What’s More Disgusting…

…the obscene behavior of Mark Foley, or the attempted smear by lefty bloggers such as Glenn Greenwald who are trying to link the GOP with the charge of indifference to child abuse? It’s a trick question, of course; it’s a tie…both are beyond the pale…or you know what, scratch that…the smear is worse, because it’s motivated [...]

Playing The Hindsight Game

From the Woodward book: On June 18, 2003, Jay Garner went to see Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to report on his brief tenure in Iraq as head of the postwar planning office. Throughout the invasion and the early days of the war, Garner, a retired Army lieutenant general, had struggled just to get his [...]

The Road To Respectability Goes Through College Station

Today, Texas Tech will go a long way towards clarifying what Red Raider fans can expect from this season, as they face 4-0 (but with a creampuff schedule thus far) Texas A & M at the legendary Home of the 12th Man, Kyle Field.  ABC is carrying the game nationally, so the game takes on [...]

McCain On The NIE Leak

From an interview with Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics: …I think the timing has got to be political. It was issued in April, and now here we are in October, September-October, so what do you think? So I think it’s clearly political. Also, only parts of it were leaked. And I don’t know what the whole [...]

Changing The Tone In Virginia

James Webb’s campaign has responded to the Allen camp’s recent ad criticizing his retrograde stance on women in the military by asking for a return to the issues.  That’s music to my ears, both because the contest has been very nasty of late and because I think on the issues, the Republican incumbent is in better shape.  [...]

Weldon Gets The Treatment

You may recall a considerable fuss, here and elsewhere, about the data-mining program known as Able Danger and Rep. Curt Weldon’s assertions that it ID’d Mohammed Atta well before 9/11.  The allegations were and are explosive, but numerous officials have either ignored them or pronounced them not credible.  The debate eventually descended to a level [...]

Lieberman In Pajamas

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media landed an interview with Joe Lieberman, so I get a chance to plug my affiliation with Pajamas and highlight one of my favorite Senators. You can read the transcript, download the video, or get the podcast here.  Two highlights: LIEBERMAN: …The fastest growing political party in America is no party, [...]

It’s Woodward Time Again

Bob Woodward’s m.o. is well-known by now, and is built on access; therefore, it stands to reason that those who give him the most access are the most likely to have their view of things communicated in his numerous best-sellers.  The fun for me, then, when a new Woodward book comes out is to see [...]

When Good News Is Bad News

David Ignatius is reporting that Iran is having problems enriching uranium in its ‘peaceful’ nuclear program: Intelligence analysts believe that Iran is encountering technical difficulties in mastering the complex process of uranium enrichment. That means the West may have a bit more time than previously expected to pursue a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear [...]

Oliver Stone: No Reason To Hold Back Now

With “World Trade Center” having essentially finished its satisfactory, if not spectacular, domestic run, Oliver Stone obvious feels no need to continue wearing his muzzle: Filmmaker Oliver Stone blasted President Bush Thursday, saying he has ”set America back 10 years.” Stone added that he is ”ashamed for my country” over the war in Iraq and [...]

Detainee Bill A Done Deal

Again, we see the Rovian strategy of hitting the Dems hard on security paying dividends: Twelve Democrats sided with 53 Republicans in voting for the bill. It’s a landmark moment for an embattled president whose party is supposed to be on the very edge of losing power.  I’ve stayed away from this issue for the [...]

Busy All Day With Meetings…

…so blogging has been light, but check out Mickey Kaus, as he fact-checks the NY Times on an explosive, but false, allegation, and finds it in his heart to praise Eric (shudder!) Alterman for being momentarily cogent…

Zogby: Bush 42%, Generic Ballot Dem +9%

Remember, as I never tired of reminding you, that Zogby historically is seen as ‘slanted’ towards giving Democrats better numbers than turn out to be the case…so yeah, good news, I would say…

Nobody Does It Better…

…Makes me feel sad for the rest… …Nobody does it quite the way you do… …Oh, Iowahawk, you’re the best…

Lieberman Has Wide Lead Over Lamont…

…in the latest Quinnipiac Poll (though I’ve seen two other recent polls showing Lieberman with only a two-point lead – for example the WSJ/Zogby poll out today shows Lieberman with only a 1.8% lead): Senator Joe Lieberman leads by 10 points, 49% – 39%, over the Democrat Ned Lamont in a poll released this morning [...]

Winning Hearts And Minds

We got a lot – A LOT – of things wrong in Vietnam, but one thing we didn’t was the idea that we had to try to win the hearts and minds of the people we’re trying to help.  Unfortunately, in the case of Iraq, we’re not winning that part of the war at the [...]

In The End, It Wasn’t Even Close

A big win for Bush: The House approved an administration-backed system of questioning and prosecuting terrorism suspects yesterday, setting clearer limits on CIA interrogation techniques but denying access to courts for detainees seeking to challenge their imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere. The 253 to 168 vote was a victory for President Bush and [...]

Allen Keeps His Five-Point Lead

In a widely watched and increasingly ugly race, Virginia Senator George Allen remains pretty steady in the latest results from Survey USA, and supporters of challenger James Webb who have been playing the race card are starting to get hit by the inevitable boomerang, as Webb declined to directly answer whether the N-word ever played a [...]

The Smart Money Stays On The Sidelines

When the market is unpredictable, smart investors (in other words, people who aren’t me) take their money ‘out of play’ and park for a bit in cash. Election 2006 has become such a market, and political analysts who were certain of a Democratic takeover a few weeks ago are now hedging their bets, but a few brave [...]

Do You Care About Iraq’s Fate More Than Your Party?

That’s the implicit message in this David Ignatius piece.  Ignatius is blistering on the subject of Iraq and the NIE, so it may sound odd for a Bush supporter to recommend the article, but he correctly focuses on the bigger picture: Here’s a reality check for the Democrats: There is not a single government in [...]

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