Obama Finally Goes Nuclear

Nope, I’m not talking about political tactics…I’m just overdue on congratulating the President on finally embracing the inevitable answer if we are truly going to get serious about carbon emissions reductions: nuclear power.  I am delighted to finally see some real movement on the front.  Here’s the Dallas Morning News editorial board: At last, a [...]

Death By Reconciliation

If you were leading a party that was suffering massive unpopularity, with influential incumbents dropping like flies, polling everywhere suggesting you face a catastrophic reverse in upcoming elections, and dealing with a major financial crisis featuring unemployment that is predicted to hover uncomfortably close to double digits for years to come, you might think that [...]

Cactus Cause Gains More Momentum

An official student organization has been formed at the University of Texas to lobby the administration and the Texas Union board to keep the Cactus Cafe operating under its current professional management(!).  This is the proposal we have been waiting for – and the students have promised to involve the community and the Save the [...]

UT Faculty, Grad Students Rally to Cactus Cause

There are three members of the UT faculty that serve on the board of the Texas Union, the overseeing authority of the beloved Cactus Cafe, and one of them has now joined forces with Save the Cactus Cafe, calling the decision to close the Cafe “rash” and suggesting it was snuck onto the agenda of [...]

Cactus Closing Hits The Mainstream Press

In another sign of the growing outrage over the closing of one of the last great original Austin music destinations, the NY Times becomes the latest national outlet to cover the story, joining Reuters, the UPI, and numerous other outlets with a coast-to-coast (and beyond) audience.  This story is not going away, and to my [...]

Another Save The Cactus Proposal Comes Up Short

This one holds more promise than the offer from the Texas Exes, who would donate space but move the club, but it’s still not satisfactory: The Cactus Cafe might not be closing, but instead head in a “new direction,” according to Student Government President Liam O’Rourke. O’Rourke and members of the Student Events Center board [...]

RIP, John Murtha

Political differences only count for so much – for me, they pale next to service for one’s country.  In that spirit, I pay last respects to an ex-Marine who served his country during the Vietnam War.  Murtha was much derided by the right for his criticism of the Iraq War - a war that turned out [...]

I’m A Fan Of New Orleans…

…the city, I mean, so that made me a Saints fan.  Congrats to that fun, fun city that has suffered so much recently for this wonderful win tonight (I’m writing this with two minutes to, but it’s over).  Way to go, Saints!…

Weekend Briefs

Avatar, now the #1 movie of all time both domestically and internationally by significant (non-inflation-adjusted) margins, has been dethroned – in its eighth weekend, it dropped to #2.  The James Cameron 3-D spectacular has now grossed over $2.1 billion worldwide and $630 million in the U.S. (and it’s not done yet!).  The previous record-holder, Cameron’s [...]

The Cactus Saved? Not Really…

I suppose it would be better than nothing, but the only real plan floated to save the Cactus Cafe (see my post below) thus far is far from perfect: The storied Cactus Cafe could be finding a new home on the University of Texas campus — the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Texas Exes CEO and executive [...]

Save The Cactus Cafe

I care about music. That’s obvious to everyone who visits this blog. I care about music so much I based my decision on where to live on my love of music. Austin, TX, is my home for one reason and one reason only: I came here to see the greatest live music on the planet.  [...]