Annoying Blogger Habits, Part 73

Now that I have stepped back from my former 6 or 7 posts a day, and am basically blogging once a day, I look back at some of the craziness and am frankly a bit embarrassed. One very annoying thing bloggers do, and I did it myself on numerous occasions, is to breathlessly trumpet some [...]

For The Superstitious Among You…

…who subscribe to the ‘bad news comes in threes’ theory, here’s something to chew on: three quite accomplished people in vastly different fields, dead within 24 hours of each other: Tom Snyder, Bill Walsh, and Ingmar Bergman… I sincerely hope and pray that bad news does not come in fours, in this case, as we [...]

Some Good News For Iraq, From An Unlikely Source

It may not mean much to Americans, but never underestimate the power of soccer to uplift a country.  Iraq is now the proud Asian Football Cup champion for the first time ever: A thumping header by Iraq’s Younis Mahmoud Khalaf in Jakarta, Indonesia, set off blasts of jubilant gunfire Sunday nearly 5,000 miles away in [...]

Romney Says No To YouTube

Frankly, it may be the smartest move he’s made yet: Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Friday that he will not participate in a debate on Sept. 17 co-sponsored by CNN and YouTube, saying the debate did not show the proper respect for the process of selecting a presidential nominee. In an interview with Steve [...]

The Simpsons Movie – A Quick Review

Just went to the midnight showing, stupidly, on a work night, so I’ve got to make this quick and get to bed! Good – not great. It’s funny, but it’s hard to sustain the laughs for the duration. There are moments in the latter parts of the movie, but the first 20 minutes or so [...]

New Poll Suggests Rudy Big Winner From McCain Exit

The latest from Diageo/The Hotline shows Rudy with a mere 1-point lead over Fred Thompson (and only a 3-point lead over the perhaps-too-quickly-written-off John McCain). It’s very interesting, though, to look at what happens when McCain is left out of the Republican side: Republicans Giuliani 20 (-6) F. Thompson 19 (+10) McCain 17 (nc) Romney [...]

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out…

I didn’t get to chance to blog this yesterday, but this is one W. Churchill we can all do without: A professor scorned for remarks about Sept. 11 victims vowed that his firing over allegations of plagiarism, falsification and other misconduct wouldn’t end his 2-year dispute with the University of Colorado. “New game, new game,” [...]

Diplomacy Or Propaganda Tool?

We’ve debated in the comments section of this very blog the issue: is President Bush’s refusal to embrace the Iraq Study Group’s proposal to allow Iran and Syria a voice in the future of Iraq, for example, stubborn unilateralism, or a canny avoidance of giving the fox a season pass to the hen house? Now [...]

So Who Won This Time?

Don’t ask me, I didn’t make it through the first five minutes.  Last night’s debate has divided the blogosphere, with the right (mostly) hating the format and the left (mostly) loving it.  Even my own comments section shows a sharp divide of opinion…and the divide extends to the debate winner.  JPod wonders if Obama is [...]

Less Than One Minute Into The ‘Historic’ YouTube Debate…

…and I’ve already cringed three times.  My God, this is almost as bad as the Tavis Smiley infomercial.  A true embarrassment.  I’m going to try to watch this, but I’m on the verge of throwing up my hands and turning this off… UPDATE 6:05 p.m.: Okay, well, first question was another cringe-inducer.  I’m out…sorry, but [...]

I’m Plum Out Of Ideas At The Moment…

…(or is that plumb out of ideas? Either way looks wrong)…though I do know how the latest Harry Potter ends (the big secret is…well, hell, who cares?). There’s a Democratic debate tomorrow (yawn) that promises to be even more excruciating than normal because it has ‘real people’ asking questions submitted through YouTube (am I the [...]

More Polls

Fox has Hillary up 16, Giuliani up 11; CBS News/NY Times has it Hillary +19, Giuliani +9, along with the no-longer-that-surprising stat that a whopping 63% think it is likely that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. In fact, I’d say that the odds on Hillary being the next president [...]

The Plame Game Has Run Its Course

With the commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence, and now the dismissal of the Plame lawsuit against the Bush administration, surely even the most diehard conspiracy theorist can see that this thing is now officially over: A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by outed spy Valerie Plame and her husband against Vice President Dick [...]

Dirty Harry The Self-Indulgent

One of the signs of either (a) the delusional true believer, or (b) the complete hack is the unwillingness to accept reality as it is. Many have accused our Commander-in-Chief of this flaw, but it certainly applies to his opponents. Witness the reaction from the lefty blogosphere’s leading lights to the latest Republican victory over [...]

Polls, Polls, Polls!

A bunch of new ones… Zogby – Hillary by 12, Thompson by 1(!) over Giuliani… Thompson also holds a one-point edge with Rasmussen… …but Gallup has Rudy by 10 (and Hillary by 9)… Translation: Hillary is still firmly in the driver’s seat, but the Republican nod is still up for grabs (and if you’re wondering, [...]

If An Abortion Rights Lobbyist Job Falls In The Vicinity Of Fred Thompson…

…do any social conservatives hear it? The answer to that age-old philosophical riddle appears to be “not many”: The sound of silence tells an interesting tale when it comes to Fred Thompson. A week after reports emerged suggesting that the former Tennessee senator once lobbied for an abortion rights group, few leaders of the GOP’s [...]

Bush Successful? Believe It…

George W. Bush, a successful president? So says William Kristol, and he’s right, in at least one area: Let’s step back from the unnecessary mistakes and the self-inflicted wounds that have characterized the Bush administration. Let’s look at the broad forest rather than the often unlovely trees. What do we see? First, no second terrorist [...]

Gilmore Drops Out

One less person will be taking up podium space at the next Republican debate: Citing a late start and a front-loaded primary calendar, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore announced Saturday he is dropping his bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Gilmore said in a statement that his short-lived campaign “has been a positive and [...]

What Is A Blog, Anyhow?

The Wall Street Journal pays tribute to blogs on their (more or less) tenth anniversary, and asks some famous folk, from Newt Gingrich (loves ‘em) to Tom Wolfe (hates them, but spends most of his short piece running down Wikipedia – huh?), to weigh in. As for myself, I’d like to turn back the clock [...]

What In The World Are We Going To Do About Iraq?

I ask the question with a considerable amount of foreboding; as you all know, I supported the war, I support the surge, and I think we have to prepare to be in Iraq for a good long while – years, in fact. Nevertheless, the political will is crumbling by the day, and today’s Interim Benchmark [...]