Blacklisting Myself: The Informed Speculation Review

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you are sometimes offered review copies of books.  Being a voracious reader, this was great news to me – but after a while, I quit accepting review copies, because I felt obligated to read the book (after all, that’s why it was given to me), [...]

And Now, The End Is Near…

…though neither I nor my blog face the final curtain. Some changes are afoot, though, as Decision ’08 enters a new phase. I am going to go ‘dark’ / go on hiatus / take a blogging vacation for a few days, while I ponder the future, and I’d like your opinion on where this blog [...]

Straw Poll Spamming Revealed!

I knew something was up when Ron Paul topped the list of D’08′s Republican vote: The perspicacious PJM tech staff has detected significant spamming in the third week of the poll and isolated the cheaters. In some cases they voted hundreds of times from the same IP for the same candidate. No, we are not [...]

Straw Poll Shenanigans

Maybe Republicans really do steal elections – or libertarians, in any event… Yesterday, a commenter on one of my threads expressed his disgust that I and others were not acknowledging the Republican candidacy of Ron Paul.  Today, I see that the D’08 precinct of the Pajamas Media Straw Poll (you can vote once a week [...]

Hey, The Poll Is Working

The good folks at Pajamas have obviously worked on that straw poll widget to your left, and it seems to be in great shape now, so vote!  We’ve only had 15 votes from Decision ’08 so far (no doubt due to the initial problems with the display), but at the moment, Barack Obama has 50% [...]

About That Straw Poll Widget

Several of you have had problems with it; I have, too, particularly in Firefox.  I played around with some alternate placements, as you may have noticed if you visited here in the last few minutes.  I wasn’t happy with any of them.  I’ll keep working at it, but for now, it’s going to stay where [...]

Vote, Vote, Vote!

See that little widget over to the left, above the categories? Now you can vote in the Pajamas Media Straw Poll, and have your vote recorded as coming from the ‘Decision ’08” precinct.  Is Rudy the candidate of choice here, or is it, against all odds, Tom Tancredo? Will Joe Biden overtake Obama? Vote for [...]

Have You Voted Yet…

…in the Pajamas Media Straw Poll? I notice that Mitt Romney(!!) won the first week’s balloting narrowly over Rudy G., and he’s got a narrow lead again this time.  Make your voice heard (you can vote once a week per computer), here…

Iranian Supreme Leader Dead?

So Pajamas Media (with whom I am affiliated) is reporting, in what, if it pans out, is apparently a world-wide exclusive…updates if confirmation follows…

New Editions To The Pajamas Lineup

PajamasXpress continues to impress; recently added to their already formidable lineup: Micheal Leeden and Richard Miniter…check ‘em out often…

A Fascinating – And Horrifying – Tale

I haven’t blogged about this yet, because I didn’t know how to really introduce it, but Pajamas Media has been on the case of some Iranian dissidents who have been trapped in the Moscow Airport for 76 days(!!!) as they seek, so far unsuccessfully, political asylum.  If you’re unaware of the story, you can get [...]

The RCP Predictions…

…+19 Dems House, +4 Dems Senate…sounds familiar… For those looking for a break from politics, good luck today…but here’s something to ponder: is gender a matter of choice? The NYC Board of Health says it is…(I wish they would do the same for species…I’ve always wanted to be a dog)… If, on the other hand, you’re [...]

Presenting The Newsfeed…

…because I love you guys so much. Pajamas and Breitbart have teamed up with their newsfeeds, and provided a nifty little applet that you now see installed on the left side of the screen below the ‘Add To Feed’ buttons…so you can get the top headlines from Breitbart, and see what’s hot at Pajamas at [...]

The Lancet Survey: Pajamas Interviews The Principal Author

Kudos to Pajamas for pursuing and landing an interview with the principal author of the Lancet study.  I thought the interview was very reasonable and not at all antagonistic…and also quite revealing.  Either Professor Gilbert Burnham is remarkably obtuse, or he is quite practiced in the art of hearing what he wants to hear. Two [...]

Lieberman In Pajamas

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media landed an interview with Joe Lieberman, so I get a chance to plug my affiliation with Pajamas and highlight one of my favorite Senators. You can read the transcript, download the video, or get the podcast here.  Two highlights: LIEBERMAN: …The fastest growing political party in America is no party, [...]

Pajamas Party

Unlike the President, Pajamas Media DID invite me to their latest shindig at the National Press Club, but I was unable to attend.  Many of my favorite bloggers did, and you can find the roundup here.  Remember when all the smartypants assured us that Pajamas wouldn’t last (I recall the smart money was ‘gone by [...]

Pajamas Lands A Big Dog (Part Three)

Have I mentioned that Victor Davis Hanson is now bloggin at Pajamas? I don’t believe I have… Well, I am now – go ye therefore, add to your bookmarks, and sin no more…

9/11 Roundup

The President spoke tonight; if you missed it, you can read the transcript here… Pajamas has a solid roundup, as does Wizbang… AJ is none too thrilled with the suggestion of Chris Matthews for Ground Zero… The Ragin’ RINOs have a 9/11-themed carnival this week, so please check it out… And (quite appropriately) I just [...]

Pajamas Lands A Big Dog (Part Two)

The other notable newcomer to the Pajamas stable is Claudia Rosett, who did absolutely invaluable work on the Oil-For-Food scandal and was the subject of my praise here.  Claudia has taken on the U.N. time and time again, and it is no exaggeration to say that Oil-For-Food would have starved for oxygen without her efforts.  [...]

Pajamas Lands A Big Dog (Part One)

Kudos to Pajamas Media for landing the blog of Ron Rosenbaum. I have three works by Rosenbaum, two of which are collections: The Secret Parts Of Fortune, a compilation of his magazine pieces, and Those Who Forget The Past: The Question Of Anti-Semitism, a self-described excellent collection of essays that he edited. Best of all [...]