2010 News Already?

Yes, I know Obama is speaking in primetime in just a bit, but really, do we expect any actual news from that?  I doubt it…so here’s a first peak at next year, in my own backyard.

I don’t know why Kay Bailey Hutchison has decided to leave a safe Senate seat to take on an incumbent governor from her own party, but it appears she has a substantial early lead:

If the Republican primary were held today, Rick Perry’s tenure as Governor of Texas would be coming to an end, the newest survey from Public Policy Polling finds.

Perry trails Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison 56-31 among likely GOP primary voters.

Hutchison is viewed favorably by 75% of voters likely to vote in the Republican primary, while 60% have a positive opinion of Perry.

…Another problem for Perry is that Hutchison leads with every subgroup of the population PPP tracks by gender, race, and age. There is a slight gender gap with Hutchison leading by 28 among women and 22 with men but it’s still a substantial lead either way.

My own opinion of Perry is that he has been a decent governor.  He’s taking a lot of flack right now for suggesting that he might turn down some stimulus funds, but for the right reason: he doesn’t want ongoing operations to be institutionalized with a one-time funding source that will leave the state holding the bag in perpetuity.

I’ve got nothing against Hutchison, either, so my own personal preference will have to wait until the campaign gets closer and I can see what real differences, if any, seperate the two…

UPDATE 9:09 p.m.:  Well, okay, a few words on the President’s speech.  It was a good speech.  I thought it struck the right tone, for the most part.  I can’t help but note that Obama finally spoke out strongly against protectionism – and that not a single person from either side of the aisle applauded!  Sigh…but overall, a good night for Obama…

3 comments to 2010 News Already?

  • Bob from Ohio

    Does she want to be President? Only reason I can think of. Or maybe she just hates Perry.

  • Aaron

    Maybe she thinks she can be a better governor and help her fellow Texans.

  • Bob from Ohio

    She’s a professional politician, Aaron. That is not how professional politicians actually think.

    Well, maybe 1 of 100.

    She has never shown any indication in her career that she is part of that minority.

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