Betrayed, Part Two!

One of the challenges that will face Barack Obama, sooner rather than later, is that moment when the rest of the world realizes that he will operate, by and large, in the framework of his predecessors.  America will not change its strategic goals overnight, if at all: for example, in an Obama administration, much to [...]

No Kofi Annan, He!

And that’s meant as high praise: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, declaring the atmosphere “not fully ripe,” shunned officials from the Islamic militant Hamas group on Sunday, dealing a setback to the new Palestinian government’s efforts to win international recognition. Ban’s comments came on a day of high-profile diplomacy, with the U.N. chief and U.S. Secretary [...]

In Today’s Iraq News…

…the country is one step closer to defusing one of the huge barriers to a shared national identity.  I’m talking about the oil-revenue-sharing plan that has now cleared the cabinet and is heading to parliament: The Iraqi cabinet approved a draft of a law on Monday that would set guidelines for nationwide distribution of oil [...]

Rice On Palestinian Unity Government: No Dice

The Secretary of State, rightly, is sticking to her guns regarding the new Palestinian unity government: no recognition of Israel, no recognition from us.  Though, of course, she words it more diplomatically, seeing as how that is her vocation: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that the formation of a Palestinian unity government that [...]

Krauthammer: Plan B

Despite Condi Rice’s insistance that to discuss a “Plan B” is a sign of lack of commitment, we do have to acknowledge the following realities: (a) I don’t care what the Democrats say, the surge is a reality and they won’t stop it (or even try hard to do so), and (b) the surge may [...]

Boxer A Bigger Idiot Than Previously Supposed

The dreaded phrase rears its ugly head in the dust-up between Condi Rice and Barbara Boxer: Asked if her exchange with Rice was, as some suggest, a personal attack, Boxer insisted it was not. “I spoke the truth to power,’’ she said. “Condi Rice is in the room when George Bush decides to send 20,000 [...]

Condi Boxes Boxer

The Secretary of State spoke to Fox News about Barbara Boxer’s tasteless comments Thursday: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday criticized Sen. Barbara Boxer’s suggestion that, because she does not have family in harm’s way, she will pay no “personal price” in the Iraq war. “In retrospect, gee, I thought single women had come further [...]

Barbara Boxer: Yearly Jackass Contender

What the hell is going on here? Boxer to Condi: Rice appeared before the Senate in defense of President Bush’s tactical change in Iraq, and quickly encountered Boxer. “Who pays the price? I’m not going to pay a personal price,” Boxer said. “My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young.” Then, to [...]

Bush Has Not Sold His Plan…Yet

There’s still a lot of work to do: President Bush’s proposal to send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq encountered strong bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill yesterday, and his top national security advisers, dispatched to defend the strategy, were greeted with a skepticism not seen from Congress over the past six years. Lawmakers said they have [...]

Why Not Talk To Iran and Syria?

Condi Rice offers an answer: QUESTION: One of the…recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton report was the idea that the United States should talk to Syria and Iran. Now, you’ve dealt with this — I’ve heard your language on this before, but I — part of the argument is that during the worse period of the Cold [...]

Another Sign That Talks With Iran And Syria Are A Bad Idea

Senator Kerry supports them: U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2004, said on Thursday the U.S. administration should talk to Syria and Iran. Kerry also told reporters in Cairo he believed U.S. policy in the Middle East was in trouble, partly because the United States had failed to listen to [...]

Khalilzad To Leave Iraq…

…but for where? Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, plans to leave his post and will be replaced by Ryan Crocker, the current ambassador to Pakistan, according to two officials familiar with the matter. Khalilzad has been the U.S. point man in trying to restore security and stability to Iraq in the face of [...]

A Quick 2008 Snapshot

It’s clear to me that my old candidate profiles and odds are no longer operative, given the recent activity in the 2008 race.  We’ve had some declare, some withdraw, and the odds have shifted.  From where I sit, the quick view is this. Two candidates, one Democrat and one Republican, hold the keys to this election.  [...]

Pew Poll: Giuliani, McCain Neck And Neck

In the race for 2008, the latest Pew Poll finds John McCain leading narrowly among independents (32-30%), but Rudy G. has the lead among Republicans (27-26%).  Condi again shows much stronger than I would have thought in 3rd place; I would think her ties to Bush would have just about dashed her 2008 hopes, but [...]

Rasmussen GOP 2008 Poll: Rudy Leads…

…with 24% of likley GOP voters, but Condi is a surprise #2 with 18%, followed by McCain at 17%.  In potential general election matchups, Rudy ties Hillary with 46% each, but leads Obama and Al Gore.  Full results here…

More Evidence That The Country Is In A Centrist Mood

Some very interesting results from a post-election poll by Newsweek: Just about everyone believes the Republicans lost the 2006 midterms more than the Democrats won it. Presented with a list of factors that may have contributed to the Democrats’ success, 85 percent of Americans said the “major reason” was disapproval of the administration’s handling of [...]

More Of This, Please

This is the kind of news from Iraq that I like to hear: The Iraqi government removed the country’s two most senior police commanders from their posts on Tuesday, in the first broad move against the top leadership of Iraq’s unruly special police forces. The two generals had led Iraq’s special police commandos and its [...]

U.S Moves To Shore Up Abbas

Finally, we’re doing something smart regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: The United States is proposing to expand the presidential guard of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to 6,000 men from the current 3,500, as part of a $26 million plan to shore up Mr. Abbas’s position and reduce the security chaos in the Palestinian Authority, according to [...]

No Kidding?

Everything you need to know about Iran’s nuclear program in a nutshell: Iran has said nothing so far to suggest it plans to suspend uranium enrichment, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Monday. Speaking to reporters as she flew to the Middle East, Rice said the foreign ministers of the five permanent members [...]

It’s Woodward Time Again

Bob Woodward’s m.o. is well-known by now, and is built on access; therefore, it stands to reason that those who give him the most access are the most likely to have their view of things communicated in his numerous best-sellers.  The fun for me, then, when a new Woodward book comes out is to see [...]