Romney And Hillary Are #1!

Unfortunately, it’s not a good thing to lead the pack in: More than half of Americans say they wouldn’t consider voting for Sen. Hillary Clinton for president if she becomes the Democratic nominee, according to a new national poll made available to McClatchy Newspapers and NBC News.  The poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research found [...]

This Is A Debate?

I made it exactly eight minutes into the supposed Democratic ‘debate’ on PBS tonight – not even long enough for the candidates to come on stage…but after the second plug for the book “The Covenant With Black America”, I decided that, though I may force myself to watch a political debate, I’ll be damned if [...]

The Need To Call Out The Lunatics Has Never Been Stronger…

…and that’s a bipartisan statement.  In the wake of the second and probably final defeat of the immigration bill, it’s worth reflecting on the shameful tactics used, mostly by opponents of the bill, including ludicrous assertions that Bush was trying to give up sovereignty of this country to Mexico, and the tried and true “I [...]

No Jimmy Carter, He!

In contrast to our increasingly embarrassing ex-President Jimmah, who advocates the strangest strategic position I have ever seen (the idea that it is wrong to choose sides – how novel! – and insipid), Rudy G. knows damn well that there is only one faction in the Palestinian territories that even offers a remote chance for [...]

Are The Republicans Down To A Two-Man Race?

With McCain fading fast, and Romney stuck at around 10% max in almost every national poll, one can be forgiven for wondering if the Republican nomination is down to Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson.  The latest batch of polls, as you can see here from the invaluable RealClearPolitics, has Thompson surging and Giuliani in a [...]

End Of The Road Near For McCain?

LOTS of buzz over this piece by Sarah Baxter from the London Times: THE former presidential front-runner, John McCain, may drop out of the 2008 race by September if his fundraising dries up and his poll ratings continue to drop, according to Republican insiders. The speculation, vigorously denied by McCain’s camp, is sweeping Republican circles [...]

On The Other Hand…

Friday, perhaps because I was in an exuberant mood with the onset of the weekend, I wrote with undisguised joy at the news that North Korea was about to shut down its plutonium-producing reactor. It’s true that I put in the standard caveats that one must include when dealing with a habitual deal breaker like [...]

Weirdness Watch

A heads-up to my much-beloved readers: some time tonight or tomorrow I plan to upgrade this blog from WordPress 2.0.5 to WordPress 2.2.1. I don’t anticipate any problems, but there’s always a chance things will go wrong. So, if you can’t reach the blog, or if you can but it’s obviously having problems, hang tight…and [...]

A Massive Diplomatic Victory – And A Huge Win For All Mankind

North Korea is notorious for reneging on agreements, but if this sticks, it’s one of the biggest triumphs of the Bush Administration: Pyongyang and Washington have agreed on a three-week timeframe for shutting down the North’s plutonium-producing reactor, a top U.S. nuclear envoy said Saturday after returning from a rare visit to the reclusive state. [...]

America – The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Discontented

Ever since Katrina, President Bush has been a bottom-dweller, popularity-wise, and a Newsweek poll out today confirms he is outperforming of late: In the new poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday nights, President Bush’s approval rating has reached a record low. Only 26 percent of Americans, just over one in four, approve of the job the [...]

The Best Damn Idea I’ve Heard In Quite Some Time…

…involves the soon-to-be-unemployed Tony Blair: The Bush administration is laying the groundwork for an announcement of Tony Blair as special Middle East envoy for Palestinian governance and economic issues after he steps down as Britain’s prime minister, following two months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, according to U.S. officials. Blair would report to the so-called Quartet overseeing [...]

Jimmy Carter, FOE (Friend Of Extremists)

Everybody sing – all together now! ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE ISLAMIC EXTREMISM A CHANCE! The most disgraceful of former presidents sinks even lower: The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival [...]

And You Thought I Could Resist This?

Okay, it’s Hitchens, first of all, and the subject is the absurdity of the Scooter Libby affair, in the second place, so the odds that I wouldn’t blog it are Slim and None – and Slim just left town: If Scooter Libby goes to jail, it will be because he made a telephone call to [...]

Rudy And The Twelve Commitments

You may have heard of or read Rudy Giuliani’s newest campaign missive, the 12 Commitments.  Matthew Continetti takes a closer look at the Weekly Standard: Don’t let the gimmicky name fool you. The “12 Commitments to the American People” that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani unveiled in a June 12 speech in Bedford, [...]

A Happy Father’s Day To You All

Posting has been light this weekend, for no particular reason, but I do want to wish the fathers among you a special day…enjoy your Sunday (and go, Tiger!)…

Incredibly Stupid Business Decisions: A Short History

1958: Ford introduces a new model, the Edsel. 1985: Coke tampers with one of the most beloved consumer products of all time and inexplicably introduces New Coke… 2007: According to outgoing host Bob Barker, CBS considers a new host for The Price Is Right: Rosie O’Donnell (!!!???!!!)…

A Palestinian Civil War – And The Wrong Side Is Winning

Well, these are dark days indeed for Israel and its supporters, as Hamas is very close to pulling off a coup: Fighters from the Islamic party Hamas claimed full control of Palestinian Authority security agencies in Gaza late Thursday as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dissolved his unity government and declared a state of emergency. Fighters [...]

We’ll Mark You Down As “Not A Fan”

George Will on Harry Reid’s transparently phony excuse for pulling the immigration bill: Harry Reid, the Senate’s majority leader and resident Uriah Heep, affected ‘umble and syrupy sadness about the Senate’s inability to pass the immigration bill that he pulled from the floor last Thursday evening for a transparently meretricious reason. Saying the Senate’s time [...]

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!

Do you remember? I certainly do – it was twenty years ago today, and it wasn’t the day Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play – rather it was the day Ronald Reagan fired perhaps the most important rhetorical bullet of the Cold War.  Electrifying then, electrifying now – it was a truly great moment [...]

More Signs Of A Thompson Surge – And Of A Troubled McCain Candidacy

McCain 9 points behind Thompson? And with just 12% support? So says a new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll: Republicans antsy for a conservative standard-bearer in the presidential race have begun to rally behind Fred Thompson, propelling the former Tennessee senator to within hailing distance of the lead for the party’s nomination, a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg [...]