Recession Over? Maybe, But…

The old-school official definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.  Well, happily, we broke that streak yesterday, with announced growth of 3.5% in the last quarter.  But as Brent Budowsky notes, this truly good news is tempered by the jobs picture: With GDP now at 3.5 percent while the jobless [...]

Thank God For Joe Lieberman

I really wish this man would go ahead and cross over to our party – the Dems want him to, as well.  Nevertheless, thank God at least one kind-of Democrat was willing to go on the record against the budgetary impact of creating a new entitlement in the current climate: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said [...]

The Cards Are On The Table Now

With Majority Leader Harry Reid saying the Senate will bring a public option bill to the floor (with states’ opt-out included), we’ll soon know whether the Democrats have the will to ram a bill down the throats of moderates, or whether kowtowing to the base is the death of reform. I honestly don’t know, at [...]


Sunday night, the U2 360 tour, a tour I have blogged extensively on, plays its penultimate 2009 show (more dates to come in 2010, including the already announced fourth leg in Europe and the soon-to-be-announced third leg in North America) in front of a sell-out crowd of 96,000 in the Rose Bowl. The concert will [...]

Little Victories

Again, a long break between posts…I don’t blog about my work life much, but I’ve been involved with a long project that is nearing its end, so blogging has not been foremost on my mind. However, it appears that health care reform still has some regained momentum, so it may be that the best we [...]

In Case You Haven’t Seen It…

…one of my personal heroes, Bono, has an Op-Ed in the NY Times defending the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama.  The reasons he offers are the same  as others have offered (only he makes it more personal, tying the prize to Obama’s promises to assist with Bono’s pet cause of ending extreme poverty): that [...]

Why I Still Oppose Health Reform

The Senate Finance Committee got a bill out of committee that was scored by the CBO as a net reducer of the deficit over ten years.  This took away a powerful argument that opponents like myself were using with considerable success – that, in this particular time of absolutely incredible deficits, we simply can’t afford [...]

Health Care Bill Gains Momentum

Well, there’s no point in denying it just because I’m opposed: we’re moving closer and closer to a new massive entitlement, as stunning as that is to me when the nation is bankrupt: Republican Sen. Susan Collins Wednesday signaled a willingness to work with Democrats on health-care legislation, adding momentum to President Barack Obama’s push [...]

How Good Was It?

Back from the U2 show today, and I must say, it was a spectacular affair.  All the YouTube clips I have devoured really don’t do justice to the enormity of the stage, and let me tell you something, the enormity of the New Cowboys Stadium is something to behold!  Official attendance is still to come, [...]

One Day To Go!

I’ll be inside the New Cowboys Stadium at this time tomorrow, about one hours and fifteen minutes from opening act Muse.  One hour after that, I’ll be seeing something remarkably like the next video, taken from the first U2 gig at Giants Stadium on 09/23/09 (one day later, they set an all time attendance record [...]

The Countdown Begins

48 hours until I arrive in Arlington to see U2 at the palatial New Cowboys Stadium.  I’ve posted a ton of clips from the 360 tour already, but there are still some tasty morsels our there.  One highlight of this tour has been the revival of “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)” from the Achtung Baby album, [...]

The Return Of Weekly Jackass

My nephew had an idea that, once heard, proved inevitable and irresistible.  It’s time to bring back the Weekly Jackass for an encore presentation. If you’ve seen the news today, you no doubt already know who the proud recipient is going to be.  Actually, there are five: the Norwegians who make the selection committee for the [...]

Score One For The Dems…

…quite literally, in this case, since it’s the CBO score of the Senate Finance Committee health reform bill I’m talking about.  It’s the first Democratic reform bill to be scored as lowering the deficit over the initial ten years, and it is projected to continue to lower the deficit in ensuing decades.  This is a [...]

Tehran – Turn On Your Radio

Only six days separate me from the U2 360 tour in the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas (well, Arlington, to be exact).  One nice touch on this tour makes a great companion to the previous post.  U2 has turned the classic Sunday Bloody Sunday into a shout-out to the democracy movement in Iran, as seen [...]

More Worrying News From Iran

When staff at the United Nations, an organization known far more for appeasement than confrontation, are more hawkish than even the Bush Administration was on Iran, you know we are getting very near the point of no return: Senior staff members of the United Nations nuclear agency have concluded in a confidential analysis that Iran [...]

In Praise of: Dark Side of the Moon

Charlie Mars, a singer-songwriter from Tupelo, MS,  is enjoying a decent-sized hit currently with the charming, easy-on-the-ears pop of “Listen to the Darkside”.  Written to a young woman named Abigail who has apparently been hurt by a man unaware of her considerable charms, the song entreats her: If you want to come over, Come over [...]

Her Name Is Rio, and She Dances on the Sand

Jubilation in Brazil today as Rio de Janeiro beat out Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo to win the rights to host the 2016 Olympics,  this despite a somewhat controversial decision by Barack Obama to lobby on behalf of his hometown. In another update that brings closure to a previously blogged story, the Secret Service investigated the [...]

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