The CBO and Partisan Hypocrisy – A Response

As long as there has been a Congressional Budget Office, there has been a lot of crying from one side or the other of the partisan divide about their latest estimates.  So when a conservative such as myself says I don’t believe this health care boondoggle will reduce the deficit, the immediate accusation is one of [...]

About That Deficit Reduction

I based my opposition to health care reform on a simple premise I repeated over and over – we can’t afford it.  I never believed the bill would reduce the deficit and I still don’t.  And I’m not alone – here’s Jay Cost: Between now and the next presidential election, ObamaCare is going to pay [...]

The Cowardice Of The House

Even loyal Democrats must surely be getting quesy about the prospect of passing major legislation that will have enormous consequences not only for health care, but for the deficit and the U.S. economy forevermore, through increasingly desperate measures that try to cover for the fact that the public is opposed and the votes just aren’t [...]

Death By Reconciliation

If you were leading a party that was suffering massive unpopularity, with influential incumbents dropping like flies, polling everywhere suggesting you face a catastrophic reverse in upcoming elections, and dealing with a major financial crisis featuring unemployment that is predicted to hover uncomfortably close to double digits for years to come, you might think that [...]

Brown Victory Now A Very Real Possibility

It is now undeniable:  Scott Brown has the momentum in the Massachusetts Senate race, and the cause is health care.  That should be horrifying news to Democrats – and if they had any sanity, they would pull back from the brink and embrace the realization that the voters are preparing to send a powerful message.  [...]

The Shape Of Things To Come?

The Massachusetts Senate race is notable for many reasons, and the lesson seems hard to ignore: Riding a wave of opposition to Democratic health-care reform, GOP upstart Scott Brown is leading in the U.S. Senate race, raising the odds of a historic upset that would reverberate all the way to the White House, a new [...]

Dodd’s Retirement

It seems as good a topic as any for me to reenter the discussion.  With the announcement of the retirement of Senator Christopher Dodd, pundits are questioning whether a trend is in the offing, and the proximate cause. In Dodd’s case, it’s simple:  he would lose his bid for reelection because of his far too [...]

Big Night for the GOP…

…at least at the statehouse level.  The big statewide offices in Virginia have been swept by the Republicans, and it’s looking probable, though not declared yet, that Christie will win in New Jersey.  NY-23 hasn’t been called at this time, but appears likely to go to the Democrat, in what will be widely read as [...]

“The Worst Bill Ever”

That’s the WSJ editorial board talking, and the subject is Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a [...]

Why I Still Oppose Health Reform

The Senate Finance Committee got a bill out of committee that was scored by the CBO as a net reducer of the deficit over ten years.  This took away a powerful argument that opponents like myself were using with considerable success – that, in this particular time of absolutely incredible deficits, we simply can’t afford [...]

Score One For The Dems…

…quite literally, in this case, since it’s the CBO score of the Senate Finance Committee health reform bill I’m talking about.  It’s the first Democratic reform bill to be scored as lowering the deficit over the initial ten years, and it is projected to continue to lower the deficit in ensuing decades.  This is a [...]

A Record Of Failure

It’s interesting that Barack Obama retains the almost universal support of Democrats despite his failure to produce any meaningful policy gains up to this point, as I’ve blogged about before (yes, I know, the stimulus was the miracle cure to the Great Depression II, despite the fact that no one can really point to any [...]

Obama’s Speech Won’t Change The Dynamics On Health Care Reform…

…and it might actually make it worse.  Why?  Because the public remains against it, that’s the number one reason.  Well, you say, that’s the whole point.  Obama will use his remarkable charisma and oratorical skills to turn the page. Except that he won’t.  Not unless he fundamentally changes his message.  Why has support for health [...]

The Next Health Care Tactic: Sneak Reform In Through Parliamentary Tricks

It’s a given that Democrats have lost the public debate over health care reform.  What once seemed inevitable is now seen as impossible:  60 Senate votes is a bridge too far.  What is to follow is an open secret – the Democrats will seek to use the budget reconciliation process, a process that was designed [...]

Health Care For Illegal Aliens A Scare Tactic? Not So Fast

Mickey Kaus, who I trust more than any other blogger, left or right, quotes a person who he trusts, and…oh, hell, let’s just go straight to Mickey: Mark Krikorian, whom I’ve found trustworthy on these matters, explains that illegal immigrants will too get health insurance under the current Democratic proposals. They’re technically not eligible, maybe–but [...]

Every Once in a While…

…a story comes along that is right up Mickey Kaus’s alley, and he just destroys it.  So it has been with President Obama and his inept handling of the health care reform debate.  Case in point: Obama at a town hall today: “Here’s my promise. …[snip] We will not sign … I will not sign [...]

More Signs That Dem Health Care Reforms Are Doomed

Obama is ratcheting up the pressure, and what’s the result?  More and more prominent Democrats are backing away: “Members have concerns, and they’re not just Blue Dogs,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters today, referring to the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats. “I want to make it very clear that [...]

Out of Bounds

Well, I know the health care reform proposals are sinking fast now – Paul Krugman, cheerleader-in-chief for the Obama administration, has resorted to calling the moderate Democrats who have asked for more time to consider reform “the six deadly hypocrites”. Raise your hand if you think that’s behavior fitting a Nobel Prize winner.  Really, now [...]

Paying For Health Care By Taxing The Rich? Get Real…

The latest signs that the Democratic health care reform push is coming up short are two: (1) the public option is being increasingly thrown overboard, and (2) there is a growing tendency to engage in plain fantasy regarding funding.  The phrase of the day is ‘soak the rich’, but it’s a complete lie, and it’s [...]

Hiatt: Obama Inherited a Nation Headed Towards Fiscal Disaster – and Made It Worse

See, here’s the deal – I will probably never convince those of you on the left that my opposition to Obama’s domestic agenda is not partisan (well, okay, partly partisan, but not in the main). I really DO wish we could offer universal health care, and I acknowledge the seriousness of climate change (while remaining [...]