You Gotta Hand It To That Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

…he’s one classy individual!  I mean, what a gesture, attacking Israel for aggression “under the pretext of Nazi suffering” on the day that Jewish communities mark the Holocaust.  Kudos to the European delegations for walking out on him – and eternal shame to those heartless bastards who applauded him: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran on [...]

The Long View

As the Hamas conflict nears the end of its third week, there are signs that a ceasefire (at least a temporary one) may be imminent.  Sooner or later, of course, a ceasefire will come, even if this one doesn’t hold.  What then? No current conflict seems more intractable than the Israeli-Palestinian logjam.  The two sides [...]

Krauthammer On Gaza

I suspect that many of you will take issue with Charles Krauthammer’s tone here, but I have a question after the excerpt: Late Saturday, thousands of Gazans received Arabic-language cell-phone messages from the Israeli military, urging them to leave homes where militants might have stashed weapons. – Associated Press, Dec. 27 WASHINGTON — Some geopolitical [...]

I’ve Seen This Movie Before

Stunning, isn’t it, how quickly the anti-Israel segment of the left goes into outrage mode whenever conflict breaks out in the long-running, tedious conflict between Israel and Hamas…here’s the pattern: 1.  Radical group bent on destruction of Israel engages in clearly war-worthy provocations (kidnapping soliders, firing missiles into Israeli towns). 2.  Israel responds, as any [...]

War With Iran Is Immiment – Or Maybe Not

I’m late on highlighting this, but with the resignation of Admiral Fallon, top military man in the Middle East, last week, tongues started wagging again about our plans re:Iran. Widely quoted was this Terry Atlas U.S. News piece giving six reasons we may be going to war with Iran. In the Washington Post, William Arkin [...]

An Improving Iraq Forcing Dems To Reevaluate

Not even the Democratic presidential nominees can ignore the progress in Iraq any longer: As violence declines in Baghdad, the leading Democratic presidential candidates are undertaking a new and challenging balancing act on Iraq: acknowledging that success, trying to shift the focus to the lack of political progress there, and highlighting more domestic concerns like [...]

What’s The Rush?

Looks like SOMEBODY’s got a guilty conscience: New commercial satellite photos show that a Syrian site believed to have been attacked by Israel last month no longer bears any obvious traces of what some analysts said appeared to have been a partly built nuclear reactor. Two photos, taken Wednesday from space by rival companies, show [...]

The Syrian Target Was A Nuclear Reactor

I think we can finally lay this one to rest.  The NY Times becomes the latest media outlet to add to what by now appears to be all but official: Syria was seeking a nuclear program, backed by North Korea. Israel’s air attack on Syria last month was directed against a site that Israeli and [...]

A Welcome Sign…If You Read Between The Lines

Why is further confirmation from ABC News that the Israeli air strike on Syria was against a nuclear facility good news?  First, the excerpt: The September Israeli airstrike on a suspected nuclear site in Syria had been in the works for months, ABC News has learned, and was delayed only at the strong urging of [...]

A Message To Iran

This is the third posting I’ve done on the Israeli raid on Syria, and given my reduced blogging load, that’s quite a bit, but the story has the potential to be the biggest story of the year. I use the phrase ‘has the potential’ with all deliberateness, because it’s easy to go overboard on these [...]

Israel’s Raid On Syria Becoming Less Mysterious

A number of new articles have shed light on Israel’s air raid on Syria on September 6th, and it is becoming more and more probable that it was related to nuclear trade between Syria and North Korea: Israel’s decision to attack Syria on Sept. 6, bombing a suspected nuclear site set up in apparent collaboration [...]

Egads – Am I A Conspiracy Theorist, Too?

I sure hope not – nothing bothers me more than the ability of conspiracy theorists (exhibit A: 9/11 ‘Truthers’) to grab hold of every little scrap that suits their premises, and ignore the mountains of evidence that don’t – but in this case, there is precious little evidence either way.  I’m talking about that mysterious [...]

No Jimmy Carter, He!

In contrast to our increasingly embarrassing ex-President Jimmah, who advocates the strangest strategic position I have ever seen (the idea that it is wrong to choose sides – how novel! – and insipid), Rudy G. knows damn well that there is only one faction in the Palestinian territories that even offers a remote chance for [...]

The Best Damn Idea I’ve Heard In Quite Some Time…

…involves the soon-to-be-unemployed Tony Blair: The Bush administration is laying the groundwork for an announcement of Tony Blair as special Middle East envoy for Palestinian governance and economic issues after he steps down as Britain’s prime minister, following two months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, according to U.S. officials. Blair would report to the so-called Quartet overseeing [...]

Jimmy Carter, FOE (Friend Of Extremists)

Everybody sing – all together now! ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE ISLAMIC EXTREMISM A CHANCE! The most disgraceful of former presidents sinks even lower: The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival [...]

A Palestinian Civil War – And The Wrong Side Is Winning

Well, these are dark days indeed for Israel and its supporters, as Hamas is very close to pulling off a coup: Fighters from the Islamic party Hamas claimed full control of Palestinian Authority security agencies in Gaza late Thursday as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dissolved his unity government and declared a state of emergency. Fighters [...]

I Take It All Back

Earlier today, I made the mistake of praising the UN indirectly because its new chief appears to be a far more reasonable man than Kofi Annan.  However, Secretary General Ban MUST speak out against the blatant anti-Semitism of the official Arab world: Saudi Arabia has barred entry to a Washington-based Israeli journalist traveling with Secretary [...]

No Kofi Annan, He!

And that’s meant as high praise: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, declaring the atmosphere “not fully ripe,” shunned officials from the Islamic militant Hamas group on Sunday, dealing a setback to the new Palestinian government’s efforts to win international recognition. Ban’s comments came on a day of high-profile diplomacy, with the U.N. chief and U.S. Secretary [...]

In Other News, Night Follows Day

Here’s the headline from the AP: Iran Blames U.S., Israel For World’s Problems. Hope you were sitting down…I know that comes as quite a shock. Alright, back to my little vacation…

As Predictable As Sunrise

It didn’t take a genius to see that Russia and the E.U. would be falling all over themselves to find ways to weasel out of the Palestinian boycott, despite the fact that the unity government still doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, a supposed precondition to such a lifting: Fractures between the United States and Europe [...]