Brooks: Stimulus Should Be Timely, Targeted, and Temporary

As Barack Obama promises to ‘look at’ the protectionist pieces of the stimulus package amid predictable outrage among our trading partners (but does he support it or oppose it?  After all, he campaigned on amending NAFTA), David Brooks takes a critical look at the proposals on the table and finds them severely lacking: In a [...]

From Bad To Worse

The pork-laden House stimulus package is headed to the Senate, where an even worse P-word is being added: protectionism. Earlier this month we noted that the U.S. iron and steel industry was lobbying for a “Buy America” provision in the stimulus package. Now everybody’s getting into the act. On Tuesday the Senate Appropriations Committee added [...]

Post-Partisan? Nope, Ain’t Gonna Happen

One thing is for sure – Barack Obama’s vision of a ‘post-partisan’ Washington just went out the window: The House passed an $819 billion tax-and-spending bill Wednesday, in a recession-fighting effort that would extend the reach of the federal government across the U.S. economy by reshaping policy on energy, education, health care and social programs. [...]

Did Nancy Pelosi REALLY Think We Were That Stupid?

By now, you’ve heard of the infamous attempt by Nancy Pelosi to defend the blatantly irrelevant ‘family planning’ agenda item inserted into the quite pork-laden stimulus bill: Controversy over the contraception provision was sparked over the weekend when George Stephanopoulos asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about it on ABC’s “This Week.” “Hundreds of millions of [...]

Okay, Now We REALLY Have To Impeach This Guy!

Okay, he tried to sell a Senate seat…well, why the heck not?  Innovative fundraising, if you ask me…and sure, he extorted money from a children’s hospital, but hey, those dang kids are always getting sick…why should the taxpayer foot the bill?  Yes, yes, he peddled influence – well, influence-peddling is an occupation with a long, [...]

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (Unfortunately)

As bad as things have been on the economic front, they’re probably about to get worse: Investors this week will face the largest batch of company report cards yet, in what is quickly shaping up to be the worst quarter for corporate profits in a decade. The earnings avalanche will test the market’s mettle. Last [...]

Yo-Yo Ma, Lip (Finger) Syncher!

Okay, I’ve no more illusions left…

Taking No Chances

As my good friend and semi-frequent commenter Jason noted below, the flubbed Oath of Office at yesterday’s Inaugural was just begging for some wacko to try to use it to invalidate some aspect or another of the Obama presidency…so, showing just the sort of caution that has been his hallmark to date, Obama took no [...]

Random Thoughts

Well, you’ve all heard, said, and read about a million words by now, but some random observations: The speech was good, not great…the flubbing of the Oath of Office was no big deal, though you’d think it was…I like Obama’s kids more and more, they should be a lot of fun…get rid of the inaugural [...]

Hail To The Chief, Part Deux

What can I say, on this day, about our new president? Shall I admit again that I thought he should have waited until 2012?  Well, I did think that, and I said so. Was I harshly critical of him in the campaign, finding him less than believable as he jettisoned campaign finance reform, then called [...]

Hail To The Chief

I know it’s not at all fashionable to praise George W. Bush, but as I watched his farewell address to the nation tonight, I saw vintage Bush…the faults (the halting delivery, the mangled words), yes, but also the worldview that endears him to me even as it infuriates so many (including some of you).  For [...]

The Long View

As the Hamas conflict nears the end of its third week, there are signs that a ceasefire (at least a temporary one) may be imminent.  Sooner or later, of course, a ceasefire will come, even if this one doesn’t hold.  What then? No current conflict seems more intractable than the Israeli-Palestinian logjam.  The two sides [...]

One Of Those Days…

Lots of news today, but nothing that excites me to comment much. Hillary Clinton to engage Iran and Syria? Fine, but as we’ve seen from North Korea, nations with bad intentions can play nations with good intentions like a fiddle.  I’m going to be watching this with great skepticism. Citigroup to break up?  Okay by [...]

One-Term Obama?

The Politico features a recent discussion by two writers for the New York Times: White House reporters for The New York Times predict that the market collapse will force President-elect Barack Obama to abandon for now many of his campaign promises. If his stimulus plan “doesn’t work out, he may very well be a one-term [...]

Obama’s Early Days Pleasing…To Republicans

What a delicious irony it would be if Barack Obama, the Democratic answer to eight years of the hated Bush, ended up having a higher approval rating among Republicans than Democrats!  Now, I don’t really believe that’s the case – actually, rank and file Democrats are quite confident that Obama will be a good president [...]

Bono On Sinatra

When you get Sinatra on the brain, it’s hard to shake – I’m about five years into an almost complete immersion in Sinatra’s music (and I’m also catching up on his early films).  Though I sometimes mix it up (you can’t eat pizza every meal), I never stray too far. Another of my favorites, the [...]

Gran Torino: The Decision ’08 Review

Life is full of surprises, most of them bad, a few of them quite wonderful.  For example, few fans of Happy Days would have thought that Richie Cunningham would end up being a really respected director, or that Meathead on All in the Family would make one of funniest cult movies of all time.  Perhaps [...]

A Meaningless Game? Not Quite…

It’s true that tonight’s game might not decide the best team in football (that might be USC or Utah, though a decisive victory by other Florida or Oklahoma might silence the doubters).  But in the power conference argument, tonight’s game will speak volumes.  The SEC has been regarded by most as the best conference in [...]

Thursday Morning Fun – Waiting On The Plumber Edition

Well, I’m about to get a rude surprise, no doubt, when the plumber gets to my house and presents the estimate to fix my bathtub faucet, so let me try to keep my spirits up by engaging in a little YouTube fun…this one is the priceless tongue-in-cheek country parody by the great Rolling Stones, Far [...]

Tough Luck, Lefty Bloggers…

…but a couple of easy targets have announced they WON’T make Senate runs.  From the right, Jeb Bush…and from the (mostly) left, Chris Matthews.  The Senate has been the focus of a lot of attention lately, but zero blogging from these quarters, so let me weigh in on a couple of things for the record.  [...]