Another SXSW Has Come and Gone…

…and you can actually drive in dowtown Austin again for the first time in five days.  Seriously, it’s great to have what has now become, I think I can say without contradiction, the premier music festival in all of the world in town.  To give you some idea of the global scope of the festival now, 199 bands came from England alone, followed closely by Canada with 109, and probably a good three quarters of the 1,940 total bands were from out of the country.

SXSW also means the annual Austin Music Awards, and it was a big, big year for Bob Schneider.  I remember seeing Bob play with the Ugly Americans at the long-gone and heavily missed Steamboat on many occasions.  I have sadly neglected his solo years, and intend to make up for it (ex-girlfriend Sandra Bullock may be missing Bob, too, based on the latest tabloid headlines).

Anyway, Bob won Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year for Lovely Creatures, Band of the Year for Lonelyland, Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year for the great “40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliette)”.  I’ve already highlighted my favorite version of the song from the Cactus Cafe (we’re still fighting to save it – more on that in another post soon), so here’s a great solo version from, of all places, the Rachel Ray Show.  Way to go, Bob – you earned the accolades!

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  • Martha Coffey

    Mark, I enjoyed that clip. Smooth!
    I’m glad you don’t have to take detours away from the traffic to get home from work.

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