Am I ALWAYS A Partisan Hack?

Of course, I’d like to think not…so let me cross my party twice here: First, it’s about time Al Franken was seated. I don’t like him, and I don’t think he’ll add anything but rancor to the Senate (surprise me, Al, surprise me)…but this has gone on long enough. I’m glad Coleman finally conceded, but [...]

Infinity’s a Great Place to Start

Okay, it’s not the weekend, and it’s only been two days and one political post since my last music clip, but today, U2 opened the 360 tour in Barcelona before 90,000 rabid fans (I’ve got my ticket for Dallas in October). What an age we live in – the concert’s been over for about six [...]

What If The Public Option Isn’t Cheaper?

Liberal defenders of the Democratic health plan like to say that the reason the CBO estimate came in high is that the public option was not included…but what if this is predicated on a false sense of lower administrative costs brought on by misleading Medicare stats?  Tom Bevan has more: This statistic about Medicare’s low [...]


Continuing with my semi-regular tradition of posting music clips on the weekends (and no, it’s not Michael Jackson – you can go to approximately 3 zillion other websites for that), I’m posting today on one of the true greats.  Though he either can’t sing anymore or has just quite trying, few would deny that Bob [...]

Okay, He Was A Freak…

…with major personal problems and a probable sexual attraction to young boys.  That’s all bad stuff – but give Michael Jackson his due.  Before the celebrity and the freakiness took over, he put out two heavyweight albums – Off the Wall and Thriller.  The latter will remain the top-selling album of all-time forever, because albums [...]

Let’s Get This Over With

All right, I suppose some comment on Sanford is necessary.  First of all, I find it sad when private problems overwhelm a public figure.  Obviously, Sanford’s national aspirations are dead; more than that, though, he faces public humiliation and a very difficult situation with his family. I share John Dickerson’s appraisal: The personal impact of [...]

Brooks: “Health Care Reform Important, But Not Worth Bankrupting The Country Over”

I don’t agree with everything in this David Brooks article (doing away with the exemption for employer-provided healthcare changes incentives, all right, but it amounts to an ENORMOUS tax increase); still, I present it as a different perspective that reaches the right ultimate conclusion: we can’t afford this. The C.B.O. measured the plans, and the [...]

Health Care Cost Savings The Laffer Curve of the Left

There’s a headline that’s sure to upset both sides of the aisle!  But so says Megan McArdle, noting that while the Laffer Curve had some validity at one point, it was used far past that point to push for things the right wanted, like tax cuts.  Now, a similar dynamic is rising among the left, [...]

Senate To Scale Back Health Plan

After the price tag for the Senate’s version of health care reform came back from the CBO at $1.6 trillion ($600 billion more than predicted), and amid growing signs that the public is increasingly concerned about the Obama administration’s lack of spending discipline, the Senate now appears to be drawing back for another go: Senator [...]


A while back my XBox 360 suffered the dreaded 3 Rings of Death indicating a general hardware failure.  To the credit of Microsoft, they fixed it very quickly at no charge (after some bad publicity, they extended the general hardware failure warranty to 3 years). Actually, they didn’t really fix it – instead, they sent [...]

A Hazard Of Blogging…

…though it’s a feature, not a bug, is that you pontificate on subjects in close to ‘real time’ without the reflection that would accompany a magazine article or a book (that’s not an original insight – Andrew Sullivan, among others, has written about this at length). As a result, you play “I call it as [...]

What’s Behind Obama’s Timid Response to the Iranian Election?

John Dickerson says it’s reluctance to jeopardize diplomacy aimed at solving the nuclear issue, a sentiment Robert Kagan echoes…but Fred Kaplan says enough: Given the near-certainty that Iran’s election was fixed and the documented fact that protesters are being brutalized, there is no way that Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could go to [...]

Who REALLY Won Iran’s Election?

The plain fact is, I don’t know. I strongly doubt Ahmadinejad got 63% of the vote. Voices on the right, yes, but also voices on the left such as Roger Cohen and Juan Cole are expressing grave doubts about the validity of the vote. On the other hand, it is POSSIBLE that Ahmadinejad won, however [...]

One More From The Chairman

Every album Frank Sinatra made with Nelson Riddle is a gem, and they all have their fans who will say this one or that one is the best.  For my money, the greatest Sinatra album is In The Wee Small Hours, 1955′s masterpiece of melancholy.  Named in the Top 100 Albums of All Time by [...]

Interest Rate Fears Continue To Rise

I’ve been riding this horse for a while now, and I’m going to keep on riding it until I see some indication that the Obama administration and Congress are taking it seriously.  Forget a massive new health-care benefit – forget cap-and-trade.  Those are programs for a prosperous economy.  If Washington doesn’t convince the bond markets [...]

So Sorry For ANOTHER Long Break

This time, it was because of a crashed hard drive – I’m happy to say I’ve recovered my PC and I will be back in the saddle again very soon…thanks for sticking with me!…

What’s Another Trillion Between Broke Friends?

What do you suppose a responsible politician would do, in the face of a struggling economy reeling under massive amounts of personal debt and a government deficit running wildly out of control and sparking still nascent but unmistakable fears of the return of crushing inflation? We’ll never know, because we’re not governed by responsible politicians. [...]

Krugman’s Astonishing Admission

Hard to believe this came from Paul Krugman, but look at the opening of his latest column: What would have happened if hanging chads and the Supreme Court hadn’t denied Al Gore the White House in 2000? Many things would clearly have been different over the next eight years. But one thing would probably have [...]

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A Day Of Pride

There are few moments in American history greater than June 6, 1944.  From a distance of 65 years, it is still enough to take your breath away.  The D-Day landings in Normandy, France, were the beginning of the end of the vile Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, but for the thousands who literally gave the [...]