It Only Took A Month…

…but the Republicans have finally confirmed that they will keep the Democrats shy of 60 seats.  With Minnesota still in the throes of an endless recount, the reelection of Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss (Saxby Chambliss?  Sounds like a parody of an F. Scott Fitzgerald character) means the Democrats can, at most, reach 59 seats in [...]

Good Luck And God Bless, President-Elect Obama

As the 10:00 Central hour passes, California has put Obama over the top…and I want to say, as a conservative and Republican, that I congratulate Barack Obama on his historic victory.  I sincerely – truly – hope he is a wonderful president.  We’ll have plenty of time later to go into further details…but let’s not [...]

Obama’s Team A Little Overconfident?

Not his campaign team, but his media cheerleaders: At least one broadcast network and one Web site said Monday that they could foresee signaling to viewers early Tuesday evening which candidate appeared to have won the presidency, despite the unreliability of some early exit polls in the last presidential election. A senior vice president of [...]

On Eve Of Election, Palin Cleared Of Ethics Charge

The original story got hyped up, so let’s not downplay the sequel: an independent counsel (as opposed to the politicians of the Alaskan legislature) has said Palin is in the clear on Troopergate: A second investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused the powers of her office to pursue a personal vendetta has found “no [...]

I Didn’t Watch The Obama Infomercial…

…(my God, I can barely sit through a debate), but Calvin Woodward, writing for the AP, checks the facts and comes away less than impressed: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was less than upfront in his half-hour commercial Wednesday night about the costs of his programs and the crushing budget pressures he would face in [...]

Campaign Shocker! Times Endorses Democrat!

For the two people in the world who might had any doubt, rest assured: the New York Times has not, repeat, NOT endorsed the Republican candidate. I know, I know…you probably had to sit down after reading that.  Let’s take a peek: …The United States is battered and drifting after eight years of President Bush’s [...]

‘Tis The Season…

…for endorsements galore.  Many major papers now have made their presidential preferences known, and like much else in this election, the tide is turning against McCain.  One paper that I have a lot of respect for is the Washington Post.  It leans left, perhaps, but not blatantly, nor is it so partisan that it is [...]

Third Time Debating’s A Charm?

McCain had better hope so…just opening a thread for now, in case anyone wants to comment…more later… UPDATE 8:06 p.m.: Didn’t take long for disappointment to creep in…McCain keeps flogging the mortgage principal renegotiation and slams the market again…and Obama appeals to protectionism by slamming tax breaks for ‘companies that ship jobs overseas’ (i.e., that [...]

Troopergate Shoe Falls, But Does Anyone Care At This Point?

McCain is so behind in the polls right now, and the economy is such an overwhelming issue, that presidential politics is almost an afterthought a mere three weeks or so before the election…but an Alaskan legislative panel has found that Sarah Palin abused her powers as governor by relentlessly pursuing the firing of a state [...]

What The Hell, Let’s Open A Debate Thread…

…Here we go. I have no confidence whatsoever that we are going to hear anything worth hearing on the economy, but it would be a nice time for someone to step up to the plate. I’ll update throughout the night… UPDATE 8:08 p.m.: So Obama has no answer to the most immediate way to improve [...]

Jeez- What A Time To Lose My Internet Connection!

Been down all night, until now, and now it’s time for bed – but a quick thought.  I agree with the conventional wisdom that Palin did better than expected, but Biden did well, too…this is twice now that Palin has come through with everything on the line, whether you love her or hate her…but alas, [...]

So, What Did I Miss Last Night?

Oh, right, the debate thing…well, obviously I guessed wrong and it did happen.  Sorry to go MIA there…I’ll update later with my impressions.  Yours?… UPDATE 12;32 p.m.: It appears that Obama was perceived by most independents as the winner, but the general feeling overall, outside of the hardcore partisans, is that it was close to [...]

No Deal, No Debate

That appears to be the smart bet after this memo from the McCain camp was released: To address our current financial crisis, John McCain suspended his campaign and returned to Washington, D.C., today to help build a bipartisan consensus for a proposal that would protect the American taxpayer. Despite today’s news reports, there never existed [...]

Where Do We Stand? Ask Me In Five Minutes…

In the face of constantly changing and almost diametrically opposed headlines, it’s almost impossible to guess where the bailout talks stand.  I was preparing to follow up on an article that said McCain would probably attend the debate anyway (my guess is he will) because it looked like a deal is imminent, Other articles describe [...]

Events Are Moving Fast Now…

…faster than a part-time blogger can keep up with, so I’ll put down some thoughts and update with more later. First, the President’s address. One thing is for sure – the situation is grave indeed to get a sitting president to come on TV and say the American economy faces a complete meltdown.  I have [...]

Up Next For Palin: Hannity

Ahem…well, this certainly won’t calm her liberal critics anyway, though I suspect the base will be delighted: The Sarah Palin media roll-out continues. After doing two days of interviews with ABC’s Charles Gibson this week, the Alaska governor will sit down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday. It will be Palin’s second television interview [...]

So, How Did It Go?

Well, let’s be honest up front.  No one is ever going to say John McCain is a particularly great stump speaker. The speech was nothing like the barn burner delivered last night…nor was it as good as Obama’s acceptance speech. It was not particularly well-written, and it was light on agenda, and had WAY too [...]

The Fascism Of The “Progressives”

What a shame…no one attempted to keep Barack Obama from speaking.  McCain’s speech has been interrupted multiple times by those who would attempt to keep him from getting his message out. To those who would silence their opponents: shame on you.  You are not Americans – not because of your beliefs, but because of your [...]

Okay, NOW It’s Time For The Agenda

I’ve got the same problem with the Republican convention thus far that I had with the Democrats…up to now, there have been very few specifics.  McCain carries the same burden Obama did…we’ve heard the biography, we know he’s a hero, a maverick, a man of honor – but now we need to know a little [...]

Palin Has Her Work Cut Out For Her Tonight

This is a real make-or-break speech.  The media narrative surrounding Sarah Palin has become overwhelmingly negative.  She needs to replace the narrative with a positive one by exceeding expectations in a major way.  Leaked excerpts indicate she will attack Obama – but that’s not going to be enough.  This is truly about her.  I’m expecting [...]