Odds And Ends

Lots of stuff going on today… At the Counterterrorism Blog, Walid Phares argues that General Abizaid was whistling past the graveyard at his most recent Congressional appearance; says Abizaid, it’s not a matter of more troops, but of training more Iraqis (to which I reply, yes, that’s fine, but if the Iraqis won’t take on [...]

Is It Hillary By Acclamation?

It sure will be if John Edwards is the toughest rival she faces.  Michael Barone looks at the fallout from the Warner withdrawal: Mark Warner announced this morning that he’s not running for president. As Prince Metternich asked when informed that the Russian ambassador had suddenly dropped dead, “What can have been his motive?” I [...]

Hillary’s Road To The Democratic Nomination Just Got A Lot Smoother…

…with the withdrawal of centrist Mark Warner, whose brief flirtation with the Nutroots® must not have yielded the dividends he was hoping for: Democrat Mark R. Warner, the former governor of Virginia, has decided not to run for president in 2008, Democratic officials said Thursday. Warner scheduled a late morning news conference in Richmond to [...]

The Democrat-Nutroots® Divide

Dean Barnett takes a look at the Kossack reaction to Israel’s war with Hezbollah, and he sees still more trouble ahead for candidates who seek to pander to the progressive blogosphere. Barnett first notes the silence of the front-pagers: THE CONFLAGRATION in Lebanon has provided an example of the people-powered movement’s potential to be a [...]

The Return Of Kosola

Q: How can a candidate support Joe Lieberman and still stay in the good graces of the Nutroots®? A: Simple – just hire Kos’s co-author, good buddy, and accused stock manipulator Jerome Armstrong!…

More 2008 Polling Data

Again from Gallup; for the Republicans, it’s Rudy at 29%, McCain at 24%, and everyone else way, way back…for the Democrats, it’s a replay of 2000 with Clinton and Gore – but don’t forget 2004! Edwards and Kerry aren’t far behind…and Mark Warner at 2%? I guess hiring accused stock manipulator Jerome Armstrong and smoozing [...]

Kaus: Kosola Hits The Big Time – Is Mark Warner Listening?

Mickey Kaus, commenting on the David Brooks piece on Kosola: Kos responds to David Brooks’ column, with characteristic attention to the merits: They can praise us, they can trash us, they can ignore us, and ultimately none of that will matter as long as we keep doing what we’ve been doing. Whether we succeed or [...]

Crashing The Stock Market: Kos Co-Author Paid Shill For Worthless Investments

My, my, my, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this: Jerome Armstrong, the political strategist who followed a famous Internet fundraising effort for Howard Dean in 2004 with a book on “people-powered politics,” has a sordid past as a shill for a worthless dot-com stock. Armstrong, 42, touted a dubious Chinese software company, BluePoint, beginning [...]

Babes In Kosland

Best piece I’ve seen yet on YearlyKos comes from Ryan Lizza. Lizza manages to sum up the absurdity of the progressive blog world in two passages: the unmasking of Armando and the revelation of the egotism that feeds the Nutroots®: [S]omeone is missing: Armando. A favorite blogger and foreign policy wonk, Armando earned the privilege [...]

Markos Kisses Up To The Establishment

Well, throw a little money and power some folks’ way, and you better watch out! The percussive boom from their sonic-speed sellout may knock you off your feet. Mickey Kaus: Kevin Drum and Matt Yglesias are skeptical of the Daily Kos crowd’s enthusiasm for Virginia’s ex-Gov. Mark Warner. Indeed, isn’t Warner a Democratic Leadership Council [...]

Warner The Most Dangerous Dem?

So says John Hawkins, and I believe he’s got it right…I must vociferously disagree with his number two choice, however…I’m more likely to win as the Democratic presidential nominee than him…

Warner Stakes His Turf

Noteworthy not for the content, so much, as for the timing (we’ll be hearing much more of this a year from now): “I have tremendous respect for Sen. Clinton,” [Mark] Warner told NY1′s “Inside City Hall” during a string of appearances he made around New York yesterday. “I think she’s a great senator and should [...]

Al Gore As The New Nixon?

It’s a provocative thought: Like Gore in the 2000 presidential race, Nixon in 1960 was a charm-free vice-president who lost a heartbreakingly close White House election (to John Kennedy). Like Gore in 2000, Nixon in 1960 drifted off into the political wilderness to lick his wounds for a time after the devastating loss. Eight years [...]

The Ten Commandments for 2008 Democrats

As told by pollster Frank Luntz: 1. Don’t feel my pain – give me something to alleviate it. Democrats don’t want to be told what’s wrong with America. They want to be told what you plan to do about it. They’re not looking for the diagnosis – they know what ails them. They want the [...]

The Left Goes After McCain – To His Benefit

Want to be sure of a McCain victory? Go on the attack early and often. That’s the message of this intriguing piece by John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics: It’s amusing to watch the slow, yet inevitable shift in the media’s attitude toward their favorite GOP politician these past six years. You always knew that [...]

ABC’s Invisible Primary Ratings

I’m having a real ‘why didn’t I think of that moment’ as I look at the inaugural installment of ABC News’ Invisible Primary feature: The Invisible Primary refers to the jockeying for supremacy in the contests to be positioned to be the major party presidential nominees between now and start of the actual caucus and [...]

George Will: Two Home Runs In One Column

And he’ll appreciate the baseball metaphor, no doubt. First, Will on the ports fiasco: Not since the Terri Schiavo stampede has there been such a brew of piety and irrationality. But the Schiavo episode did no lasting damage to the nation, and was a mostly Republican folly. The high-minded are constantly telling us that the [...]

A Non-Snarky Post About Kos? Believe It

Pretty informative post from Markos about his trip to Austin for SXSW Interactive (the music festival kicked off today, and of course, there’s the film festival, too – it’s quite the big deal these days). Though the information is of the anecdotal sort, it still shows that there is growing support for Mark Warner as [...]

The Quest For the Anti-Hillary Continues

Good article by Matt Bai on the desperate search by many Democrats for an alternative to Clinton, and why it won’t be an easy task: Much as [Mark Warner] likes Kerry and worked hard for him in Virginia, Warner said, the Democratic Party had once again, in 2004, nominated a candidate who could not appeal [...]

Marist Poll: Hillary Dominates Dems

Some interesting results from the most recent Marist Poll on the 2008 election. Hillary leads big (40% of Democrat-leaning respondents would support her as the nominee), with John Edwards second at 16% (Al Gore moves into second if he’s included, with 17%, and Hillary drops back to 33%). More than half of Democrats say they [...]