Krugman In Wonderland

Perhaps it’s the thin air in the lofty atmosphere of the Nobel Prize, but Paul Krugman has a most peculiar trait for an economist: he seems to live in a world where the basic economic unit (money) has no intrinsic value to it. How else do you explain his constant cheerleading for more and more [...]

Apropos of Nothing…

…here’s eight early Joe Biden goofs.  My favorite? “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now. It’s not that it’s going to Mexico in a confined aircraft where one person sneezes, that goes all the way through the aircraft. That’s me. I would not be, at this point, if they had another way of transportation, [...]

My, My…

…can I be forgiven a little partisan joke? Why are Democrats so in favor of new taxes?  Because they don’t intend to pay them… Here’s Jonah Goldberg: During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden insisted that paying your taxes is a patriotic duty. No, scratch that. He said that supporting a tax hike was the American [...]

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

The more I see of Joe Biden, the less I like…bad enough that he is a proponent of the odious ‘card-check’ legislation that unions are pushing (legislation that exists solely to do away with secret ballots and subject workers to unionization through pressure tactics), but he is also a big fan of the protectionist ‘Buy [...]

Jeez- What A Time To Lose My Internet Connection!

Been down all night, until now, and now it’s time for bed – but a quick thought.  I agree with the conventional wisdom that Palin did better than expected, but Biden did well, too…this is twice now that Palin has come through with everything on the line, whether you love her or hate her…but alas, [...]

Okay, THERE’s The Convention Bounce

I said yesterday I thought Democrats bemoaning the lack of a convention bounce were speaking too soon, and sure enough, today’s Gallup Daily Tracking shows Obama by six.  I also see that Obama is planning to lay out a strategy for governing, as I have insisted he must (no link at the moment, but I [...]

No Convention Bounce?

Chris Bowers is worried: Right now, the best I can muster is that the convention just doesn’t feel right. Although I might be dangerously treading into “I know it when I see it” territory, I knew after Gore’s convention 2000 speech that he would get a bump, while I had a really bad feeling after [...]

The Biden Bounce, Part Deux

Gallup daily tracking: dead even. The latest update includes two days of interviewing following Obama’s selection of Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate, and neither day showed an improved performance for Obama. Thus, Obama does not appear to have gotten the same type of immediate “vice presidential bounce” as have presidential candidates [...]

The Biden Bounce

Joltin’ Joe works his magic: It’s a dead heat in the race for the White House. The first national poll conducted entirely after Barack Obama publicly named Joe Biden as his running mate suggests that battle for the presidency between the Illinois senator and Republican rival John McCain is all tied up. In a new [...]

Another, Um, ‘Interesting’ Racial Perspective From Biden

The Washington Post editorial board digs up a dandy.  I’ll point out up front that they like the pick, overall, but they have a few criticisms, one of his bad judgment on Iraq (not his support of the war, but his ridiculous partition plan), and one of his loquaciousness: Mr. Biden’s expertise may reassure those [...]

A Look Back At Biden…

…from yours truly.  I think this bit from my candidate profile of Biden pretty much sums it up: The real issue with a Biden candidacy is whether a Catholic can win the presidency – no, wait, sorry, I was reading my JFK notes instead. No, the real issue is who, exactly, is Biden’s national constituency? [...]

Biden My Time…

Hey, am I the first to get in that pun?  I sure hope so!  Let’s look at some more reaction. The Politico presents Joe Biden for Dummies… Former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox: One thing is for sure, if the Obama folks were worried about the late-night-comedian-jokes-about-their-candidate deficit, the ticket is well-balanced now. Mickey Kaus: Maybe [...]

Great News For Republicans…

…as it’s all but confirmed that Joe Biden is indeed Barack Obama’s VP choice.  Biden is a fantastic choice…for the other side.  Of course, we all know about the plagiarism, and it’s hard to take anyone with hair plugs seriously (hey, baby, I’m balding, but natural!), yet there are other, lesser known (for now) reasons [...]

Oh, Dear God, No – Not Romney!

TIME’s Mark Halperin is quoting two McCain sources as saying he’s settled on Mitt Romney – and also is saying bet on Biden for Obama. If this is true, I’m going to have to seriously consider sitting out this election (on a personal level – of course, I’ll continue to blog).  I hate to do [...]

Biden? Biden??!!??

An incredible amount of buzz is surrounding the most unlikely of VP picks for Barack Obama – a pick that may be only hours away: Going into the final days, Obama was said to be focused mainly on three candidates: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia and Senator Joseph Biden Jr. [...]

Bill Richardson Drops Out – Now, Let Us Never Speak Of Him Again

To the surprise of no one, Bill Richardson has left the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Now, I’m no spring chicken, and for the last several election cycles, Bill Richardson’s name has been thrown in the hat for the Democratic nomination.  May it never be so again. The guy’s got credentials.  Okay, we all [...]

Huckabee Wins, Dems Still In Doubt

It couldn’t be closer on the Democratic side, but Huckabee is going to win Iowa going away on the Republican side (that’s one prediction I missed – the other, that Fred Thompson would not finish third, is still in doubt, though Thompson is holding on to third by a thin margin at the moment)…more later… [...]

Let’s Get Real: Somes “Options” In Iraq Are Long Off The Table

A word to Joe Biden and others who have ‘plans’ for Iraq that involve major tinkering with their form of government: that time has passed.  Joe Biden seems to think (along with, ahem, certain readers of this blog) that the Iraqi government is a puppet regime that is at the bidding of America.  Just look [...]

Random Thoughts On The Democratic Debate

Ye gods, that was just about unbearable. The more I see of these debates, the more convinced I am that they are an almost completely useless contrivance. But I’ll plow ahead: One, the reason I could NEVER be a Democrat is summed up nicely by the round of applause Kucinich got when he suggested we [...]

The First Debate: Grading The Democrats

General observations: the front-runners didn’t suffer any huge gaffes, but they were pretty unimpressive for the most part. Mike Gravel: F-.  My God, what a nut…anyone who watched that debate and would still consider voting for Gravel must be a blood relative.  ‘Nuff said about this VERY marginal candidate. Dennis Kucinich: B.  Kucinich is a blazing [...]