Gustav Lands, Levees Hold…

…and the country lets out a big sigh of relief.  While the hurricane is still doing major damage, it skirted New Orleans, where reports say water is lapping over the levees, rather than breaking through them.  You don’t want to ever say never, especially when the event is ongoing, but it certainly appears the worst [...]

I Think Someone Switched Newspapers

On the heels of the reasonable, very Washington Post-like editorial on Hamas in today’s New York Times, we find a ridiculous, partisan, very New York Times-like editorial in the Washington Post. Is it possible that an intricate hacking operation has scrambled the two websites? Says the Post today, regarding the Katrina non-story: Without a doubt, [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Story

The AP admits it got the Katrina video story wrong: In a March 1 story, The Associated Press reported that federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees in New Orleans, citing confidential video footage of an Aug. 28 briefing among U.S. [...]

The Dance of The Bush-Haters

Mickey Kaus is one of the few voices, right or left, who consistently points out the follies of his own side when warranted, and that’s one of the reasons he’s a blogging big dog. His commentary on the Katrina video is right on the money: A good deal of the gleeful Froomkinian outrage in the [...]

That Whole Katrina Video Thing

So, the latest snore-a-thon that has the entire liberal blogosphere salivating like the proverbial Pavlovian pooch (ooohhhh, that was a nice one!) is the whole videotape thing. Apparently, the charge is that George W. Bush was doing his job and making sure all the bases were covered and relying on the professionalism of his subordinates [...]

An Unusual Pick For Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News sends out a love letter to intrastate rival Houston: In 2005, Houston became the heart of Texas. For resilience, resourcefulness and good old Texas neighborliness on a scale that did the whole state proud, Houston is the 2005 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year. To this day, an estimated 150,000 [...]

A Little of This, A Smidgen of That…

SurveyUSA has the approval ratings of all 100 Senators. Here are the top 10, including ties: 1 ME Snowe, Olympia R Sr 75% 2 ME Collins, Susan R Jr 74% 3 SD Johnson, Tim D Sr 71% 4 ND Conrad, Kent D Sr 70% 5 HI Inouye, Daniel D Sr 69% 5 IL Obama, Barack [...]

New Orleans Cries For Leadership

The New York Times had a scathing editorial today bemoaning the imminent ‘loss’ of New Orleans: We are about to lose New Orleans. Whether it is a conscious plan to let the city rot until no one is willing to move back or honest paralysis over difficult questions, the moment is upon us when a [...]

Is New Orleans Sinking?

While watching my main man Bono covort around his digs in the South of France on 60 Minutes Sunday, I was struck by another story, one about the ultimate fate of New Orleans, that was very dire, indeed: “We should be thinking about a gradual pullout of New Orleans, and starting to rebuild people’s homes, [...]

Pot, Meet Kettle, Part XXXVI

With the hat tip to the great Tim Blair, Anne Applebaum positively skewers the French response to the riots in a column from a few days back: There are major differences, of course, between President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina and Chirac’s response to the extraordinary wave of rioting that began in the impoverished suburbs [...]

South Park Takes On Katrina

With the hat tip to Betsy Newmark, John Hawkins gives us an amusing look at last night’s South Park. Pretty much dead on…

Oh, Yeah, THAT’LL Keep ‘Em In New Orleans

Ray Nagin shows his negotiating skills match his handling of disasters…

A Blog You Shouldn’t Miss

You know, I’m thankful that we have a good dialogue amongst ourselves here, and I love doing what I’m doing, but some people blog for more important reasons than just yakking about politics. Spc. Phil Van Treuren of the Ohio Army National Guard has a new site up with pictures and stories from Camp Katrina. [...]

Inflation: An Ominous Sign, or a Temporary Blip?

As you’ve probably heard, consumer prices were up a mammoth 1.2% last month, with energy prices the culprit after a whopping 12% rise. Gasoline rose an ever more staggering 17.9%. As always, with economic numbers, there is more here than meets the eye. The core rate of inflation, stripping out food and energy, rose a [...]

Oh, Joy! Mark Your Calendars…

…Spike Lee is coming to New Orleans to do a documentary on the collision of race and politics in the aftermath of Katrina. Spike, if you want to know how the poor of New Orleans (noticed I said the poor, not the black poor) got hit so hard, do a documentary on how a city [...]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Markets? Bob Herbert, That’s Who!

I don’t get to write about economics much, as politics is such a tempting target, and now that Bob Herbert has gone to the nursing home for used-to-be-famous columnists called TimesSelect, I don’t get to cover him much anymore, either…how nice, then, when a story comes along that combines all three. Jon Henke at Q&O [...]

Harry Shearer Needs a Calendar

From the absolutely wonderfully impartial Huffington Post, we have this from Harry Shearer: …[H]ere comes NBC News, adding to the LSU Hurricane Center’s conclusions about the defectiveness of the 17th St. Canal floodwall’s design and/or construction. Lisa Myers and the network’s investigative unit–yes, they still have one–unearthed court papers from Pittman Construction, the now-out-of-business firm [...]

Weekly Jackass Number Forty-Five: Charlie Rangel

This may be the shortest Weekly Jackass ever…some statements, after all, speak for themselves. May I present Charles Rangel: Comparing President Bush to the Birmingham, Ala., police commissioner whose resistance to the civil rights movement became synonymous with Southern racism, Rep. Charles Rangel said yesterday of the president: “George Bush is our Bull Connor.” Mr. [...]

The Networks Lied…

…about the number who died. In the immediate aftermath of Katrina, virtually everyone (myself included) was quick to believe every wild story that came down the pike. 8-foot sharks, 20-foot alligators, rape and murder on a massive scale, a body count that started at 10,000… Well, information was tough to get, no doubt, and it [...]

More Flooding in New Orleans

Terrible, terrible news…another breach in the levee system…