Save The Cactus Update – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Want to help save one of Austin’s most cherished music rooms and look damn cool while doing it?  Donate to the Save the Cactus Cafe cause by buying one of their new t-shirts.  I did, and I can guarantee you, you cannot wear this shirt without getting into a cool conversation with a stranger.  It’s [...]

Another SXSW Has Come and Gone…

…and you can actually drive in dowtown Austin again for the first time in five days.  Seriously, it’s great to have what has now become, I think I can say without contradiction, the premier music festival in all of the world in town.  To give you some idea of the global scope of the festival [...]

Cactus Cause Gains More Momentum

An official student organization has been formed at the University of Texas to lobby the administration and the Texas Union board to keep the Cactus Cafe operating under its current professional management(!).  This is the proposal we have been waiting for – and the students have promised to involve the community and the Save the [...]

UT Faculty, Grad Students Rally to Cactus Cause

There are three members of the UT faculty that serve on the board of the Texas Union, the overseeing authority of the beloved Cactus Cafe, and one of them has now joined forces with Save the Cactus Cafe, calling the decision to close the Cafe “rash” and suggesting it was snuck onto the agenda of [...]

Cactus Closing Hits The Mainstream Press

In another sign of the growing outrage over the closing of one of the last great original Austin music destinations, the NY Times becomes the latest national outlet to cover the story, joining Reuters, the UPI, and numerous other outlets with a coast-to-coast (and beyond) audience.  This story is not going away, and to my [...]

Another Save The Cactus Proposal Comes Up Short

This one holds more promise than the offer from the Texas Exes, who would donate space but move the club, but it’s still not satisfactory: The Cactus Cafe might not be closing, but instead head in a “new direction,” according to Student Government President Liam O’Rourke. O’Rourke and members of the Student Events Center board [...]

The Cactus Saved? Not Really…

I suppose it would be better than nothing, but the only real plan floated to save the Cactus Cafe (see my post below) thus far is far from perfect: The storied Cactus Cafe could be finding a new home on the University of Texas campus — the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Texas Exes CEO and executive [...]

Save The Cactus Cafe

I care about music. That’s obvious to everyone who visits this blog. I care about music so much I based my decision on where to live on my love of music. Austin, TX, is my home for one reason and one reason only: I came here to see the greatest live music on the planet.  [...]

Long Hiatus Approaching End?

If there’s anyone out there who still gives a rat’s patooie, I’m not hanging up the blog for good – I don’t think.  I don’t see a need to hide things from my small but devoted audience (at least up to now!), and I’ve still being struggling through some personal issues (of a romantic nature, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

If you’re travelling, be safe…enjoy good food, friends, family, and football!…

I’ve Been On Vacation Until Yesterday…

…but I know I didn’t miss any important developments, particularly on the health care front, so I – what’s that? It passed the House? D’oh! Okay, okay…we’ll see about the Senate. By the way, I was in Vegas, where I had the kind of fortune that only smiles on you once in a lifetime. No, [...]

How Good Was It?

Back from the U2 show today, and I must say, it was a spectacular affair.  All the YouTube clips I have devoured really don’t do justice to the enormity of the stage, and let me tell you something, the enormity of the New Cowboys Stadium is something to behold!  Official attendance is still to come, [...]

Work Has Been a Bit Brutal…

…so I haven’t been posting. Glad to see you guys keeping the dialogue going in the comments…new content very soon!…

Sorry About That…

I don’t know if it affected you guys, too – but I couldn’t get to the site for quite some time. Sorry for the downtime and lack of posting – more later…


Continuing with my semi-regular tradition of posting music clips on the weekends (and no, it’s not Michael Jackson – you can go to approximately 3 zillion other websites for that), I’m posting today on one of the true greats.  Though he either can’t sing anymore or has just quite trying, few would deny that Bob [...]


A while back my XBox 360 suffered the dreaded 3 Rings of Death indicating a general hardware failure.  To the credit of Microsoft, they fixed it very quickly at no charge (after some bad publicity, they extended the general hardware failure warranty to 3 years). Actually, they didn’t really fix it – instead, they sent [...]

A Hazard Of Blogging…

…though it’s a feature, not a bug, is that you pontificate on subjects in close to ‘real time’ without the reflection that would accompany a magazine article or a book (that’s not an original insight – Andrew Sullivan, among others, has written about this at length). As a result, you play “I call it as [...]

So Sorry For ANOTHER Long Break

This time, it was because of a crashed hard drive – I’m happy to say I’ve recovered my PC and I will be back in the saddle again very soon…thanks for sticking with me!…

Coffey’s Law of Insufferability

We’re all familiar with these little nuggets of wisdom, some serious (Moore’s Law), some somewhat facetious but still reflective of some larger truth (Godwin’s Law). Of course, I have no way of checking the thousands of these already in existence to see if this duplicates an existing Law, but I hereby propose Coffey’s Law of [...]

An Open Letter To Kent Hance, Gerald Myers, and the Texas Tech Board of Regents

I realize most of you could care less about Texas Tech football, but there’s no point in having a blog if you can’t discuss the things that mean the most to you, and right now, as ludicrous as it sounds, Texas Tech appears to be on the verge of firing head coach Mike Leach because [...]