The Avatar Phenomenon

I saw Avatar on opening day, but it was in my recent gloomy period, and I declined to review it.  Yesterday, I saw it for a second time.  This is definitely a movie that holds up well on second viewing – in fact, I liked the movie the first time through and loved it the [...]

No Line On The Horizon – The Informed Speculation Review

U2′s 12th studio album, to be released Tuesday but widely available thanks to an early leak in Australia that prompted an offical MySpace streaming preview, wastes no time in going for the jugular.  The title track crashes though the speakers with a bruising, pounding guitar riff reminiscent of such Achtung Baby-era rockers as “The Fly”, [...]

Blacklisting Myself: The Informed Speculation Review

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you are sometimes offered review copies of books.  Being a voracious reader, this was great news to me – but after a while, I quit accepting review copies, because I felt obligated to read the book (after all, that’s why it was given to me), [...]

Gran Torino: The Decision ’08 Review

Life is full of surprises, most of them bad, a few of them quite wonderful.  For example, few fans of Happy Days would have thought that Richie Cunningham would end up being a really respected director, or that Meathead on All in the Family would make one of funniest cult movies of all time.  Perhaps [...]

Quantum Of Solace: The Decision ’08 Review

Well, well, well…this is a tough review to write.  I am tempted to write a two-word review: don’t bother.  Yet I feel compelled to add a little meat to that and say why not to. Regulars know I am a true movie buff, and as such, I can be quite forgiving…a terrible script can be [...]

The Dark Knight: The Decision ’08 Review

With the Dark Knight potentially having the best opening weekend ever (it already has the best Friday, at $60 million), and with me being the complete geek that I am, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how I spent MY Friday night.  The theater I saw it at was showing it on 4 [...]

Indy 4: Quick Impressions

Okay, I’m a geek fanboy, but I went to see the new Indiana Jones on opening night…some quick, spoiler-free impressions: It’s good, not great…fun, and great to see Harrison Ford in a good role again, but the pacing is oddly off…the middle section drags, and it’s a little slow out of the gate…the parts that [...]

Went And Saw American Gangster Tonight…

…and what do you think happened?  Before the opening scene even got underway, the movie stopped.  Technical problems, slight delay, no problem…only when the movie started back, they didn’t start from the beginning! Well, I’m a bit of a movie snob, and I can’t stand stuff like that (particularly after paying $9.75 for the ticket [...]

The Simpsons Movie – A Quick Review

Just went to the midnight showing, stupidly, on a work night, so I’ve got to make this quick and get to bed! Good – not great. It’s funny, but it’s hard to sustain the laughs for the duration. There are moments in the latter parts of the movie, but the first 20 minutes or so [...]

Pan’s Labyrinth: The Decision ’08 Review

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has done the near impossible; he is selling out screens across the country for a fairy tale.  A fairy tale in Spanish, with English subtitles.  That’s right, sold-out shows for a foreign-language movie.  And the good news is, his new movie Pan’s Labyrinth lives up to the hype.  It takes [...]

Children Of Men: The Decision ’08 (Capsule) Review

Just a quickie: The theater was PACKED…Michael Caine is as good a hippie as he is a dandy…Clive Owen impressed me much, much more here than he did in the mediocre Inside Man…the movie is not flawless, but it certainly has a masterful way of turning up the suspense a notch…many, many scenes that pack [...]

Casino Royale: The Decision ’08 Review

Okay, I’m late to the party on this one; I’m sure many, many of you have already been. Tonight was the night for me; the short version: if Daniel Craig is not the best James Bond ever (and sorry, Sean Connery fans, I happen to think he is), he’s certainly a James Bond for our [...]

Tonight, For The Fourth Time…

…I watched Louis Malle’s tragic, brilliant, moving masterpiece Au Revoir Les Enfants (but for the first time on the Criterion Collection’s newly remastered DVD). I’ve written about the movie before (twice, in fact), but the third time’s the charm. I simply can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s the story of a friendship that develops between [...]

Wow! I Take One Little Post-Election Break To Go See A Movie…

…and the Republicans lose the Senate: A Democratic takeover of the Senate is appearing likely after an ongoing canvass of votes in Virginia produced no significant changes in the outcome of the hard-fought race led by Democratic challenger Jim Webb, sources told CNN Wednesday. Wednesday night, with Webb leading Republican Sen. George Allen by about [...]

The Departed: The Decision ’08 Review

Is there any doubt about the finest living director? Woody Allen has his moments, but he’s really a one-trick pony (granted, it’s a good trick), and Peter Jackson was born to do Lord of the Rings, but that’s a bit of ‘right man for the right moment’.  If you go back to Mean Streets, and [...]

World Trade Center – The Decision ’08 Review

Alas, this review is up late and not as good as it could probably be, as I just was involved in an ugly incident that involved law enforcement (I was a witness, not an instigator!), and now I have a tremendous headache. And God bless our cops and public safety officials, by the way, they [...]

Classic Movie Weekend Continues…

…as tonight it was The Deer Hunter, a movie I’ve seen multiple times, but never on DVD before. Twenty years ago I would have said that this was my favorite movie of all time; I’d still say it’s in the top ten.  Michael Cimino’s masterpiece is a movie that breathes; under most circumstances (and certainly [...]

The Times’ Endorsement Of Lamont Is Up…

…if you care to read it. Basically, it’s a poorly written screed that spends hundreds of words saying one thing: we don’t like George Bush, and since he’s not running, Joe Lieberman is his proxy. Do I lie? If Mr. Lieberman had once stood up and taken the lead in saying that there were some [...]

An Exclusive Decision ’08 Preview

Frank Rich’s Book comes out September 19th, but, no doubt due to my consistent rave reviews of the man’s work, I’ve been granted an exclusive sneak preview. Here’s a rundown on the table of contents: Chapter One: Before The Quagmire: Light and Beauty In The World Before GWB Chapter Two: Ominous Signs Of A Quagmire: [...]

The Decision ’08 Review: How Would A Patriot Act?

First things first; this is a book review, and not a place to air dirty laundry. This is not a post about Kosola or related sidebars, recent arguments notwithstanding. Instead, I hope it is a fair look at a book, How Would A Patriot Act?, by one of the left’s new celebrity bloggers, Glenn Greenwald. [...]