I Know Rudy’s Out For Sure…

…because he sent me an e-mail saying so, and endorsing McCain (rumor has it Arnold may do the same tomorrow or soon) - so what if he sent it to 3 million other people, he also sent it to me, dammit!  The Republicans are debating right now, but I’m not watching…if anyone else is, feel free [...]

The Stanley Williams Execution: Schwarzenegger’s Statement

One reason the California governor did not grant clemency was the failure of ‘Tookie’ Williams to admit his crimes and take responsibility: Schwarzenegger said there was no question that Williams had murdered four people in 1979. Williams’ repeated refusal to admit that became, to the governor, a powerful factor against clemency. “Stanley Williams insists he [...]

Breaking: Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Stanley Williams

I don’t have a link yet, though I’m sure the coverage will be deep and varied… Here’s a link… It’s the right decision. The death penalty is a deterrent and a punishment for monstrous behavior, not an invitation to rehabilitation…

Schwarzenegger to Veto Gay Marriage Bill

Says the issue should be decided by “voters or the courts”…I can buy the first, but the second – no way…

California Legislature Approves Gay Marriage

Will Schwarzenegger use the veto? This article in the Washington Post suggests he will: If he vetoes the bill, Schwarzenegger will retain the support of his GOP base, which he needs in a special election he has called for November. But he could also alienate many Democrats who voted for him and whose backing he [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Candidate Profile Four

The Terminator has been a pleasant surprise. I initially looked at his gubernatorial effort as one of those ‘only in California’ things, but his speech at the Republican Convention was the most fun I’ve ever had watching a politician. Clearly, his appeal is not to be underestimated. Still, there are some HUGE obstacles to a [...]