Happy Thanksgiving…

…to one and all…

Can You Ignore The Constitution If It’s Inconvenient?

This from Matthew Berger, posting at Marc Ambinder’s place: Pete Williams of NBC raised the question on MSNBC this afternoon: Is Hillary Clinton barred by the Constitution from accepting the post of secretary of state? Article One, Section Six of the U.S. Constitution says: No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he [...]

In A Hurry, For No Good Reason

It’s understandable that the whiff of panic is in the air, and people have lost faith in the current team and are grasping at any lifeline…no, I’m not talking about Texas Tech fans (what a difference a day makes – 24 hours ago, we were #2, with a National Title nearly in our grasp – [...]

The Countdown Is On

The Invasion of Norman is now a scant six and a half hours away, as my #2 Texas Tech Red Raiders try to do the improbable, knocking off #5 Oklahoma at home, where they are 59-2 during this decade.  No one underestimates the enormity of that task, but this team has been doing the improbable [...]

More Appointments

So, New York Fed President Timothy Geithner at Treasury (seems to be well-received), and Richardson at Commerce…hmmph.  Not a good choice there.  I oppose Hillary as SoS not because of her, but because of her boorish husband, but Richardson is not a good ambassador for trade.  Here are some past quotes: “What I believe we [...]

Clinton To Be Named SoS After Thanksgiving…

…or so reports The Politico.  I think it’s a big, big mistake – not because Hillary isn’t capable, or anything like that – but because Bill Clinton is a walking soap opera.  Mark my words, a scandal is coming…count it as the first bad major decision Obama has made post-election…

Big 3 Go Home Empty-Handed…

…and the market tanks again.  Congress postponed the stimulus plan.  Is there any good news out there? Well, yes…Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac promise not to evict you during the holidays.  Don’t you feel better now? Jeez…things get much worse, I may throw out my TV and cancel my Internet…

Betrayed, Part Two!

One of the challenges that will face Barack Obama, sooner rather than later, is that moment when the rest of the world realizes that he will operate, by and large, in the framework of his predecessors.  America will not change its strategic goals overnight, if at all: for example, in an Obama administration, much to [...]


Oh, how delicious, the howls of outrage emanating from Nutroots® land (by the way, I officially get credit for coining Nutroots® at Wikipedia now!) over the decision to let Lieberman keep his committee chair!  Let us get a small sample, for sheer entertainment value. The detestable Jane Hamsher (who coined her own phrase, “Rape Gurney [...]

Hillary’s Biggest Obstacle, Again, Is Her Husband

It’s Bill Clinton’s finances, rather than his rumored-to-be-still-present zipper problem, that is on course to potentially derail HRC as SoS: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is President-elect Barack Obama’s first choice for secretary of State but his aides are becoming exasperated by the Clinton camp’s pokey response to demands for extensive information about former President [...]

Stories I’m Watching

I’ve got nothing good to blog about at the moment, so instead, here are three stories to watch for in the upcoming week: (1) Will GM get a lifeline?   There will be a lame duck session next week to consider a scaled-back stimulus and an automaker bailout.  The smart money says the votes aren’t [...]

Quantum Of Solace: The Decision ’08 Review

Well, well, well…this is a tough review to write.  I am tempted to write a two-word review: don’t bother.  Yet I feel compelled to add a little meat to that and say why not to. Regulars know I am a true movie buff, and as such, I can be quite forgiving…a terrible script can be [...]


In these crazy times, when the whole world looks to government to save us from our poor decisions, when even some conservatives get all squishy and hope for a bailout of, say, General Motors (oh, um – that was me, wasn’t it?), when the leader of France scoffs at those crazy Americans and their love [...]

Whither Detroit?

Okay, Peter asked in the previous thread, and I was going to blog on it anyway, so here’s the hot question du jour: do the Feds bail out the automakers?  More to the point, do they bail out GM (Ford is in better shape, thought it is hemorrhaging cash – Chrysler is 80% owned by [...]

Ahhh…The Warm Afterglow…Stop It Now, Please, It’s Making Me Sick!…

Christopher Hitchens proudly wears the label ‘contrarian’, meaning that he grows quite uncomfortable when the crowd is all leaning towards one side of the ship…and the afterglow of Obama’s victory, though he supported the candidate, is making him a bit quesy: [I]f you think our own press and media are too uncritically adoring, just spend [...]

A Day Of Honor

To all veterans, past and present: words can never convey the gratitude we owe you for your service to our great country, so I’ll make it simple: Thank you.

How Soon Until Buyer’s Remorse Kicks In?

Will the ultra-liberal progressive blogs be able to stay in love with Barack Obama when he embraces their archenemy?  I’m talking about Joe Lieberman, of course – and it’s becoming more and more apparent that Obama is prepared to fight to keep him a Democrat: President-elect Barack Obama has informed party officials that he wants [...]

Hopeful Signs

I’m not blind to the obvious: President-Elect Obama has been named the most liberal senator two years running of 2007, and already, ‘progressive’ bloggers, magazines, columnists, and lobbyists are clamoring for a hard turn left.  There are encouraging signs, however, that Obama is not going to make the mistake of alienating further the almost half [...]

Red Raiders Take Center Stage Again

Well, LSU and #1 Alabama are headed for overtime…#3 Penn State has lost to Iowa…and #2 Texas Tech tries to keep the dream alive for Red Raider Nation against #9 Oklahoma State in about 45 minutes.  Man…I LOVE college football.  Wreck ‘em, Tech!… UPDATE 6:21 p.m.: Alabama takes one from the Tech playbook…they’re looking good [...]

Obama Apologizes For Oddly Out-Of-Place Shot At Nancy Reagan

It didn’t take long for the first gaffe, but I’m still scratching my head over this one.  Barack Obama, in an otherwise pretty solid debut news conference, took an oddly tone-deaf swipe at Nancy Reagan that was both inaccurate and inappropriate, and has issued his first apology as President-Elect: President-elect Barack Obama called Nancy Reagan [...]