Cue The Soul-Searching

We’ve already seen a slew of articles in the “what’s next for the GOP” genre.  While a little navel-gazing is necessary, it ain’t rocket science.  An unpopular war, an unpopular president, and the bursting of the housing/credit bubble equals a big loss.  Those who say the country has lurched left can point to the large [...]

More On That McCain Speech Last Night

We all know John McCain is not a thrilling speaker, but I REALLY liked some of the themes McCain hit on last night, and I’m very hopeful he will keep developing them.  Let’s look a little closer: I will leave it to my opponent to argue that we should abrogate trade treaties, and pretend the [...]

My Attempt To Inspire The McCain-Haters

Okay, guys, many of you can’t stand McCain – you’ve made that perfectly clear.  I don’t need to tell you what a Hillary Clinton administration means – some good, lots of bad, and the return of the Billary soap opera.  Obama seems a lot more palatable – but appearances can deceive.  While Obama talks a good [...]

Second Casualty of Pakistan Tragedy: Mike Huckabee?

There are many, many reasons I could never support the modern Democratic party – their embrace of the unions that are killing our public schools and auto industry, their protectionist nonsense, and their general warmth towards big government spending (this is not to ignore the big government spending of some modern Republicans, the present administration [...]

An Inconvenient Marriage

When it’s a headline that a husband and wife appear together, would it be fair to call such a marriage one of convenience? Another reason I’m souring on Hillary’s prospect is the ‘hubby’ effect: I just don’t think a lot of people are anxious for the Bill and Hillary show, round two…

The Limits of Congressional War Powers

Noah Feldman and Samuel Issacharoff write in Slate: …Congress can declare that a war must come to an end. Congress can even say the conflict must be over by a specific date, as Sen. Obama has proposed. But once Congress has authorized the president to fight, it has neither the competence nor the authority to [...]

More On The FISA Fold

Dan Eggan of the Washington Post looks at yesterday’s about-face by the Bush Administration on domestic surveillance: The Bush administration said yesterday that it has agreed to disband a controversial warrantless surveillance program run by the National Security Agency, replacing it with a new effort that will be overseen by the secret court that governs [...]

Rating The ’08 Contenders

Chuck Todd and Marc Ambinder of The National Journal share their latest thoughts on the contenders and pretenders: moving up, both Rudy and Obama, though neither takes the top spot – yet…and moving way, way down, that lonely patrician known as JFK II…

2006 Jackass Of The Year: George Allen

It’s a little unfair to name George Allen the Jackass of the Year; for one, I don’t really think he’s a jackass.  He did run a very troubled campaign in 2006, though, and as such, I’m giving him the award as a kind of surrogate for all Republican candidates, rather than pull a TIME-type generic [...]

Honorable Mention, 2006 Jackass Of The Year: John Kerry

Oh, I know, it’s hardly fair; the man should be retired from the category for general jackassedness.  Nevertheless, Kerry once again stood out this year. With the Democrats in control and sailing into the 2006 election with a full tail wind born of an unpopular war and an old-fashioned sex scandal, out pops Mr. Pomposity [...]

Honorable Mention, 2006 Jackass Of The Year: Dennis Hastert

In a year when the Republicans lost their congressional majority in both houses, there is surely plenty of blame to go around (more on this one later).  The President himself can’t escape blame, because of his unpopularity and his inability to sell the war in Iraq to the public.  Nor can reputed mastermind Karl Rove, [...]

Honorable Mention, 2006 Jackass Of The Year: Ned Lamont

Later this evening, I will name the 2006 Jackass of the Year, but there were so many contenders this year, I had to put in a few honorable mentions. The first goes to Ned Lamont. Joe Lieberman had worked up a mighty torrent of discontent in certain progressive circles, and, remarkably, he lost the Connecticut [...]

Obama Gets A Nudge From An Unlikely Source

George Will says now is the time for Barack Obama, and he gives four reasons why: First, one can be an intriguing novelty only once. If he waits to run, the past half-century suggests that the wait could be eight years (see reason four, below). In 2016 he will be only 55, but there will [...]

Democratic Control Of Senate In Doubt?

By now, you may have heard that South Dakota’s Democratic senator Tim Johnson may have suffered a stroke: Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., has been hospitalized with symptoms described as stroke-like.  The seriousness of his illness has not been disclosed.  In addition to concern about Johnson’s immediate health, his illness draws political concern in that the [...]

DeLay: Hillary Will Be Next President

And the Hammer thinks he knows who the Vice President will be, too: Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said today that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) would be elected president in 2008 and would probably tap Senate colleague Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) as her running mate.DeLay met with conservative bloggers at a weekly lunch meeting hosted [...]

Give This One To The Nutroots®

Well, after 2006, those of us on the opposite side of the fence from the ‘progressives’ have lost the ability to say they are 0-for-whatever, and yesterday, they added another victory.  Ciro Rodriguez, an old DKos favorite, pulled a stunning upset and beat Henry Bonilla in a runoff in my own great state of Texas: [...]

USA Today Gets It

“Fair trade” is an idea worth fighting against: …[W]ith the Democrats getting ready to take over, labor groups are pressuring the incoming Democrats to take more draconian steps, particularly to defeat pending trade deals. A return to protectionism would be unfortunate, though perhaps not surprising. Republican economic policies, built around upper-income tax cuts, have had [...]

Foley Report: Republican Leaders Negligent, But Within In The Rules

That’s the somewhat contradictory verdict being leaked: The House ethics committee has concluded that Republican leaders did not break any rules in handling ex-Rep. Mark Foley’s improper advances to former male pages but were negligent in protecting the teenagers, a congressional aide said Friday. The committee released its findings Friday. The aide, who was not [...]

You’re Speaking My Language

This is the kind of piece I love to see – from Donald Boudreaux in the Christian Science Monitor: Everyone knows that a key to the Democrats’ big electoral win was their opposition to the Iraq war. But also, as the Wall Street Journal reported recently, “Democrats’ stances against free trade helped build the party’s [...]

Lawrence Summers (Almost) Makes Amends

How influential was Milton Friedman? Lawrence Summers, former Harvard head honcho and Treasury Secretary during the Clinton Administration, tells us how influential: IF John Maynard Keynes was the most influential economist of the first half of the 20th century, then Milton Friedman was the most influential economist of the second half. Not so long ago, [...]