Memory’s Sweet Afterglow

Here’s a little Sunday fun – in October, 2006, the Rolling Stones played, incredibly, Zilker Park in Austin in front of about 45,000 people.  It boggled the mind to ponder it, and the show was, even more incredibly, better than anyone thought it could be.  It was one of those glorious evenings that, for those who were there, lingers on as one of the reasons you live in Austin in the first place.  I remember just about every second of that long, fantastic day and night.

It was taped professionally and released as a DVD (The Biggest Bang), so there is incredible footage out there.  One great clip is the seldom-played Sway (in all the years since this was released on 1971′s “Sticky Fingers”, I don’t think it’s been played more than half a dozen times live).  It was that kind of night – the Stones played a set list that was completely unique, and this is an indication of that.  Watch for the killer solo by Ronnie at the end – smokin’!…

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