My Attempt To Inspire The McCain-Haters

Okay, guys, many of you can’t stand McCain – you’ve made that perfectly clear.  I don’t need to tell you what a Hillary Clinton administration means – some good, lots of bad, and the return of the Billary soap opera.  Obama seems a lot more palatable – but appearances can deceive.  While Obama talks a good [...]

ABMs Out In Force…

…Anyone But McCains, that is…as the sun rose today over a GOP nomination battle that is all but over, the first reaction of the conservative McCain haters (and they are plentiful) was that of denial, as best exemplified by Hugh Hewitt, who spent the entire day railing against McCain and spinning up far-fetched scenarios involving [...]

I Know Rudy’s Out For Sure…

…because he sent me an e-mail saying so, and endorsing McCain (rumor has it Arnold may do the same tomorrow or soon) - so what if he sent it to 3 million other people, he also sent it to me, dammit!  The Republicans are debating right now, but I’m not watching…if anyone else is, feel free [...]

For The GOP, The Fat Lady Warms Up

The wires are full of stories that Rudy Giuliani has cut a deal to endorse John McCain on Wednesday.  With Huckabee’s continued friendliness to McCain (including the very real possibility that he is staying in to siphon votes from Romney to get a VP bid) and the huge win in Florida tonight, it’s safe to [...]

Florida – Gateway To The Nomination

At least, that’s the hope of McCain and Romney.  Sadly, I think we can say, based on early leaks of exit polling, it’s goodbye to Rudy Giuliani, who I quite firmly believed (still do) would be the best hope for Republicans in a 2008 election that’s shaping up to be brutal.  Alas, the news gets [...]

Bill Clinton For President?

Resounding “No”s from every corner – but most especially from the left.  Just a small sample of the anti-Hillary (and anti-Bill) Clinton fuming that is in the air… TPM’s Josh Marshall: …With the exception of a few days in early January I’ve gone on the assumption for many months that Hillary Clinton will be the [...]

Obama Wins – Big

Too soon to know the margin, but Barack Obama has already been declared the winner in the South Carolina primary.  For Obama, it was a must to win, and by a healthy percentage.  It appears he has accomplished just that…Hillary remains the frontrunner, with huge leads in New York and California, among other large states, [...]

Will Obama Continue To Underperform?

Since the fiasco of the New Hampshire Democratic primary polling, there has been a tendency among many, myself included, to feel that Obama will pull in less votes than the polls suggest in any given primary.  Whether this is the Bradley effect, the young voter thing, or any other explanation cannot be conclusively stated at [...]

Out? You Mean He Was In?

Bye-bye, Dennis Kucinich…a man so hapless that he makes Ron Paul look like a legitimate candidate.  This might be a good place to excerpt my (absolutely true) Kucinich anecdote from his equally hopeless 2004 campaign:  [In July of 2004], I attended the first day of the semi-regular Willie Nelson’s Picnic at Two River Canyon Ampitheater just [...]

Big, Big Trouble For Rudy G.

Personal feelings aside (I think you all know that I’m a big Giuliani fan), Rudy may be the biggest flop of a frontrunner since Howard Dean if things don’t change quickly.  The RCP Florida average has 5 polls up right now, all taken since January 20th, and Rudy doesn’t lead a single one.  In fact, [...]

The End Of An Odd Campaign

Fred Thompson is out – of course, you heard this much earlier, but I couldn’t get to my PC until now.  Thompson never really seemed to have his heart in it, and his entire campaign, in retrospect, feels a bit forced and phony.  I certainly never thought he had a shot, and the most interesting [...]

End Of The Road For Huckabee Nearing?

If so, that would be bad news for John McCain, since Huckabee’s supporters would be more likely to swing Romney’s way: Battling to stay competitive after his weekend loss in South Carolina, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is taking new steps to save money, including no longer scheduling planes and buses for journalists trying to [...]

Not Many People Would Have Put The New York Giants In The Super Bowl…

…but remarkably, they go through Dallas and Green Bay, the two best regular-season NFC teams, on the road, and they earned it, to say the least.  Can they beat New England and complete the most improbable post-season run ever?  I doubt it…but I wouldn’t have given them a chance today, either.  Nice win, and nice [...]

Another One Gone

Bye-bye, Duncan Hunter…is Thompson next?  After a half-hearted “I’m staying in” that sounded more like “I’m getting out”, stay tuned…

AP Calls Nevada For Romney

As expected, really…no news yet on any of the day’s other results, but I’ll update when available… UPDATE 2:29 p.m.: With 11% of the vote in, Clinton is up by 4%.  Based on the entrance poll results, this is enough for me: I’m jumping the gun yet again…in a worldwide exclusive, I’m declaring Hillary Clinton [...]

One The Eve Of A Big, Big Primary Day…

…I found myself temporarily at a loss for words,  It’s not that there aren’t good angles to each race tomorrow, but rather, that the stupidity in the air has become a bit overwhelming at the moment. Consider that we are now seeing the following: 1.  Bill and Hillary Clinton attempting to disenfranchise poor casino workers [...]

Romney The Pundit

Well, one person had the nerve to make a definitive call on South Carolina – and it was Mitt Romney.  More surprisingly, he called it for McCain and just walked away: Just a day after his big win in Michigan, Mitt Romney ceded South Carolina to his rivals. “This is a state I’d expect that [...]

Three Big Numbers

#1.  900 – as in 900 wins. #2.  10 – as in 10th-ranked Texas A&M. #3.  3 (appropriately enough) – as in, three straight victories for Texas Tech over Texas A&M, all three when the Aggies were ranked in the top ten nationally, to give Bobby Knight his 900th career victory. Awesome!…

So What The Fudge Happens Now?

South Carolina is next (for Republicans) and the polls, which show a slight McCain edge, are even more useless than they have been up to this point in this wacky, koo-koo primary season.  Why?  They were all taken during a time frame when McCain was still enjoying the winner’s glow from New Hampshire, and before [...]

Well, Well, Well…

…so I’m wrong again, and Romney won – big.  What’s it mean?  Well, I’ve been away from the TV and internet, so I haven’t seen any breakdowns of demographics, but two things are obvious up front: 1.  Romney had to win – and he did.  I’m not a fan, but credit where credit is due. [...]