Where We Stand

At the moment, according to the RealClearPolitics scorecards, the Senate will be either 50-50, or 51-49 Dems, with the latter the more likely outcome.  Montana and Virginia have not been officially called.  In the House, the Dems are up 27, with 13 races still undecided. There will be thousands, literally, of post-mortems today, and we’ll [...]

Say Hello To Speaker Pelosi

Well, I’m killing the updates to the open thread, as we clearly have reached a point of closure in the House, even as the Senate hangs in the balance.  The Democrats have won a big victory, and we can be Kos-style jerks about it, or we can accept the slap in the face the voters [...]

Open Election Night Thread

I’ll keep updating this throughout the evening. Post any good news (or bad) you have in the comments, if you wish. Good page for results here at CNN. Dewine has lost, no surprise there. Allen is in big trouble; with 20% or so of the vote in, Webb has a slight lead…Rendell over Swan, again, [...]

The Trifecta

Both AJ and Mickey Kaus note the USA Today poll that puts the generic Democrat edge at +7; that makes three polls in the final weekend that show a considerable tightening of the race…will it be enough? We’ll find out soon enough…

Outlier Alert!

This a real shocker, but it’s also so far off of other polling that it must be viewed with a suspicious eye – nevertheless, Rhode Island, written off by most (including me), according to Mason-Dixon, is now Chafee +1.  Amazing, if true…regardless, I grow increasingly optimistic about the Senate, while remaining pessimistic about the House…

What Liberal Media?: Part 82

The headline in the Washington Post: Democrats, On The Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses. And they very well could…yet the article presents no evidence that the Senate will swing the Democrats’ way, and the survey that provided the impetus for the article shows Republican gains in almost every category. Some examples: Bush job approval: 43%, [...]

MI In Play? In A Word, No

I know some of my regulars assure me that Brouchard will win in Michigan.  To you, my friends, I say: I admire your optimism, but…51-38… Even if the poll is off by 10 points, Brouchard loses…that’s a goner…

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Rich Lowry on the internal Republican polling… Shock of the day: Kos doesn’t like Lieberman, and vice-versa (hilariously, Kos takes offense because Lieberman called DKos the leading left-wing blog; apparently Markos thinks he’s in the mainstream.  Bonus hilarity for complaining about Lieberman’s thuggish tactics (heard any Rape Gurney Joe jokes lately, Markos?))…  Second shock of the day: [...]

A Plethora Of Polling, Punditry, And Predictions

NRO’s The Corner: Dems +6 in the Senate… Reuters/Zogby: Menendez by 12(!) in New Jersey… Rutgers-Eagleton: Menendez by 4… Larry Sabatto: Dems +5-6 in Senate, +24-30 in House… Patterico: Truth +50 over NY Times…

I’ve Stayed Out Of This One Until Now…

…but regarding that liberal blogger/activist who was “attacked for merely exercising his free speech by Allen supporters” (and who had earlier telegraphed his intention of causing an incident on Daily Kos)….look at the following sequence from the AllenHQ blog and tell me if it changes your opinion of what happened.  I personally find it quite [...]

It’s Lieberman By 12…

…in the latest Quinnipiac survey: The good news for Lamont is that he has cut Lieberman’s lead by 5 points. The bad news for Lamont is that he still trails by 12 points, which is about where he has been since his Democratic primary victory in August,” [said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D]. [...]

More On JFK II

The Hotline On Call has a series of questions: By making himself an issue, did Sen. John Kerry do the GOP a favor by giving them an issue to motivate their base? (Independents may not care, but the base hates Kerry… hates him.) If Kerry is happy to let America know that he’s not going [...]

Some Good News From Tennessee

Though the latest CNN poll shows Allen down by 4 and Menendez up by 7, it also shows Corker up by 8 (all among likely voters)….


…don’t look now, but the latest trend is towards the Democrats.  Here’s one bit of bad news: The latest AP-AOL News poll showed 56 percent of likely voters said Democrats, while 37 percent said Republicans, a 19 percentage-point advantage less than two weeks before voters choose a new House. The gap was 10 percentage points [...]

Missouri: It’s Talent By Two

And even more encouraging, he reaches the 50% level…so says the latest Rasmussen…

Predictions! Get Your Red-Hot Predictions Here!

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball: As we take a snapshot of the electoral landscape from the perspective of twelve days out, our best guess is that Democrats are on track to net 21 to 26 seats in the House, 4 to 6 seats in the Senate, and 5 to 7 governorships. We place slightly more confidence [...]

The Culture of Corruption: Don’t Write Off New Jersey

The latest Rasmussen has Kean and Menendez all tied up, and the CBS News/NY Times poll has Menendez by a single point.  Ominous fact for Menendez: when asked the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the name ‘Robert Menendez’, 21% of likely voters say ‘corruption’.  Wow…

Survey USA

Allen up 3, Corker and Ford tied…

Blogger Conference Call – RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

Just got through participating (well, listening – I didn’t ask any questions this time) in a conference call with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. It was very quick – the Chairman no doubt has quite a few things on his agenda at the moment…but I thought I’d share my general impressions with you. I must take [...]

It’s Good News, Bad News For The GOP…

….with the latest LA Times/Bloomberg Senate polls, as Corker leads Ford 49-44 in Tennessee (woo-hoo!), but Webb is up over Allen 47-44 (d’oh!).  That seems like an outlier on the Webb-Allen match (on both races, really), so I’d like to see confirmation from other new polls over the next few days before I get too [...]

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