Is Obama In Trouble?

Mathematically, no…the case for Obama’s inevitable candidacy is as strong as ever.  Perceptually, however, he is reeling, there is no doubt.  The fact that Obama was forced to hold a press conference once again denouncing the paranoid ravings of his former pastor is a telling indicator of how much the issue has hurt him (largely [...]

With Wright, It’s All Wrong

God knows why (no pun intended) the Reverend Wright chose just now to plaster his mug all over the tube, but for Obama, the timing couldn’t be worse.  Now, I’m not one of those who faults Obama for the things his former pastor said – I’m satisfied with his moves to distance himself from the [...]

A Nightmare Or Much Ado About Nothing?

The press and blogs are full of headlines bemoaning the continuing ‘nightmare’ facing the Democratic Party because they have a competitive race that may not be settled until the convention. Though this has hardly been the rule lately, in the past, it was quite common to not have a definitive nominee at this point in [...]

Pick The Winner The Call Center Way

Handy little graphic in today’s NY Times, if you haven’t seen it, showing what demographic breakdowns lead to Clinton or Obama victories in a decision tree format. My question is, has anyone had the patience to go through this tree for all the counties in Indiana?  A shiny new dime to the first to meet [...]

How To Lose An Election (By An Acknowledged Expert)

The Democrats have pretty much settled on their general election theme: a John McCain presidency would equal George W. Bush’s third term. However, I hope they will reconsider, and take the lead of noted loser George McGovern, who thinks the path to victory lies in ridiculing John McCain’s service to his country: If I’d be [...]

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania, Declares AP…

…but that’s no surprise. How big will the margin be? I predicted 9 points yesterday, but it may end up closer than that. If so, I consider that a victory for Obama, though Hillary will, I suspect, disagree… UPDATE 8:41 p.m.: There was one candidate today who chose not to pander to economic fears in [...]

You May Never See Again…

…so much ink and airtime and computer-screen space taken up by a less meaningful event than tomorrow’s Pennsylvania primary. If I haven’t had much to say, that’s because there isn’t much to say. If Hillary wins by 20, it’s as meaningless as if Obama wins by 10. The Democratic nominee is Barack Obama. That’s all. [...]

Gallup Daily Tracking Shows Some “Bitter” Aftertaste

After going up by double-figures over rival Hillary Clinton nationally in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, Barack Obama saw his lead completely evaporate in a somewhat-delayed reaction to the “bitter” controversy (or perhaps it was a poor debate performance), though he has pulled back slightly today: The peeling away of national Democratic support for Barack [...]

Shocking Headline of the Day

From the Wall Street Journal: Clinton’s Goal: Win Big in Pennsylvania, Sow Doubts Over Obama You don’t say!… On the Springsteen front, it’s been an up and down week.  The week started, of course, with my show in Dallas, then a couple of days later, Bruce endorsed Obama.  Today, sad news: E Street Band keyboard [...]

Who Lost – Obama? Clinton?

Nope, it was apparently ABC. James Fallows, as a (very small) sample: I like and respect Stephanopoulos, and part of what I respect about him is the way he usually conducts his TV interviews. But I also remember dealing with him back in the early Clinton days, he in his role as campaign guy and [...]

It’s A “Bitter” Sweet Symphony, That’s Life

More on the bitter thing (I know there’s a debate on right now, but I’m too busy to watch): it appears that Obama will weather the storm again, and I must continue to attribute his good fortune to real disgust most Americans are feeling towards the Clintons and the way they have run this campaign. [...]

It DOES Have Legs

…and the Hillary campaign is making sure of it. I’m referring, of course, to the second big Obama kerfuffle of Campaign 2008, affectionately known as ‘Bittergate’. Now, it’s almost impossible to know how badly this has hurt him from all the background noise the Hillary backers are making – but it has hurt, of that [...]


Last night, I spent my evening with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Dallas. Now, I know some of my conservative readers are less than enamored with Bruce’s politics – but I’ve long learned to separate political views from having a good time. And a Bruce show is ALWAYS a good time. This [...]

Obama – “Hey, Hayseed! Vote For Me!”

Okay, that headline’s really me just having a bit of fun. But Barack Obama has stirred quite a controversy over remarks that appeared to demean the values of small town Pennsylvanians. Read all about here, here, and here…more than a fleeting bit of trouble? We’ll see if the story has legs next week… UPDATE 10:35 [...]

More On The PPA

That’s the Protectionist Party of America, formerly known as the Democratic Party. From the Washington Post editorial board (titled Drop Dead, Columbia): THE YEAR 2008 may enter history as the time when the Democratic Party lost its way on trade. Already, the party’s presidential candidates have engaged in an unseemly contest to adopt the most [...]

How Craven Are The Democrats In Their Know-Nothing Appeasement of Economic Illiteracy?

So craven that Nancy Pelosi will rewrite the rules in the middle of the game to prevent consideration of a free-trade pact she helped craft in a blatantly obvious attempt to curry favor with protectionist progressives: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said today that Democrats will seek to delay consideration of a trade agreement with [...]

Intermittent Internet Connectivity…

…has been killing my attempts to blog over the last couple of days.  If my connection will stay persistent for more than a few minutes, I’ll put up a real post later…

Hey, We’ve Got A Game!

After two disappointingly one-sided National Semifinals, I’m pleased to see we’ve got a real game on in the National Championship. I must say Kansas is a far better team than I reckoned them to be. Memphis has got to get Rose involved offensively, or they’re going down… UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Holy guacamole, what a finish [...]

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

The universally reviled Mark Penn is out as Clinton’s chief campaign strategist, ironically enough for pushing free trade: Mark Penn, the architect of much of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, has been replaced as the campaign’s chief strategist in the wake of revelations that he lobbied on behalf of a trade treaty with Colombia [...]

If UCLA Loses This Game…

…and it looks like they may, it will because of two things: poor play from Collison at the point guard, and the inability to establish Love in the post… UPDATE 6:50 p.m.: The problems mentioned above are interrelated – Love has to work harder to get open (he’s just not fighting off the double-teams by [...]