One Of Those Days…

Lots of news today, but nothing that excites me to comment much. Hillary Clinton to engage Iran and Syria? Fine, but as we’ve seen from North Korea, nations with bad intentions can play nations with good intentions like a fiddle.  I’m going to be watching this with great skepticism. Citigroup to break up?  Okay by [...]

No Way – No, Sir – No, Thank You, But No…

…and numerous other variations on the theme – all directed at a trial balloon being floated by some that Bill Clinton take over his wife’s Senate spot following her now-confirmed status as SoS-designee: In an op-ed column last week in The Washington Post, journalists Karl Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac urged [New York governor David] [...]

I’m Back…

…and so are the big three automakers.  This time, the market is expecting a different outcome re: the bailout.  Also today, we can expect the big Hillary announcement (I continue to see this is Obama’s first big blunder, but there you go). Everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I know I did…of course, Texas fans did [...]

Can You Ignore The Constitution If It’s Inconvenient?

This from Matthew Berger, posting at Marc Ambinder’s place: Pete Williams of NBC raised the question on MSNBC this afternoon: Is Hillary Clinton barred by the Constitution from accepting the post of secretary of state? Article One, Section Six of the U.S. Constitution says: No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he [...]

More Appointments

So, New York Fed President Timothy Geithner at Treasury (seems to be well-received), and Richardson at Commerce…hmmph.  Not a good choice there.  I oppose Hillary as SoS not because of her, but because of her boorish husband, but Richardson is not a good ambassador for trade.  Here are some past quotes: “What I believe we [...]

Clinton To Be Named SoS After Thanksgiving…

…or so reports The Politico.  I think it’s a big, big mistake – not because Hillary isn’t capable, or anything like that – but because Bill Clinton is a walking soap opera.  Mark my words, a scandal is coming…count it as the first bad major decision Obama has made post-election…

Hillary’s Biggest Obstacle, Again, Is Her Husband

It’s Bill Clinton’s finances, rather than his rumored-to-be-still-present zipper problem, that is on course to potentially derail HRC as SoS: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is President-elect Barack Obama’s first choice for secretary of State but his aides are becoming exasperated by the Clinton camp’s pokey response to demands for extensive information about former President [...]

The Top Reasons Barack Obama Will Win On Tuesday

We’re winding down now, and although I am going to keep this blog active under the current name for a little while after Tuesday (perhaps through the inauguration), I think it’s time to face facts: Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.  Why?  Let us count down the reasons:  #10: Guts.  It [...]

Hillary’s Night

Well, Ryan wanted a thread, so let’s start one… While we’re waiting for Hillary, Bill looks kind of old, doesn’t he?  Of course, he is a little old now…but the presidency ages you, there is no doubt about that (so does major heart surgery, of course)… UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Schweitzer has a thankless task, with [...]

Biden My Time…

Hey, am I the first to get in that pun?  I sure hope so!  Let’s look at some more reaction. The Politico presents Joe Biden for Dummies… Former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox: One thing is for sure, if the Obama folks were worried about the late-night-comedian-jokes-about-their-candidate deficit, the ticket is well-balanced now. Mickey Kaus: Maybe [...]

Okay, I’ve Got To Move On…

…Georgia is on my mind, all right, but this IS a political blog, and for several days now, I’ve been dying to draw your attention to the Atlantic‘s big story on the Hillary campaign e-mails.  No doubt you’ve seen it by now, since I’m so late to the story with my Georgia coverage, but if [...]

Dodd? Maybe…But Hillary’s A No Go

At least, that’s the impression you get from following Obama’s VP vetting process. First up, Hillary: Is the so-called Democratic ‘dream ticket’ off the table? Despite speculation that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is seriously considering Hillary Clinton for the No. 2 spot on the Democratic presidential ticket, a former senior advisor to Clinton said Thursday [...]

She’ll Run Again…

…but the bloom is off the rose. Hillary Clinton did her best today to put a brave face on her defeat, but in retrospect, her candidacy has to be rated as a giant disappointment. Though her strategy was not as disastrous as Giuliani’s, Rudy left the race with his dignity and reputation intact…his brief flirtation [...]

Clinton To Drop Out Friday?

So reports ABC News: Sen. Hillary Clinton held a conference call today with members of Congress and superdelegates in which there were discussions about her plans for getting out of the race, ABC News has learned. All indications are Clinton will get out of the race by Friday. A senior Clinton advisor now confirms to [...]

Obama “Effectively” Clears Delegate Hurdle…

…and Clinton will apparently acknowledge it, ending, for all intents and purposes, the drawn-out final stages of the Democratic race and closing the books on the Clinton era, perhaps, as well. Clinton is still maneuvering for VP. The AP’s tally is the one that ‘effectively’ put Obama over the top, though Obama’s own count has [...]

Hints And Allegations

Well, where is a poor part-time blogger to turn on a day like today? In the old days, each of these links would have been post-worthy, but I’m pressed for time, so a quick run-down will have to do… First, in the will-she-or-won’t-she-drop-out-on-Tuesday category, the evidence is…inconclusive. Those arguing that she will can point to [...]

Wondering About That Delegate Count After Yesterday’s Rulings?

With the decision to give Florida and Michigan delegates half a vote, and a ruling on how to apportion Michigan, the magic number to nominate is now 2,118, with Obama at 2,051 and Hillary at 1,876. Including today’s vote in Puerto Rico, there are 86 delegates remaining in the primaries, and 178 superdelegates who have [...]

Florida and Michigan Democratic Delegates Seated In Full, With Half A Vote Each

In the end, the position of the DNC lawyers prevailed: Members of a Democratic rules committee voted on Saturday to seat all of Florida’s and Michigan’s delegation to the party’s national convention and give their delegates a half vote each. A first vote, which would have seated all of Florida’s delegation with full voting privileges, [...]

Is Half A Loaf Better Than None?

That’s the question in today’s election news, as the lawyers weigh in: Democratic Party lawyers have determined that no more than half the delegates from Florida and Michigan can be seated at the party’s August convention, dealing a blow to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s efforts to seat the full delegations from those states. The rules [...]

The Biggest Casualty Of The Hillary Clinton Campaign…

…has to be her husband’s credibility. Has any ex-President fallen so far so fast in public estimation? (I’m not counting Jimmy Carter – we didn’t like him even before he left office). Yet here he is again, sounding like a first-class idiot: Former President Bill Clinton said that Democrats were more likely to lose in [...]