Liberal Media Bias – Caught Redhanded Edition

Everyone with an iota of sense knows the NY Times is one of the most biased media outlets in the country…but seldom does the bias show itself as blatantly as this. The headline?  ”A Holdout Will Support Democrats’ Health Bill” – and the subject is Mary Landrieu.  The implication is clear – Senator Landrieu has [...]

Pay No Attention To That Big Giant Deficit Behind The Curtain

Paul Krugman might as well just quit his post at the NY Times, put on a skirt, grab his pom-poms, and camp out on the White House lawn.  Seldom has a major op-ed figure been such a shill for the sitting president.  His latest piece is an attempt to convince you that – get ready [...]

RIP, Walter Cronkite

Just saw a news flash that perhaps the most celebrated newsman of all time, certainly of the television era, has passed away. Some Americans will never forgive him for editorializing on the air about the unwinnability of the Vietnam War after Tet, and we will see much ink spilled in that vein. Longtime readers know, [...]

Health Care Cost Savings The Laffer Curve of the Left

There’s a headline that’s sure to upset both sides of the aisle!  But so says Megan McArdle, noting that while the Laffer Curve had some validity at one point, it was used far past that point to push for things the right wanted, like tax cuts.  Now, a similar dynamic is rising among the left, [...]

Reid: Porking Is Fundamental

I blogged below on how Obama is just not credible.  I’m sorry, but he’s not.  He has not lived up to his promises, time and time again, which makes him no different than any other politician – only he was SUPPOSED to be different. The latest letdown is his quick cave-in to pork, which as [...]

Off-Track Obama: A Growing Meme

Okay, okay, I should get 10 minutes in the penalty box for using ‘meme’ in a headline, but yesterday, I suggested that the rails are beginning to come off the Obama presidency.  Today, I looked around and noticed I wasn’t alone.  We begin on the right with Victor Davis Hanson: We are quite literally after [...]

One Of Those Days…

Lots of news today, but nothing that excites me to comment much. Hillary Clinton to engage Iran and Syria? Fine, but as we’ve seen from North Korea, nations with bad intentions can play nations with good intentions like a fiddle.  I’m going to be watching this with great skepticism. Citigroup to break up?  Okay by [...]

One-Term Obama?

The Politico features a recent discussion by two writers for the New York Times: White House reporters for The New York Times predict that the market collapse will force President-elect Barack Obama to abandon for now many of his campaign promises. If his stimulus plan “doesn’t work out, he may very well be a one-term [...]

The Top Ten – Um, Make That Eleven – Media Blunders

Here’s the kind of story that’s always fun towards the end of the year – a look back by The Politico at the ten most ill-conceived or just plain stupid media moments of 2008.  But they published too quickly – the NY Times just added an eleventh, and it’s a doozy. Today the Times published [...]

In A Hurry, For No Good Reason

It’s understandable that the whiff of panic is in the air, and people have lost faith in the current team and are grasping at any lifeline…no, I’m not talking about Texas Tech fans (what a difference a day makes – 24 hours ago, we were #2, with a National Title nearly in our grasp – [...]

Obama’s Team A Little Overconfident?

Not his campaign team, but his media cheerleaders: At least one broadcast network and one Web site said Monday that they could foresee signaling to viewers early Tuesday evening which candidate appeared to have won the presidency, despite the unreliability of some early exit polls in the last presidential election. A senior vice president of [...]

Who Cares About Politics, It’s Time For Football!

It’s hard to ignore the anti-climactic feeling of this election, with the presidential result all but decided before the polls even close.  In Texas, however, it’s business as usual – the presidential election is always decided early here, when the Republican candidate is chosen (we’ll go McCain, you can bet on it). All eyes in [...]

Who Says The New York Times Is In The Tank For Obama? Bob Kerrey, That’s Who

The former Democratic senator from Nebraska warms my heart for calling out the hypocrisy of the New York Times, with respect to Barack Obama and public financing: Bob Kerrey thinks The New York Times is in the tank for Obama — not that he minds. The former Democratic senator from Nebraska was here at the [...]

Campaign Shocker! Times Endorses Democrat!

For the two people in the world who might had any doubt, rest assured: the New York Times has not, repeat, NOT endorsed the Republican candidate. I know, I know…you probably had to sit down after reading that.  Let’s take a peek: …The United States is battered and drifting after eight years of President Bush’s [...]

With The Dow Down 800 At One Point Today…

…only to close off a mere 300 and change, after going down about 125 on Friday, you must be joining me in saying “Thank God we passed that bailout!”…but at least we have the broader markets. Um, okay, scratch that… Now, of course, that’s not entirely fair – the bailout was not aimed specifically at [...]

Up Next For Palin: Hannity

Ahem…well, this certainly won’t calm her liberal critics anyway, though I suspect the base will be delighted: The Sarah Palin media roll-out continues. After doing two days of interviews with ABC’s Charles Gibson this week, the Alaska governor will sit down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday. It will be Palin’s second television interview [...]

Palin WILL Meet the Press…

…but not on Meet the Press.  Sarah Palin has granted her first big post-convention interview to ABC morning show vet Charlie Gibson.  I don’t think this is much of a story, but I’m only highlighting it because it’s become a rallying cry for the left that Palin is avoiding the press (not without justification – [...]

The New Woodward Series Begins Today

Bob Woodward is not always a hero to either the right or the left.  His biggest flaw is that he willingly plays the mouthpiece to Washington insiders with an agenda.  His biggest strength is the same thing.  Everyone in Washington knows that Woodward is going to air dirty laundry and the contents of what were [...]

How Sweet It Is!

The headline from the NY Times: Palin Defies Critics and Electrifies Party…(UPDATE 1:22 a.m.: Well, the headline says “Assails Critics” now – not quite as cool)… Just didn’t want that to get buried in the updates to the post below… UPDATE 12:08 a.m.: Also from the Times, Katharine Seelye: The feeling inside the hall during [...]

There Goes Satan On Ice Skates

Well, I’ll just be…the NY Times has run an editorial on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan without going into an anti-Bush or anti-Iraq War rant.  Pigs are flying, my friends, pigs are flying…