even the “cheerleaders” on the U.S. right wing are admitting that pursuing not particularly discriminating strategic bombing against emplaced Hizbollah guerillas and the civilian infrastructure of the entire people of Lebanon–including, for good measure, Hizbollah’s political opponents–was maybe not the brightest idea ever.

    Your post qualifies for some sort of award–I think it would be a signature representative of an era in which war was advocated so fervently by so many with so little coherent knowledge about how to actually fight it.

    The following may sound snarky, but I mean it in the most serious way because bloody ignorant people like you who advocate war without knowing either a damned thing about either either its hardships or the strategic difficulties involved in winning one have messed up the Western world’s foreign policy enough for the past 6 years: please just shut the hell up until you’ve taken a year or two and read some damned books about military strategy and the region you think should be invaded or bombed next before advocating your next brilliant war, OK?

  • Oh, thank you for your oh-so-serious concern. You’ve really convinced me with you ad hominem attacks…

  • arden

    “It is the worst kind of moral cowardice to be for war if you yourself are not going to participate in the fighting.” — Charley Reese

    Jews who immigrated to Palestine from Eastern Europe originated modern terrorism.

    ‘Terrorist’ in the modern sense dates to 1947, especially in reference to Jewish tactics against the British in Palestine

    Look it up:

  • Charley Reese is a fool…

  • arden

    1. What you think you know confuses you.

    2. Debate leads to truth and understanding.

    Don’t hide.

    Display some courage.

  • arden

    Still blocking my posts?

    “Charley Reese is a fool…”

    Description of Ad Hominem

    An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting).

    Charley Reese is an old conservative.
    A champion of conserving (restoring) a constitutional republic in the united states.

    His and your loyalties are different.

    How does that make Reese a fool?

    About moral cowardice.

    Will you yourself be doing some Arab killing for Eretz Israel in the future or is keeping score and cheering for your side where you draw the line?

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