Why Should You Care About The Chrysler Bankruptcy?

After all, Chrysler is the smallest of the Big 3 and has been run by a private equity fund for some time now. The #1 reason: it’s the test run for the upcoming GM bankruptcy.  We’re about to see if all this talk of ‘surgical’ proceedings is just talk, or if a company as entwined [...]

It Ain’t Me, Babe? Think Again

As the Obama presidency finally gets past the arbitrary ’100 days’ and settles in, I’m increasingly troubled by the disconnect between Obama’s rhetoric and reality, particularly when it comes to transparency and spending.  Transparency we can handle another time, but this AP fact check is worth point to when it comes to spending: “That wasn’t [...]

The Specter Switch

By now you’ve read 10,000 words on this topic, but let me put my two cents in: First, it’s a disaster for Republicans.  I don’t want to hear this RINO stuff – he just gave the 60th vote to the Democrats.  That’s huge. It’s also a huge black eye for the Republican Party that we [...]

Is Osama Dead?

That’s the conclusion of Pakistani intelligence services, anyway…at least, before bursting the bubble and admitting there is no evidence at all: President Asif Ali Zardari said Monday that Pakistani intelligence believes Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is dead but acknowledged they had no evidence. “The Americans tell me they don’t know, and they are much [...]

The Most Alarming Headline You’ll See Today…

…is not related (or at best only very tangentially) to the seemingly endless torture stories that are currently inescapable, but rather this: Taliban Advance: Is Pakistan Nearing Collapse? The move by Taliban-backed militants into the Buner district of northwestern Pakistan, closer than ever to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad, have prompted concerns both within the country [...]

GM Bankruptcy Weeks Away

I’ve argued elsewhere for why I think General Motors shouldn’t be allowed to go into bankruptcy at length; I’m also fully aware that there are many who think a Chapter 11 is just what the doctor ordered. Regardless of the merits of each argument, reality is taking hold, and the plain facts are that GM [...]

One of the Great Things About Digital Music…

…, despite its limited range compared to the richness of vinyl, is the chance it offers to discover and rediscover buried treasures from the past, in many cases reissued in lovingly restored and remastered editions.  By pure chance, some four or five months ago I stumbled across The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album, a stunningly beautiful [...]

You Gotta Hand It To That Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

…he’s one classy individual!  I mean, what a gesture, attacking Israel for aggression “under the pretext of Nazi suffering” on the day that Jewish communities mark the Holocaust.  Kudos to the European delegations for walking out on him – and eternal shame to those heartless bastards who applauded him: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran on [...]

Another Area of Common Ground…

…I share with President Obama is outrage over credit card practices.  I have been personally hit very hard by these abusive techniques in the current downtown.  Perhaps no practice is more galling then the unilateral raising of rates on existing balances, even when there has been no default or late payment trigger.  It’s one thing [...]

Good News For Me…

…and good news for you, too, if you care about the future of broadband, as Time Warner Cable has been forced to scrap its plan to cap broadband usage with a strict multi-tiered system that set the caps way too low.  Austin was one of the four cities where the plan was to be rolled [...]

It’s Tax Day, Tea Party Day…

…and my birthday.  So what do I think about that?  Well, you have to get older, so… Oh, the tea party thing.  Well, I haven’t been involved, but I think it’s great, for the following reasons: (1) Government spending IS waaaaaaay out of control.  The fact that this began under a Republican president doesn’t mean [...]

I Guess I’m Supposed To Be All Indignant…

…about the Department of Homeland Security’s newly issued warning of dangers from right-wing radicals (it’s certainly got most of the popular conservative blogs up in arms – er, so to speak).  Well, I’m not indignant.  As some very right-wing blogs have noted (including Little Green Footballs), there is a very small but quite dangerous group [...]

It Was A SLOW News Weekend…

…and I could find nothing worth a long post, so let me throw out a few quick observations. Happy Easter, indeed, with the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips – well done, Navy SEALs…we really don’t have a clue how great the U.S. military is… Good Masters – Tiger is struggling a bit, but what about [...]

Creeping Socialism – It’s Not A Right-Wing Fantasy

Every time someone on the right side of the aisle brings up the increasing trend towards socialism in this country, a trend that greatly accelerated because of the current economic crisis, the left screams bloody murder, as if this were somehow a great slander…but the results of the most recent Rasmussen poll will put a [...]

Bruce In Austin – The Last Hurrah

Okay, non-Bruce fans, bear with me – I’ll have a political post a little later on this evening. But first, one last clip from Sunday’s Bruce Springsteen show (though the intro screen has the year wrong – trust me, this was April 5, 2009, not 2008). This clip pretty much captures the energy of a [...]

Card Check, Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls…

…it tolls for thee! It is with a happy spirit that I report on the continuing death of the ‘card check’ legislation. Democratic Colorado Senator Michael Bennett gets points for bravely telling party activists the painfully-obvious-to-anyone-but-them truth: Bennet has been one of the few Senate Democrats who have declined to take a stand on the [...]

No Nukes? No Thanks

UPDATE 7:07 p.m.: I normally put my updates at the bottom of my posts, but I just noticed that Anne Applebaum has an article up at Slate with the same title.  The similarity is purely coincidental, but the Applebaum piece is well worth reading, too… ________________________ Bruce Springsteen famously played the “No Nukes” benefit concert [...]


The random lottery ticket gods smiled heavily upon my nephew and me at the Frank Erwin Center tonight. We held general admission wrist bands 225 and 226, and 195 was the randomly drawn starting number – meaning we were in the first 3 dozen to enter the floor, and we got coveted FRONT ROW seats, [...]


Posting will be very light over the next few days, as I entertain my nephew for a weekend that will culminate at the third Bruce Springsteen show of the “Workin’ On A Dream” tour at the Erwin Center here in Austin.  The tour opened last night in San Jose, will play Glendale, AZ on Friday, [...]