Thank God For Joe Lieberman

I really wish this man would go ahead and cross over to our party – the Dems want him to, as well.  Nevertheless, thank God at least one kind-of Democrat was willing to go on the record against the budgetary impact of creating a new entitlement in the current climate: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said [...]

The Cards Are On The Table Now

With Majority Leader Harry Reid saying the Senate will bring a public option bill to the floor (with states’ opt-out included), we’ll soon know whether the Democrats have the will to ram a bill down the throats of moderates, or whether kowtowing to the base is the death of reform. I honestly don’t know, at [...]

Health Care Is Not The Only Story In Town…

…nor is it the only story Mickey Kaus has obsessed on (hey, I left off with Mickey several days ago, why not restart with him as well?).  The great Kaus has been all over phoney-baloney John Edwards and his love-child from day one.  Now, with Edwards admitting not only the affair, but his paternity, as [...]

Out of Bounds

Well, I know the health care reform proposals are sinking fast now – Paul Krugman, cheerleader-in-chief for the Obama administration, has resorted to calling the moderate Democrats who have asked for more time to consider reform “the six deadly hypocrites”. Raise your hand if you think that’s behavior fitting a Nobel Prize winner.  Really, now [...]

Krugman In Wonderland

Perhaps it’s the thin air in the lofty atmosphere of the Nobel Prize, but Paul Krugman has a most peculiar trait for an economist: he seems to live in a world where the basic economic unit (money) has no intrinsic value to it. How else do you explain his constant cheerleading for more and more [...]

Apropos of Nothing…

…here’s eight early Joe Biden goofs.  My favorite? “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now. It’s not that it’s going to Mexico in a confined aircraft where one person sneezes, that goes all the way through the aircraft. That’s me. I would not be, at this point, if they had another way of transportation, [...]

Reid: Porking Is Fundamental

I blogged below on how Obama is just not credible.  I’m sorry, but he’s not.  He has not lived up to his promises, time and time again, which makes him no different than any other politician – only he was SUPPOSED to be different. The latest letdown is his quick cave-in to pork, which as [...]

Reid Says Economy Is Improving

I’m all for positivity, and there has been some criticism of Barack Obama, including from Bill Clinton, that he has been too negative during this economic crisis, but do the facts support Harry Reid when he says this? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said on Monday that the banking industry is “very close” to [...]

My, My…

…can I be forgiven a little partisan joke? Why are Democrats so in favor of new taxes?  Because they don’t intend to pay them… Here’s Jonah Goldberg: During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden insisted that paying your taxes is a patriotic duty. No, scratch that. He said that supporting a tax hike was the American [...]

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

The more I see of Joe Biden, the less I like…bad enough that he is a proponent of the odious ‘card-check’ legislation that unions are pushing (legislation that exists solely to do away with secret ballots and subject workers to unionization through pressure tactics), but he is also a big fan of the protectionist ‘Buy [...]

Random Thoughts

Well, you’ve all heard, said, and read about a million words by now, but some random observations: The speech was good, not great…the flubbing of the Oath of Office was no big deal, though you’d think it was…I like Obama’s kids more and more, they should be a lot of fun…get rid of the inaugural [...]

Hail To The Chief, Part Deux

What can I say, on this day, about our new president? Shall I admit again that I thought he should have waited until 2012?  Well, I did think that, and I said so. Was I harshly critical of him in the campaign, finding him less than believable as he jettisoned campaign finance reform, then called [...]

Hail To The Chief

I know it’s not at all fashionable to praise George W. Bush, but as I watched his farewell address to the nation tonight, I saw vintage Bush…the faults (the halting delivery, the mangled words), yes, but also the worldview that endears him to me even as it infuriates so many (including some of you).  For [...]

One Of Those Days…

Lots of news today, but nothing that excites me to comment much. Hillary Clinton to engage Iran and Syria? Fine, but as we’ve seen from North Korea, nations with bad intentions can play nations with good intentions like a fiddle.  I’m going to be watching this with great skepticism. Citigroup to break up?  Okay by [...]

One-Term Obama?

The Politico features a recent discussion by two writers for the New York Times: White House reporters for The New York Times predict that the market collapse will force President-elect Barack Obama to abandon for now many of his campaign promises. If his stimulus plan “doesn’t work out, he may very well be a one-term [...]

Obama’s Early Days Pleasing…To Republicans

What a delicious irony it would be if Barack Obama, the Democratic answer to eight years of the hated Bush, ended up having a higher approval rating among Republicans than Democrats!  Now, I don’t really believe that’s the case – actually, rank and file Democrats are quite confident that Obama will be a good president [...]

Here’s Hoping He Means It

One nice thing about Barack Obama’s early days is his propensity to at least say hopeful things.  Like this, for example: President-elect Barack Obama warned that he will inherit a $1 trillion budget deficit upon taking office, and pledged to ban all earmarks as an attempt to address both the “deficit of dollars and the [...]

Out With The Bad, In With The…Worse?

Well, good riddance to Bill Richardson, who has always had hints and allegations of scandal, though usually of a more Bill Clintonesque nature, surrounding him.  Richardson was far too much of a ‘fair trader’ for my tastes, anyway (tough break for New Mexico, though, looks like they’re still stuck with him for now). But how [...]

The One Absolutely Undeniable Thing About The New President…

…is not that he’s smart (though I’m sure that he is – but how would I know?).  It’s not that he’s honest (I’m sure he is – well, as honest as the next guy, anyway – but how would you know?).  It’s not that he’ll make a great president (I don’t own a crystal ball, [...]

Okay, Enough Automaker Talk For Now…

…there ARE other things going on in the world, after all. I don’t for one minute think that Barack Obama is in any kind of legal jeopardy regarding discussions with disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, but there is the definite stink of a whitewash regarding contact between the governor and Obama’s Chief of Staff.  The [...]