Onward Through The Fog

Chins up, Republicans and conservatives. The world has not ended.  Obama is clearly going to win, but we knew that already…and sometimes a little time in the wilderness is good for the soul.  Refocusing, and all that…we’ll have more later…but get used to it: President Obama… UPDATE 7:44 p.m.:  I’m watching CNN, so maybe other [...]

Birds Do It, Bees Do It…

…even educated fleas do it.  Now, you do it, too, if you haven’t already – get out there and vote!…

The Top Reasons Barack Obama Will Win On Tuesday

We’re winding down now, and although I am going to keep this blog active under the current name for a little while after Tuesday (perhaps through the inauguration), I think it’s time to face facts: Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.  Why?  Let us count down the reasons:  #10: Guts.  It [...]

Predictions, And A Farewell

If you read conservative blogs and magazines regularly, you already know that Dean Barnett passed away today at the too-young age of 41.  A sad day…I mentioned his work often, though not of late, and read him even more than I linked to him.  RIP… Now, we stand a week away from the election that [...]

Who Says The New York Times Is In The Tank For Obama? Bob Kerrey, That’s Who

The former Democratic senator from Nebraska warms my heart for calling out the hypocrisy of the New York Times, with respect to Barack Obama and public financing: Bob Kerrey thinks The New York Times is in the tank for Obama — not that he minds. The former Democratic senator from Nebraska was here at the [...]

President Obama Doesn’t Scare Me…

…in and of himself.  He’s far to the left, politically, he’s an economic ‘progressive’ (bad news, indeed). and he’s got ideas for a tax rebate plan that will pay millions of Americans who don’t even pay income tax rebates on their payroll taxes, which is a great-sounding idea until you realize he plans to do [...]

Barack America, Meet Senator Government

Mickey Kaus also caught the oh-so-apt not-really-faux-pas of John McCain last night…more from the Master: 1) McCain did himself some good in this zero-sum game because in the first half of the debate he seemed sunny, yet had Obama on the defensive; 2) But not enough good; 3) Specifically, McCain failed to drive home the [...]

What Has Doomed The McCain Campaign? The Wrong Strategy

Sigh…there are apparently a number of conservatives, both prominent and rank-and-file, who think that Americans right now are riveted by accusations of associations with anti-American radicals in Barack Obama’s past. Maybe this is so, and I’ve slipped off into some Bizarro alternate universe – but in the world that I’m living in, people are concerned [...]

With The Economy Tanking And The Election All But Decided…

…I’m having a hard time coming up with good topics to blog about (I never would have dreamed that, when I started this blog – I mean, it’s a month from the election, and it’s boring!). So here’s something new: if I am not mistaken, when Barack Obama is inaugurated come January, he will be [...]

Did Bernanke Save The Day For Plan Paulson?

The Secretary of the Treasury got a very uncivil reception from the Senate today, as clearly congressional constituents have sent a flood of emails and other communications critical of the Paulson bailout (look at the hurry to pass the plan after Thursday’s closed-door emergency meeting, and contrast that with everyone’s “hold on just a minute” [...]

McCain “Swiftboated”, But Where’s The Outrage?

My liberal readers and other ‘progressives’ love to laugh at the faux (allegedly) outrage conservatives have been expressing during this campaign during such episodes as l’affaire lipstick (an admittedly silly trifle).  However, we all remember their own howling (past AND present) over the ‘Swiftboat’ campaign against John Kerry.  The pertinent thing to remember about that [...]

How Sweet It Is!

The headline from the NY Times: Palin Defies Critics and Electrifies Party…(UPDATE 1:22 a.m.: Well, the headline says “Assails Critics” now – not quite as cool)… Just didn’t want that to get buried in the updates to the post below… UPDATE 12:08 a.m.: Also from the Times, Katharine Seelye: The feeling inside the hall during [...]

At This Point, Does Anyone Care?

After the crazy baby rumor stuff, and the hurricane, and the long Labor Day weekend, the GOP (already facing an ‘enthusiasm gap’) is going to have to really struggle to keep this convention on track.  At this point, I can’t even find out the schedule for tomorrow.  My man Rudy G. was originally scheduled to [...]

It’s Going To Be Romney…

…I’m almost certain.  My regulars know how I feel about that. Sigh… I won’t be able to update until this evening, whether I’m wrong or right…but more later… UPDATE 08/30/08 3:14 a.m.:  Boy, oh, boy, I’ve seldom been so excited to be wrong!  More this weekend…but let me just say:  I think Palin is a [...]

No Convention Bounce?

Chris Bowers is worried: Right now, the best I can muster is that the convention just doesn’t feel right. Although I might be dangerously treading into “I know it when I see it” territory, I knew after Gore’s convention 2000 speech that he would get a bump, while I had a really bad feeling after [...]

Hillary’s Night

Well, Ryan wanted a thread, so let’s start one… While we’re waiting for Hillary, Bill looks kind of old, doesn’t he?  Of course, he is a little old now…but the presidency ages you, there is no doubt about that (so does major heart surgery, of course)… UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Schweitzer has a thankless task, with [...]

A Look Back At Biden…

…from yours truly.  I think this bit from my candidate profile of Biden pretty much sums it up: The real issue with a Biden candidacy is whether a Catholic can win the presidency – no, wait, sorry, I was reading my JFK notes instead. No, the real issue is who, exactly, is Biden’s national constituency? [...]

David Gergen On The McCain ‘Surge’

There is no question that it has been a pretty good run of late for John McCain.  Here’s David Gergen: Say what you will about Republicans making a muddle of governing, but they sure know how to campaign. The turn of events that John McCain and his team have engineered in recent weeks is one [...]

What’s Behind The McCain Pro-Choice Feelers?

A lot of talk is flying on the Republican side of the 2008 election about McCain’s tentative information gathering on the feelings of Republican bigwigs and donors towards a pro-choice VP.  Multiple theories abound, but they can basically be gathered under two tents: he’s rehearsing for actually picking a pro-choice candidate, or he’s covering his [...]

And So It Goes…

I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus for a few days, and may or may not get in another post after this one.  Two things I’ll be watching during my short time away (besides the Olympics – and yes, the Chinese gymnasts were underage – here’s the proof) are the continued flagrant violations of the Georgian [...]