Flags Of Our Fathers – The Decision ’08 Review

Because nothing says Halloween like watching a movie about Iwo Jima, I went to see the new Clint Eastwood film tonight…my verdict? 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It’s a perfectly fine movie: the war scenes are handled with great technical skill, and despite some reviewers’ attempts to use this as some sort of ominous [...]

More On JFK II

The Hotline On Call has a series of questions: By making himself an issue, did Sen. John Kerry do the GOP a favor by giving them an issue to motivate their base? (Independents may not care, but the base hates Kerry… hates him.) If Kerry is happy to let America know that he’s not going [...]

My Plea To John Kerry: Please, Please Run (In 2008, 2012, 2016)…

…because a campaign without John Kerry means a campaign where we don’t get wonderfully revealing quotes that show what a pompous, arrogant, class-conscious jackass he is: Mr. Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate who is believed to be considering another run for the White House in 2008, set the stage for bitter back-and-forth as he [...]

What Liberal Media?: Part 948

ABC’s political director Mark Halperin: HH [Hugh Hewitt]: …the old media is overwhelmingly liberal, correct, Mark Halperin? MH [Mark Halperin]: Correct, as we say in the book. HH: And so everyone that you work with, or 95% of people you work with, are old liberals. MH: I don’t know if it’s 95%, and unfortunately, they’re [...]

One Step Forward In Korea, One Giant Step Back In Iraq

Good news here, I suppose, under the theory that it beats sitting back and doing nothing (i.e., the status quo – and never mind the UN sanctions, they’re a joke, since China and South Korea don’t intend to enforce them): North Korea agreed on Tuesday to return to six-party talks on dismantling its atomic weapons [...]

Some Good News From Tennessee

Though the latest CNN poll shows Allen down by 4 and Menendez up by 7, it also shows Corker up by 8 (all among likely voters)….

I Hate To Be The Bearing Of Bad Tidings Again…

…but there’s not much good news out there for Republicans at the moment.  Charlie Cook, whom I’ve lauded before as a very good analyst (though a tad behind Michael Barone, in my book), continues to see signs of a wave election with a week to go: With the election just eight days away, there are [...]

More Uh-Oh…

I may as well say it: though my prediction of Dems +4 stands, for now, if we lose Virginia, we likely lose the Senate…and a new Rasmussen poll has Webb +5. RealClearPolitics puts it this way: Rasmussen has just released what is a little bit of a shocker poll showing George Allen dropping seven points [...]


…don’t look now, but the latest trend is towards the Democrats.  Here’s one bit of bad news: The latest AP-AOL News poll showed 56 percent of likely voters said Democrats, while 37 percent said Republicans, a 19 percentage-point advantage less than two weeks before voters choose a new House. The gap was 10 percentage points [...]


Is a Romney-Bush pairing in the works? Gov. Mitt Romney is tapping the seasoned political team of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, leading to speculation that the Mormon from Massachusetts may be courting the Bible Belt blueblood for a possible Romney-Bush ’08 ticket. Earlier this month, Jeb Bush’s former chief of staff and top political adviser, [...]

A Halloween Reminder: Don’t Forget The Dead Vote

The irony of the ‘we wuz robbed’ ruckus over the last two presidential elections is that, in point of fact, Democrats historically are far more likely to cheat than Republicans (small wonder that they oppose such common-sense advances as electronic voting machines and ID requirements).  The latest case in point: An analysis of state-wide records [...]

What Is It With ‘Progressives’ And Blackface?

Isn’t it time to can this ‘rhetorical’ device once and for all?  I just don’t get it… When you put someone in blackface, you’re calling them a sellout, an ‘Uncle Tom’…why? Because they don’t agree with you, and you’re right about everything, so they can’t honestly differ from  your opinion. On second thought, I get [...]

Some Gloom, Some Doom, And Then A Mood Lightener

Fareed Zakaria says the best we can hope for in Iraq is a Korea-like stalemate: BY 1952, the last year of his presidency, Harry Truman recognized that the victory he had hoped for was no longer possible in Korea. U.S. forces were not losing, but they were not winning, either. Instead they were caught up [...]

Matt Stoller Still Can’t Catch A Clue

Looking into a broken mirror: In the Lieberman-Lamont fight, there has been a fair amount of handwringing over why Lamont isn’t blowing Joe out of the water.  Why, if Joe lost to Lamont, isn’t he losing in the general?  Why did Lamont let Joe get away?  Well there are a number of reasons, but among [...]

The Iranian Bomb And Nuclear Terror

Good piece in the NY Times Magazine today.  If you can read the following without increasing discomfort, I’d suggest you’re not paying close enough attention: For nearly 50 years, worries about a nuclear Middle East centered on Israel. Arab leaders resented the fact that Israel was the only atomic power in the region, a resentment [...]

Another Call For Sadr’s, Um, ‘Elimination’

Although I know it won’t sit well with our friend mtl, the anti-Sadr bandwagon is growing.  Here’s Jack Kelly: That this question can still be asked illustrates why things are going south for the United States in Iraq: Why is Moqtada al-Sadr still alive? On Wednesday, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Gen. George Casey, the commander [...]

Upgraded My WordPress Installation…

…from version 2.04 to 2.05. What’s it mean? Hopefully, nothing…but anytime you upgrade your blog software, unanticipated problems can occur…so please, if anyone has any difficulties with comments, user logins, etc., let me know about it, won’t you? As always, thanks for your support and readership…

Sunday Fun – I Have It On Very Good Authority That Bob Wills Is Still The King

From the already legendary show one week ago today in Austin’s Zilker Park, here’s about 70% of the once-in-a-lifetime Bob Wills Is Still the King, as performed by the one and only Rolling Stones. Since I’m out of superlatives, on with the clip:

My Senate Predictions

Okay, enough playing it coy.  At some point, you have to put up or shut up.  Here are the official Decision ’08 predictions for the 2006 ‘vulnerable’ Senate races (note that these are not my preferred outcomes, but the ones that I think will happen – i.e., these are predictions, not endorsements). CT- Lieberman by 7.5% VA [...]

Shock Of The Day: The Times Endorses Lamont (Again)

Gail Collins is nothing if not consistent: she’s consistently wrong, but she’s consistent.  Only the editorial page of the NY Times could write the following: Mr. Lieberman, a three-term Democratic senator now running as an independent, talks about the threat of Islamic terrorism. Mr. Lamont, who beat Mr. Lieberman in the Democratic primary, reminds voters [...]