As Good As It Gets

You know the moments: the Miracle on Ice comes to mind.  For Texas Tech and college football fans, the Graham Harrell pass to Michael Crabtree to knock off #1 UT.  The Immaculate Reception.  Those moments that will stand frozen forever in the minds of the sports fans fortunate enough to witness them.

Such is Landon Donovan’s goal in the 91st minute today to propel the United States from elimination and a trip home to the top of Group C.  Words can’t suffice, so we’ll let the play speak for itself.  Unforgettable…

4 comments to As Good As It Gets

  • That was absolutely classic. Beautifully setup and executed.

  • Hey, Jacques, good to see you again. Was wondering if anyone was still paying attention after my long layoff! Yep, I’m still tingling with excitement…I was whooping with joy, almost crying, after 90 minutes of tension. That’s why sports will always have a place in society…hard to imagine another context with such jubilation that doesn’t involve nasty things like war…

  • Bob from Ohio

    Welcome back Mark though to start with soccer of all things.

    Hope the Ghana fiasco doesn’t cause another 3 month layoff.

  • Bob, the Ghana match was disappointing, no doubt, but Ghana won on the pitch fair and square. The weakness of this US squad defensively was pretty apparent – they have tons of fight and heart, but they need some help from the midfield on back…it was an adequate showing…winning the group phase, however, you would have hoped for at least a quarterfinal appearance…

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