It’s Bankruptcy, Then

Well, I must say it is with considerable trepidation that I come to this conclusion, but all signs are pointing to an imminent bankruptcy for General Motors and Chrysler.  Bloomberg is reporting that President Obama is leaning towards the option: President Barack Obama believes a quick, negotiated bankruptcy is the most likely way for General [...]

On Obama and the Auto Companies

I’m a bit surprised that Obama came out so harshly today against GM and Chrysler – make no mistake, the auto task force must have found things grim indeed for a Democratic president considered union-friendly to have reacted this strongly. Chrysler, in particular, was given an ultimatum – join with Fiat or – or nothing.  [...]

What Happened To Louisville?

Shockingly poor performance from the #1 seed overall in this year’s NCAA tourney. Rick Pitino is a great, great coach, but whenever a team that is evenly matched or even favored is blown right out of the water, I have to blame the coaching staff. For whatever reason, Louisville was just not prepared, and got [...]

Another Nail In The “Card Check” Coffin

A few days ago, we learned that Arlen Specter, on whose support unions counted to pass the nefarious “Card Check” legislation, had decided against the laughingly titled “Employee Free Choice Act”. Now key Democrats are deserting, as well: Whether you label it the “card check” bill or the Employee Free Choice Act, you can also [...]

The Madness Is Here!

Two OUTSTANDING basketball games today – really heavyweight stuff. Connecticut advanced as a 1 seed past a very, very good Missouri team, and Villanova, who are playing as well as anyone in the country right now, knocked off the #1 seed in the East Regional, Pitt, to advance as a 3 seed. The Villanova-Pitt game [...]

I’m So Hot For Her…

…and she’s so cold! A little weekend fun, from the now-legendary Austin Rolling Stones show in front of 43,000 at Zilker Park…

Another Chance To Praise Obama

My posts have leaned more critical than complimentary lately, so I’m glad of finding an issue where I share President Obama’s stance again.  This time, it’s Afghanistan: President Barack Obama plans to commit to sending 4,200 more troops and hundreds more civilians to Afghanistan in a speech at the White House on Friday morning, and [...]

How to Get Out of the Informed Speculation Hall of Shame

My Hall of Shame (see menu at the top of the screen) had three initial members:  Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins.  I chose these three for voting for the Obama stimulus.  I did this not because of the gesture of bipartisanship (I don’t believe in obstruction for obstruction’s sake, and indeed, I think [...]

The Biggest Winner In The Latest Bailout…

…is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who seems to have saved his job (though Obama insisted it was never in jeopardy): It was bound to happen sooner or later. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – who hasn’t had many winning days in his short tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue – scored a big political victory Monday, as Wall [...]

A Katrina Moment? I Doubt It

I’ve been quite critical of Barack Obama of late, and rightly so…and there is no doubt he has been in a major slump.  When a Democrat loses Frank Rich, you know he’s in a bit of trouble: A CHARMING visit with Jay Leno won’t fix it. A 90 percent tax on bankers’ bonuses won’t fix [...]

Bits and Pieces

I’ve got nothing big – it’s NCAA Tournament time, opening night of the best annual sporting event in the world, so I’ve got no time for a lengthy post, but regarding the 90% tax on AIG bonuses – even tax scoundrel Charlie Rangel was right on this one before he cowardly changed his mind: the [...]

The Only Thing Scarier Than The Current Recession…

…is the actions we are taking to end the current recession.  Although Wall Street approved, the Fed’s announcement that it will buy $1 trillion of long-term Treasury debt and mortgage securities is the latest surreal action taken by a government that seems to feel that $1 trillion is a trifle.  We are, my friends, truly [...]

We Don’t Need More Regulation…

…we need smarter regulation. At some point, this crisis will pass (that’s the optimist in me), and we’ll need to move on to lessons learned (that’s the idealist in me).  The most tempting lesson from the current crisis is that the financial markets need more regulation…but that’s the wrong lesson. The financial markets need DIFFERENT [...]

RIP, Ron Silver

I recently blogged about Roger L. Simon’s memoir, a tale of a former liberal activist in the movie business turned 9/11 Republican, so it is only fitting that I now link to Simon’s remembrance of another Hollywood liberal who became a  George W. Bush supporter in the wake of that dreadful day, actor Ron Silver, [...]

That Was Then…

…this is now.  The fundamentals of the economy are strong, said John McCain on the campaign trail, and Barack Obama responded, “Senator McCain, what economy are you talking about?”  Will he now ridicule his own economic adviser? One of President Obama’s economic advisers said Sunday that the economy is fundamentally sound, a striking reversal from [...]

A Question

Without further ado: If Citi and Bank of America are now profitable, can we quit with the zillion-dollar financial bailouts now?  I’m just asking, is all… In any event, some overdue good news has the markets up and people starting to get a bit hopeful.  God knows I’m one of them.  Let’s hope it lasts…but [...]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do…

Am I REALLY supposed to give Barack Obama any credit for admonishing Congress on earmarks and signing their porker of a spending bill anyway?  Give me a break: President Obama acknowledged today that he signed an “imperfect omnibus bill” but told Congress to clean up its act when it comes to pork-barrel projects that are [...]

…And Now For Something Completely Different…

There have been a few suggestions from some of my left-leaning readers that I’ve gone off the deep-end and have taken to regurgitating Republican talking points (if only it were that simple!  Alas, my complaints are both real and heartfelt) because I’ve been pretty harsh on our new president as of late. Isn’t there anything [...]

Don’t Look Now…

…but Democrats, apparently unsatisfied with the distraction of the pork-laden omnibus spending bill, are going to throw another divisive partisan struggle on top of the economic meltdown tomorrow, as if we didn’t have enough going on already. Of course, I’m talking about the notorious ‘card check’ legislation which appears to exist for one reason only: [...]

The Path Of No Return

Ross Douthat (via Mickey Kaus) writes in the Atlantic about Barack Obama’s strategy of bringing European-style ‘social democracy’ to the US.  Essentially, he sees it as the reverse of the old Reagan-style “starve the beast”: in this case, use temporary middle-class tax breaks and the anxiety and fear surrounding the economic crisis to mask over [...]