Health Care Is Not The Only Story In Town…

…nor is it the only story Mickey Kaus has obsessed on (hey, I left off with Mickey several days ago, why not restart with him as well?).  The great Kaus has been all over phoney-baloney John Edwards and his love-child from day one.  Now, with Edwards admitting not only the affair, but his paternity, as [...]

And So It Goes…

I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus for a few days, and may or may not get in another post after this one.  Two things I’ll be watching during my short time away (besides the Olympics – and yes, the Chinese gymnasts were underage – here’s the proof) are the continued flagrant violations of the Georgian [...]

Absolutely No News At All Today…

…so I’ll bid you all a good weekend…oh, wait.  There’s that Olympics thing, of course.  Well, good luck to the Chinese, and hey, ease up on those dissidents, will you?  Okay, then, that’s that… Oh, yeah…the Edwards thing.  Well, everyone pretty much said it was happening.  I found the Enquirer’s written account pretty convincing, but [...]

Evidence, Convincing and Otherwise

Rumors of extra-marital shenanigans have long dogged John Edwards…and it seemed, of late, as if he had finally been caught.  There is still a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting that he is, in fact, romantically involved with Rielle Hunter – but I find the latest wrinkle, a blurry photo by the National Enquirer purporting to [...]

Oh, Dear God, No…

Yesterday, I blogged about my relief that James Webb was out of the Obama veepstakes…but my relief is short-lived.  If there is one person in the entire world that would perhaps overtake even Webb in my least-desired category, it’s phony-baloney Mr. “Two Americas” himself, John Edwards.  Yet the possibility is raising its very ugly (ghastly, [...]

Next Stop, Michigan

The real fun this Tuesday will be on the Republican side, as Mitt Romney tries to make a stand and stay in the race with a win in his home state.  There is no question that McCain has been enjoying a remarkably robust turnaround, but he faces an uphill climb in Michigan.  There have been [...]

Looking Ahead: Romney’s Last Stand?

Quick takes on the road ahead: Romney must win Michigan.  Period.  Polls show him ahead of McCain, but narrowly, and McCain has the momentum. Clinton has a huge lead in Nevada, and has regained the upper hand in the Democratic race.  Overnight, the narrative has changed completely for the donkeys.  Huckabee has a large lead [...]

When It Comes To Iraq, Dems Can ‘See No Good’

So says the Washington Post editorial board: AT SATURDAY’S New Hampshire debate, Democratic candidates were confronted with a question that they have been ducking for some time: Can they concede that the “surge” of U.S. troops in Iraq has worked? All of them vehemently opposed the troop increase when President Bush proposed it a year [...]

Huckabee Wins, Dems Still In Doubt

It couldn’t be closer on the Democratic side, but Huckabee is going to win Iowa going away on the Republican side (that’s one prediction I missed – the other, that Fred Thompson would not finish third, is still in doubt, though Thompson is holding on to third by a thin margin at the moment)…more later… [...]

Iowa Is Upon Us

Tomorrow is the day the 2008 presidential campaign officially kicks off, in the always-odd spectacle of a caucus, not a primary.  Truth be told, though I earlier ventured a prediction of Romney and Hillary, this one is a toss-up on both sides.  The Democratic race in particular could go to Hillary, Edwards, or Obama, and [...]

Iowa Predictions

What the hey…with polls showing both parties completely up for grabs in Iowa, I’ll put my two cents in with predictions. Republicans:  Mitt Romney Democrats: Hillary Clinton Second will go to Huckabee and Edwards, respectively.  Big losers on the day will be Obama, with a tough-to-swallow third, and Fred Thompson, who will begin the slink [...]

One Week From Iowa

Back in business after an extended Christmas break (among my gifts – an HD DVD player with the 5-disc Blade Runner collection – how cool is that?).  Hard to believe, but Iowa is a scant seven days away now. On the Republican side, the real suspense is two-fold – can Romney hold off a late-charging [...]

I’m Not Endorsing Any Candidate…

…much as that will disappoint the campaign managers who were salivating over the coveted ‘D’08′ demographic (not to be confused with the coveted Homer Simpson ‘D’oh!’ demographic).  For lots of reasons, I think it’s much cleaner for an independent blogger to stay out of that game. Nevertheless, I have made it plain to all my [...]

More On Huckabee

Yesterday, I shared my opinion that the surging Mike Huckabee might have a chance at the Republican nomination, due to his obvious appeal to the base, but would lose big in the general election because his appeal is limited to the base.  Today, a couple of stories have added to my apprehensions.  One is a new [...]

Blogging Has Been On The Backburner…

…and I apologize for even less posting than normal.  I didn’t get to watch the Democratic debate yesterday, but from most accounts, Hillary was able to bounce back considerably.  NBC’s Chuck Todd says the debate confirmed that it’s Obama vs. Hillary, with John Edwards increasingly irrelevant.  That’s okay by me.  I wouldn’t vote for Hillary [...]

George Will On ‘Progressive’ Economic Foolishness

My friends, on both the right and the left, I ask you a question, in all earnestness: how can you vote Democratic if you understand the slightest thing about economics?  If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons, but we’ll let that slide for the moment), I could never support a party that [...]

All Politics Is Local

I focus a lot on national polls and not that much on the ground in the early states.  Here’s a couple of stories to rectify that – first, in Iowa, Huckabee is surging and Edwards is struggling: The University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll, released at 8 a.m. Monday morning, shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama [...]

Newsweek Channels Billy Joel

Voters are in a New York state of mind, according to the their latest poll results: If the primaries were held today, Senator Clinton would best her closest rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, by a comfortable 44 percent to 23 percent margin. This represents a 5 point jump since the June NEWSWEEK Poll, which gave [...]

Rudy Surging Again?

Or just an anomaly? After several polls that showed Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani virtually tied, the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Rudy up big again: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s bid for the White House is gaining support, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Matched with other Republicans, Giuliani [...]

Diplomacy Or Propaganda Tool?

We’ve debated in the comments section of this very blog the issue: is President Bush’s refusal to embrace the Iraq Study Group’s proposal to allow Iran and Syria a voice in the future of Iraq, for example, stubborn unilateralism, or a canny avoidance of giving the fox a season pass to the hen house? Now [...]