Betrayed, Part Two!

One of the challenges that will face Barack Obama, sooner rather than later, is that moment when the rest of the world realizes that he will operate, by and large, in the framework of his predecessors.  America will not change its strategic goals overnight, if at all: for example, in an Obama administration, much to [...]

‘Tis The Season…

…for endorsements galore.  Many major papers now have made their presidential preferences known, and like much else in this election, the tide is turning against McCain.  One paper that I have a lot of respect for is the Washington Post.  It leans left, perhaps, but not blatantly, nor is it so partisan that it is [...]

Irony, Thy Name Is McCain

Ryan Sager on McCain vs. Giuliani: McCain agrees with the Religious Right on most things, but they hate him. Giuliani disagrees with the Religious Right on most things, but they (at least for now) love him. Michael Kinsley on McCain: McCain is like another larger-than-life character in American politics: Colin Powell. Both men are so [...]

Colin Powell – Candidate Profile Five

A recent Gallup Poll shows Colin Powell is the early choice of 7% of Republicans for the 2008 nomination. The outgoing Secretary of State has long been one of the more admired politicians for his grace, intellect, and moderation. Some desperate Democrats even want to claim him. Powell would be a formidable candidate, but not [...]

More on Race and the Left

Racist radio talk-show host and program manager John “Sly” Sylvester says he has apologized for calling Condoleezza Rice “Aunt Jemima”, but you be the judge as to how sincere that apology is. Sylvester says he “offended many African-Americans” with his comments…hell, he offended many Americans, period. Sylvester has also called Colin Powell (you guessed it!) [...]